Bwahahahaha! I did this chapter before I even finished the other two but this is more like an epilogue or whatever so it's just like going ,"Where they are now". So it doesn't need to be put in here, but I'm doing it anyways, just so you have some idea of what happens to them in the future. Enjoy!^^

(If brown milk comes from brown cows and white milk comes from white cows then where does pink milk come from?)

Butch took a sip out of the dripping water bottle in his hand as he continued reading over the note his editor had left him. Really what was he thinking? Trying to get his stuff published in other countries was something he'd never think he'd do in his whole life but here was this guy was telling him that they had accepted his work in Russia. It was already being turned into a TV serious though so he didn't see why he needed anything more. This was already more then he had to hope to have happened for his stories. When he first started putting them down on paper he thought people would brush him off since he didn't think they sounded as cool written as they did spoken but did people ever eat it up.

Sighing he placed the note back on the coffee table and glanced up at the clock that sat just above their huge blue ray TV.


Fran should be home right about…

"I'm home." Butch jumped to his feet happily as he made his way over to the front door with a grin on his face. Just wait until he told Fran that his stories had been accepted in Russia. He would freak. After all he always got way more excited for Butch's success then Butch did.

"Welcome back. How was work today?"

"Meh, it was alright, got another call from TJ… I mean the president. He wants me to organize and lead this business thing." Francis waved off as he kicked his shoes off.

"'Business thing'?" Butch questioned with a smirk as he leaned agents the wall.

The older male just smiled as he removed his jacket and hung it up neatly in the closet. "If I say what it actually is Butch you'd just get confused."

Shrugging his shoulders a bit Butch nodded as he moved back into their spacious living room. That was to true, he remembered what happened last time Fran had tried to tell him in big words about what he had done at work. So instead he started to make his way to the kitchen to make Fran a coffee like he always did but Francis came up from behind him and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

"I'll make it today Hun." He mumbled kissing the side of the young males neck before letting him go and moving into the kitchen. "What about you? How'd your day go?"

"Good." Butch chirped flopping back down on the couch and picking up his water again. "I went for a run, finished my next book then started working on another one, and then I went and hung out with Joey and Finch for a bit." He raised his brow in question when he heard Fran opening a cupboard and rummage threw it for a minute. Didn't he know by now that the mugs hung above the sink? They were in plain sight.

"Anything else?"

"Nope," he mumbled wishing he could see what his boyfriend of seven years was doing. "Oh wait yeah. My editor told me that they accepted my book in Russia."

The brunet came around the corner of the kitchen with a huge smile on his face as he walked up to Butch and took a seat. There was no cup in his hand but Butch figured he was still waiting for the water to boil.

"That's great! You're going to be even more well know then you were before! You might even win the Nobel Prize!" he exclaimed throwing an arm around his shoulder as he sat back, sinking even further into the couch. "I told you, you'd make a great writer and now look where you are! Aren't you glad I forced you into it now? And you didn't even want to go to college, think of the talent you would have been wasting." Fran chuckled pulling Butch in close before relaxing his hold again.

"As you've told me a million times before." The storyteller sighed with a playful roll of his eyes before leaning his head on Fran's shoulder.

They stayed like that for awhile and Butch would be lying threw his teeth if he said he didn't like it. This was what he waited everyday for. When they could just sitting in each other arms and not even have to speak to each other in order to get their silent messages across. It was always so peaceful. He couldn't help but smile when he remembered their old high school days. It was unbelievable to think that he was here. That they were here. If anyone would have told him when he was in grade twelve that by the end of the year he would be dating his best friend and that they would still be going strong seven years later he would have laughed and told them to take a hike. It really was like a 'to good to actually happen' book or something.

Sadly though as time ticked by his smile dropped and he squirmed out of Fran's hold and got to his feet. If they didn't eat soon they'd both be starving by six.

"I'll go get something ready."

"You don't have to. I order Chinese food before I felt the office." Fran smirked pulling the smaller male back down to his side. "It should be here in about twenty minutes." He said wrapping an arm around Butch's waist and holding his chin in his hand. "You know what we could do in twenty minutes right?"

"Wanna tell me?" Butch smirked back before Fran placed his lips on his.

((Sometimes people don't build walls to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down.))

Butch laughed as the deliver boy quickly turned and high tailed it down the long hallway. Maybe he should have thrown on a shirt before answering the door. Meh, knowledge for next time. Picking up the dropped packages he took off the tag and placed it on the small table before closing the door. They'd have to remember to give him a big tip when they paid for the food later.

"We've scared the delivery boy." He chuckled walking passed Fran as he laid sprawled out over the couch with a smile on his face.

"Well at least he knows now and will be more prepared for next time." His voice carried into the kitchen where Butch placed the bags on the table with a roll of his eyes.

"Just get your ass in here so we can eat."

He heard Fran laugh but it almost sounded somewhat nervous as Butch walked over to the cupboard to grave some plates. His hands rested on the handles though when he noticed something. There was no water boiling or even any water at all in the kettle. It hadn't even been touched since Butch had taken it out. –And there was no mugs sitting out either. So what had Fran been doing in here?

Shrugging it off he opened the cupboards and pulled out two plates. He briefly wondered why they were wobbling but figured something had got stuck underneath one. He'd remove it after he finished setting the rest of the table. Making his way to the table he smile when he saw Francis was already taking the stuff out and placing it around the table.

"Aw, thanks for the help Franny." He chuckled patting the males head as he placed the two plates down and went back to grave the silverware. By the time he got back to the table Francis had everything set around the table and was throwing the paper bags in the garbage. But he hadn't touched the plates. As they both sat down Butch lifted up one of the plates to give to Fran and froze.

Sitting underneath at one plate and on top of the other one was a ring. Very simple in design with just one gold line going all the way around and it was pure silver. Butch would know, silver was his favourite out of everything. He just sat there looking at it for a moment before looking up at Francis with his mouth slightly a gap. The ex hustler was smiling slightly with a look of nervousness written all over his face.


"Well I wanted to ask you at some point and I figured why not now? I've already asked Joey and your Dad so now I'll I have to do is ask you." He said while standing up and graving the ring gently before getting down on one knee and looking up at the still shock storyteller.

"Butch Kirwain, would you marry me?"

((Better to have loved and lost then to be married to a psycho for the rest of your life.))

"Aw! Finch look at this! It's so cute!" Joey gushed from his spot at the computer desk clasping his hands in front of him happily.

Finch rolled his eyes as he walked up to stand behind his lover with a small smile on his face. Looking at the picture Joey was oh-so-excitingly pointing to he had to smile upon seeing a picture of Butch and Francis smiling at the camera with their arms wrapped around each other looking nothing short of being in internal bliss as they stood on a beach in California.

"Don't they look so happy together!"

"Course they do, their on their honeymoon Joe. Everyone's always happy on their honeymoon." He mused placing his hand on the males shoulders and massaging them absentmindedly.

He was concerned when Joey was silent for to long but he seemed content to just wait until Joe would open his mouth. He was no doubt very…happy? Nah, more like ecstatic. He'd been trying to get those two together since forever. Finch still remembered how shocked he was when Joey begged him to help. Sure he'd said yes and he was also grateful that their plan pushed the two together and didn't pull them apart but still, sometimes it was weird when he threw an arm around Butch in a friendly jester and then Francis would get all up in arms. Didn't he trust him by now? Well he had threatened Butch at one point but that was all Joey's fault and the stuff he was talking about didn't actually exists.

"Hey Finch?" Joey said finally signing out of his email and looking over his shoulder at said male making his hands stop there motion.


"Thanks, you know for helping me."

Smiling Finch leaned down and wrapped his arms around the older mans shoulders. "That 'thanks' is seven years to late Joe." He taunted kissing his cheek playfully making the older blush. "I'm not sure if I can accept it anymore."

"I didn't know things like that had an espier date." Joey pouted just making Finch laugh.

" Make it up to me then."


Finch leaned over to use the mouse and keyboard and changed the background screen to the new picture of the newly weds. "I want us to be like that some day."

"Happily." Joey grinned before pulling the smaller male in for a light kiss.


Butch and Francis sneezed in unison as they sat in the hammock staring out at the sea. Butch rubbed his nose before turning to Fran with wide eyes.

"Someone's talking about us." He mumbled before Francis pulled him back down to rest agents his side, throwing an arm around his shoulders.

"Nobodies talking about us." Fran assured ruffling his hair lightly before they both turned back to watch the beauty of the setting sun.

The End! (Finally!^^)