Eragon and Arya true love

Eragon awoke with a shiver up his spine, he was getting up until he had a few flash backs of his battle with noticed Saphira was asleep so he didn't bother her with his was going out of his tent until, he felt limp and he fell down he used the floor to support himself slowly gently walked to the riverbank and rested his head beside the felt all of Alagaseia had given him an enourmous burden something so huge, which would have caved down on him without was something that troubled him so much ; was that he couldn't get a certain elf to like him and he had failed everywhere.

Eragon wanted to cry but he couldn't because he had to keep the Varden strong and happy, but every step he was taking he was getting closer to Galbatorix and soon he would have to fight him in wished he could control himself in front of Arya but he could not, he loved her has to control him as he must complete his training with the elves, he tried avoiding her but it didn't work out very must do what no man or rider has done and train to be the best to defeat Galbatorix or die doing it, he must win as many people believed in him but some wanted to get his must never give up or he had no chance.

Eragon looked into the woods he saw a shadow it was all black "Shadeslayer" it called again and slowly got up and followed the shadow, but little did he know Arya was following it gasped as he looked at the shadow it was an extremely beautiful elf called said "i have gathered you two together at a great urgency" then out of the shadow came the beautiful elf spoke immediately "who taught you that spell it is extremely hard to learn".Tauthr waved off that question immediately she spoke "you will need to prepare to leave to Ellesmere immediately, Eragon you must finish your studys, and Arya you have certain dutys".

Eragon quickly risked a look at the elf but she met his gaze, with unknown said "thank you for sending the message, what will you do now? Tauthr spoke gently "i will meet the other elfs in the varden and stay for a bit".Eragon said "okay" then turned his attention to Arya, she quickly punched the floor breaking a big crack but also terrifying the other elf but doing nothing to pulled out her hand in pain and saw a red liquid sliding down her hand,Eragon thought to himself i wish i never have to watch a loved one hurting again Oh rushed to her side and inspected her wound, Eragon dragged Arya to his tent and put her by Saphira and bent down to heal her "Waise heill"!Eragon asked her "what was eating her and she told him her story as she knew she had woke up immediately snd shouted "Eragon" she was truly frightened for her riders life, as she calmed down looking at Arya and Eragon immediately conscoleded Saphira,and continued talking to thought to herself as she looked at Arya she saw her hand achingto grab Eragon and kiss him pasionetly but, she couldn't she had her touched Aryas mind, Arya let her in immediately i've been watching you and i know you love him"said Saphira arya retaliated . Saphira continued until Arya gave into her locked up feelings and she threw Eragon into his bed, Eragon looked up in blocked out all noises using magic and said "i don't care if you don't have feelings for me now but i do".Arya dashed and grabbed his elvish tunics and teared it until he was turned to Saphira and screamed "are you getting out or i have to make you" , Saphira mummbled "okay im going".Eragon yelled "don't leave me im scared , of what shes goiong to do with me ".Saphire said "you're her lover deal with it".

Arya quickly stripped of her clothes and grabbed eragon, and gave him a furious kiss filled with passion and love that eragon didn't know she love rose from its weak chains and expressed itself they both mingled in places they discovered inside each let out a moan of surprise as more and more love took hold of them, Arya suddenly stopped and wondered about faolin Eragon realized this and looked directly at her finally understanding her enough to truly love tilted her head to face him and Eragon told her "Faolin would have wanted you happy and to love someone else".Arya looked at Eragon and said "I love you and i wished you never loved me as much as you did, then i could have avoided you and not fall in love with you".Eragon looked at her and saw a different Arya "i fell in love with you the very secound i saw you, i could never stop myself"mummbled whispered "i love you and we will win triumph against Galbatorix and i will, then marry you and be your mate" with that last word they fell asleep, together two souls joined in unity together.