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Browsing the discussion boards - perhaps not the best idea, plot bunnies going wild and such - found a request from TXJ about who the cop was that made Callen swear off dating them.

After getting the information from TXJ on what was wanted in the story, this is the result.

Requirements were as follow:

She was from his FBI days, young (assumptions have been made about Callen's career time frame that probably aren't correct, so we will need to call this an AU story), they were undercover as a young unmarried couple, emotional messy ending to it, Callen never saw her again. She's back and they have to work in a similar situation.

So, Who was she? What happens when they have to work together again fifteen years later? Will it stay professional this time? Or will their past come back to haunt them? Callen/OC

TXJ - Let's see how I did.

Hope you all enjoy. Reviews appreciated.

Disclaimer - don't own anything you recognise from TV, some of the ideas and scenes are from TXJ who will know which ones. Hopefully I haven't done anything too bad to them. ;-) All credit to TXJ for the OC name of Kimberly Isabella Donovan.

Let the story begin...


Chapter 1

Callen and Sam walked into the office with Callen attempting to tune out Sam's tirade about being late. He'd heard it enough times already to be able to quote him on it, though he did refrain. Noticing that Kensi and Hetty weren't at their desks, they headed up to the Ops Centre to see what was going on. And perhaps, circumventing a tardiness talk from Hetty if she didn't have to come find them.

Hetty, Kensi and Eric were already in the Ops Centre, as suspected, when they walked in. Both of them quickly noticing the unknown, additional person in the room.

"What have you got for us, Hetty?" Callen asked as he eyed the newcomer. He lent against the table, folded his arms and continued his assessment, coming to the conclusion fairly quickly that there was something about the guy he really didn't like. Perhaps it was the way he was standing there like he owned the place.

"Who's the new guy?" Sam asked. A smile twitched on Callen's face, as the new guy seemed to lose some of that arrogance as he looked at Sam. Kensi raised her eyebrows at his look and he shrugged slightly. Kensi shook her head at him, obviously noticing that he was enjoying the reaction of this new addition to Sam. Sam could be intimidating, not only when he wanted to be, but when he didn't as well and, as Callen looked at Sam, he could see that right now, he wanted to be. Seems he wasn't the only one whose instincts didn't like the guy.

Hetty glanced at her watch and then at them, though she didn't comment on their lateness.

"This is Agent Troy Matthews, DEA." Hetty pointed to the appropriate agents as she introduced them. "Special Agents G Callen and Sam Hanna. Agent Matthews will be working closely with us on this next mission."

DEA. That could explain it. He didn't have fond memories of his time with that particular agency. Callen turned his attention to Hetty.

"Which is?" he asked.

Hetty smiled. "All in good time Mr Callen. We will be joined by an FBI Agent shortly to discuss the mission in more detail." Hetty turned her attention more to Callen and Sam than the rest of the team, as she continued. "This mission is a joint one. FBI, DEA and NCIS. I expect you all to play nice and work together co-operatively."

"Why?" Callen asked

"Why?" Hetty raised her eyebrows as she looked at him. "Because I do."

Eric attempted to cover his laugh with a cough, which caused Hetty to briefly glance over at the tech expert. Callen resisted the urge to smile again. He had noticed the DEA agent looked nervous as he glanced between Hetty and Eric. If Sam was intimidating, Hetty was downright scary, especially the first time you saw her make someone quake in their boots at a look. He remembered it well.

"No. Why the joint operation?" Callen asked again.

"Ah, that," Hetty tilted her head toward him. He had a feeling she was seeing right through him, but to what, he couldn't be sure. She did know his file pretty well and knew his dislike for certain other agencies. Perhaps she was just wondering if he would play nice with the other agencies operatives. Hetty continued with brief summary of the mission in front of them. "DEA wish to take down a drug cartel, FBI wish to solve multiple child abductions and we will,"she emphasised, making it clear that she didn't care whether the FBI and DEA actually managed their aims, however NCIS would not fail, "find out what Navy personnel are involved in the removal of said children from the country."

Callen saw Sam frown as the bigger man turned his attention away from scrutinizing the DEA agent to Hetty.

"Someone from the Navy is smuggling these children out?" Sam asked. "To where?"

Hetty shook her head. "We don't know," she replied concerned. "But we believe at least one naval officer is involved. Considering the situation, it is highly likely there are more." Hetty frowned as she continued, "Intel indicates that the drug cartel, in their attempt to keep their suppliers happy, or tempt them back from rival cartels, are looking at different forms of payment or incentives. With money somewhat tighter these days, it appears that sending them young girls is one option they are pursuing."

"Young girls? Not to-"

Hetty cut Sam off. "Yes Mr Hanna. That."

Callen saw Kensi briefly close her eyes and Sam hold back a shudder. A chill went through him at the possibilities of what those girls were going through.

"So where's the FBI Agent?" Callen asked as he straightened up. "She late?"

"No. I am about to go and meet her," Hetty replied.

"What else do we need to know?" Sam asked. Callen could tell he was impatient to get started on this.

Hetty smiled slightly. She too could see the impatience in Sam. "Mr Callen and the FBI agent will be going undercover in an attempt to have someone 'kidnap' their fourteen year old daughter," Hetty added. Callen frowned. They had Kensi, why did they need to use someone else? Sam spoke before he could ask the question though.

"You're using a child as bait?" Sam didn't sound too impressed with the idea.

"I assure you Mr Hanna," Hetty said in the tone that told them she was extremely serious, "there will be no more children taken."

"Why aren't we just using Kensi?" Callen managed to ask before anyone else could say anything. He glanced briefly at Kensi then back to Hetty.

"Because as good as Miss Blye is," Hetty looked over at Kensi as she spoke, "I do not believe she would pass as being thirty eight and a mother of a fourteen year old."

Sam chuckled silently, Eric busied himself with something on the computer and Callen smiled as Kensi raised her eyebrows, obviously waiting for some sarcastic comment. "Good point," was all he said, in an attempt to avoided getting himself in trouble. Adding ten years to a woman's age was never a good idea.

"Is she any good?" Sam asked.

Hetty frowned and turned her gaze to Sam. "The child?"

Sam rolled his eyes and gave a slight smile. "The FBI Agent."

"According to the FBI, she is one of their best undercover operatives. She has been working with them for years." Hetty turned to face Callen. "She sounds a bit like you actually, Mr Callen."

Callen raised an eyebrow. "Does she have a name?" he asked, his curiosity piqued at Hetty's comment.

Hetty shook her head. "Was not told. As we were not told Agent Matthews name until I met him earlier this morning."

"Want some company to pick her up?" Callen offered. Hetty shook her head again as started toward the door.

"No thank you Mr Callen. I am perfectly capable of retrieving the FBI Agent myself. Perhaps you two," Hetty indicated Callen and Sam, as she turned slightly to look back at them, "could show Agent Matthews around and go over what details he has brought with him," Hetty instructed. Because really, Hetty rarely gave them suggestions. They were just instructions phrased as if they had a choice. And it was always better to assume that it was an instruction, just in case.

"Yes Hetty." Sam and Callen answered together, whilst Kensi and Eric tried not to laugh and Agent Matthews frowned.


Hetty walked into the small coffee shop and quickly took note of her surroundings. There weren't many customers at this time of the morning, the before work rush having already finished. She saw the woman she was here to meet. As she walked towards her, Hetty thought that the description she had been given of the agent had been very accurate.

"Miss Blair," she said, as she arrived at the table.

The agent looked up at her and frowned. "Yes?"

"I believe you wanted to see this," Hetty replied as she passed the younger woman a small envelope as she had been instructed to do. 'Miss Blair' opened it and briefly looked at the contents. She looked back and gave Hetty a reassuring smile.

"Please sit down. Can I get you anything?" she asked.

"No thank you," Hetty replied as she took a seat across from the FBI Agent. She looked young, but would at least be able to pass as a young thirty eight year old, unlike Miss Blye. There was something in her eyes though that told Hetty she had been through a lot, perhaps more than most.

"Thank you for agreeing to work with me."

Hetty nodded slightly and smiled. "Agent Fornell speaks quite highly of you."

'Miss Blair' gave a small smile as she shook her head slightly and replied, "Too highly, I think."

Hetty frowned slightly. Fornell had been the one to compare her to Agent Callen and for that kind of recommendation to come from the Senior FBI Agent, she was sure that it was the truth.

"I doubt it. Agent Gibbs, also. Have you worked with them much?" Hetty asked her. She saw a brief flash of something go across the agent's face but it was quickly covered before Hetty could interpret it.

"A bit. This must be difficult not knowing who I am, except for what they have told you," 'Miss Blair' commented.

Hetty nodded her agreement. "It is enough for now. Though more is always better."

The agent pulled a small envelope out of her own bag and passed it to Hetty. She smiled. "Perhaps this will help a little. Once we get back, you'll have access to my records. It was better this way. The concern for the children over-road normal procedures." There was a frown on her face as she finished speaking and Hetty could see the concern and worry over this assignment.

"I understand," Hetty reassured her as she briefly glanced inside the envelope, a few more details of her companion being revealed. She slipped the envelope in her own handbag and looked back at the agent sitting across from her.

"Shall we go?" Hetty asked. She knew her team, in particular Mr Hanna, were anxious to get started on this. Sam was always very concerned if a mission involved children.

"Of course," 'Miss Blair' replied and stood up, picking up her bag and taking the final sip of her coffee.

Hetty led the way back to her car and, once they were safely inside she spoke again.

"Miss Donovan," Hetty started, using the agent's real name, "I hope you are as good as they say you are."

"So do I Miss Lange. Casey's life depends on it," Miss Donovan replied.

"As does yours and my agents," Hetty warned. Agent Donovan had excellent references, but Hetty was still concerned about how an unknown agent would fit in with the team, especially from a different agency.

"I take it that they are good at their job?" Miss Donovan asked.

"I only work with the best there is Miss Donovan. The ones you will be working with are the best of those," Hetty assured her, as she pulled the car out onto the street.

"I hope I don't disappoint."

Hetty shook her head and smiled. "That will not happen."

Miss Donovan looked at her, a slight frown on her face. "You sound confident of that."

"As I said, I only work with the best," Hetty replied and gave the agent a look that told her she expected she would belong in that category.