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Author Note: This is inspired by Kokolo for their story 'Product Placement'. I love the idea of Butch and HK, their such a good couple even if it is crack pairing. ^^ Sadly I haven't seen 'Recess' in a long time so I'm kind of winging what they would act like. Wish me luck!

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Chapter 1

Butch was… happy? Ya, he was happy. Something that seemed to be happening more and more now then it ever had before. He'd never really been happy before and he never understood how other people could be happy. At least not until he meet Francis, AKA the Hustler Kid. They had become really close in the last two years after they had met each other in tenth grade. They were now basically inseparable; of coarse they would never tell each other just how much they meant to one another. After all that wouldn't be very business like of either of them.

However he really was happy to see Francis whenever he could. That's why he was so happy. They would be seeing each other very soon. As soon as the hustler's work was done they were going to hang out together. They had made a plan to go check out places where business might be better to go on the weekends, get something to eat, and then go see a movie together or something. Butch really wasn't really sure what they were going to do last really. He left that up to Francis to handle.

Taking a drag from his smoke he looked around lazily as he leaned agents the red brick wall of the school. If he knew the hustler well then he should be coming out the back doors of the building, right next to where he was standing, in just a few seconds. Five, four, three, two, on-.

Someone ran out but it wasn't anyone who he knew. Must have been someone who had detention or something. Feeling disappointed Butch relaxed agents the wall again removing the smoke from his mouth and blowing out a cloud of toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Seconds later though the door was thrown open again and he had to jump away before it slammed agents the hard brick. He was so shocked that the cigarette fell from his hand and onto the concrete beneath his feet.

"Get back here you asshole!" Francis yelled his hands in tight, white knuckled fist. He was so angry at the unknown kid that Butch was sure he couldn't even see him standing there in complete surprise.

Not knowing if he should say something and attract the unusable wrath of the Hustler Kid he made a slightly silent coughing sound. It seemed to be enough to snap his friend out of his angry trance and spin around to face him.

"Butch? When you'd get there? " he questioned seeming to forget his angry and calm down for a moment.

"Waiting for you Franny." Butch chuckled placing his hands in his pockets as he walked over to the taller male.

Francis frowned turning his attention back to the kid who was now running across the soccer field. "Not right now Butch, that guy just ripped me off big time." He hissed narrowing his eyes at the fend.

Butch shrugged as he started walking with his friend in the direction of the fleeing person. "Alright, I'll help you catch him and what not but what he rip you off in?"

His curiosity spiked when he saw Hustler blush a deep red looking down at his feet briefly. Well that was strange. Suddenly he started to sprint after the other. "Nothing. If you're helping me then hurry up!" he yelled over his shoulder. Butch smiled at that but started running as well.

"Alright don't tell me then." He chuckled pulling ahead of the brunette. For some reason now he felt, sad. Sad that Francis couldn't even tell him what he had gotten from this guy. Even if it was something small like this it still hurt, he thought they wouldn't mind telling each other anything. After all he had told him about what had happened when he was younger and that was a lot more personal then whatever he had gotten. (Read Kokolo's story for that.) –But he pushed the feeling away as he gained ground on the person who had scammed the Hustler.

The only way they managed to catch him was when the guy tried to get over the fence. He really sucked at climbing fences. The guy kept slipping and having to start over again. Butch reached him fist graving the guy's jacket and throwing him to the ground. Hustler took it from there.

He felt a little depressed when Francis told him to leave and go wait somewhere else. Normally he wouldn't have listened but Hustler was so mad that it kind of freaked him out. Sighing he spun around and walked as far as he felt like going. It was about half the soccer felid before he stopped and sat on the grass, playing with some of the blades between his fingers.

Well this was working out differently then he thought it would go. What idiot would try and scan the Hustler? Everyone knew that was a death sentence. Growling to himself Butch turned around so he could see what was going on.

He couldn't make out what the words were but he could hear Francis yelling at the guy and shoving him into the fence. It seemed like the guy was going to get his ass kicked but out of nowhere he smiled and said something. The look on his face was smug and that bugged the hell out of Butch, it bugged him even more when Francis froze and dropped the guy backing off. Since when did that happen?

When the Hustler came up to him he pulled Butch up to his feet with a scowl. "Come on. Were leavening." He mumbled pulling Butch behind him. Confessed the storyteller looked behind him at the scammer who was smirking with his arms across his chest.

"Um, don't you usa-."

"Not this time I guess. Besides we have better things to do then waste our time on some low life like him." Francis pointed out as the walked off the field and onto the concrete.

"But what did he scam you in?" now this was bugging Butch. Francis wasn't telling him anything!-And he left that guy in one piece after he ripped Hustler off! There was defiantly something he wasn't telling Butch.

"I already told you nothing!" Francis shouted turning quickly on the smaller boy.

Butch put his hands up in the air in defense as he backed away slightly. "Okay sorry." He huffed under his breath not looking at his friend.

He watched as Hustler sighed running his hand through his hair. He had a habit of doing that when he was nervous. "Look, I just- don't want to tell you right now okay? I'll-I'll tell you later okay?" He promised looking down at his feet again.

It wasn't the answer he wanted but it seemed to be the best one he would get. At least for now.

"Fine. But you are going to tell me." Butch crossed his arms in front of his chest as he narrowed his eyes in accusation. "Or so help me I'll make a story that will kill your business in a week."

Hostler laughed somewhat nervously at that. Since when did he laugh at someone threaten his business. He would usually threaten right back. Something was definantly up and he was so going to find out, with or without Francis telling him.