A/N: Dedicated to Jinx by a Shadow because she's writing her own Mott! *squeals with delight* and because she asked for me to continue Destiny's Decisions; sorry I didn't, hope you like this anyway!

Matt walked into his bedroom and stared at his boyfriend; Scott was sitting on the double bed – meditating. Matt took a few uncertain steps forward before calling out, "Uh – Scott?"

Scott's eyes shot open before he gave a yelp and fell off the bed onto the floor, shouting, "Dammit, Matt!"

The blue-eyed boy rushed over and hauled Scott to his feet, demanding, "What's going on?"

Scott grimaced and growled, "I'm trying to block THEM out."

Matt frowned for a moment before understanding dawned, "Pedro and Jamie?"

"Who else?" Scott muttered angrily, scowling at the floor. Matt gave him a sympathetic look as he added, "I thought Jamie looked a little tired."

"Well it's not really surprising is it?" Scott grumbled, clambering back onto the bed, Matt laying beside him and taking his hand. "It's an effect of the whole I-touch-you-and-you're-healed thing, Pedro has so much energy it's unbelievable! He just keeps going . . ." Scott shuddered as he thought of it.

Matt patted his hand absently, before sidling closer to Scott, murmuring softly in his ear, "Must weigh on your mind," he stroked Scott's ribs idly as he continued, "I could distract you for a little while - if you want me to."

Scott smirked slightly, "Oh, could you now?"

"Mm-hmm," Matt hummed, wrapping his arm around Scott whilst sliding it down lower, burying his face in Scott's hair. Scott chuckled quietly and pressed up against Matt, turning his head to brush his lips against Matt's pounding jugular. Matt sighed and Scott shoved him over so he was laying half on top of Matt, kissing him deeply. Matt reached up and held Scott's face as their tongues rubbed together. Suddenly Scott froze. Matt pulled his mouth away from the American's and stared up at him, frowning at his expression.

"Scott?" he asked, confused. "What's wrong?"

Scott's eye twitched and he rolled himself off of Matt, laying on his back and glowering at the ceiling. A moment later he flinched and raised a hand to his brow, kneading it with his fingers as a look of concentration crossed his features. Matt sat up and fixed his eyes on Scott, wondering what was happening. Then Scott relaxed, though his face was still contorted in irritation.

Matt caressed Scott's face with his fingertips, saying softly, "Are you okay?"

Scott nodded slowly, "Yeah. They started again."

Matt groaned and rolled his eyes. When they rested on his boyfriend again, he inquired, "Got them out of your head now?"

Scott nodded. Matt smiled and kissed Scott's cheek lingeringly before moving to his lips. Scott turned his head away and rolled onto his side opposite Matt. "I'm not in the mood anymore, Matt."

Matt lay on his back and glowered at the ceiling. 'I'm gonna kill Pedro . . .' he thought angrily. Scott smiled.

A/N: Just a little drabble, sorry it's so short; I haven't got any ideas to continue it, but I didn't want it to stay hidden in my documents forever, considering I wrote this a while ago, so . . .