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Callen carried Bella through the door, kicked it closed and put her down gently on her feet. Bella smiled; a sweet, seductive smile that should have warned him what she was about to do. She kissed him; passionately and without reservation, as her hands found a way to quickly shed his jacket, tie and have half the buttons on his shirt undone before he could get his act together enough to try and put a stop to things.

"Bella," he warned as he stepped away. Admittedly it was a half-hearted warning, which she obviously picked up on, as she stepped back to him.

"G," she followed with, as her fingers continued making light work of the final buttons.

"Don't." This time the protest was barely a token gesture. "Doctor said another week," Callen added, his fists clenching at his side, trying not to let them do what they desperately wanted to, which was entirely similar to what she was doing to him.

"Since when do you follow doctors orders," Bella questioned, a smile flickering across her face as she moved her head closer and kissed him along his jawline to his ear.

"This isn't about me," Callen replied, one of his hands finding it's way to the clip that was holding her hair up and releasing it, allowing the soft, red hair to fall about her shoulders.

"No, this is about us," Bella replied, as she pushed his shirt of his shoulders and he let it fall to the ground. She was determined and he wasn't sure he had the willpower to resist. Bella placed a gentle kiss on his chest and then she stepped back, a tantalising smile coming to her face, as she reached behind her and he heard the slight sound of a zip. As her dress dropped to her feet, his mouth went dry and he was pretty sure that whatever willpower he had left had dropped along with the dress. He also came to the conclusion fairly quickly, that it had been lucky he had no idea what she had been wearing underneath her dress, otherwise they would have been back here long ago.

Bella's smile intensified at his reaction and she stepped out of the pool of white material at her feet and over to him. Her hands moved over his arms, up and around his neck. His arms finding their way around her waist, stroking the smooth, warm bare skin that covered her spine. She kissed him again, teasing, flirtatious kisses that had him following her as she slowly moved them back toward the bed. When Bella felt the bed come up against her legs, she turned and pushed him back on his back, following closely.

Bella looked down at him and smiled, "Flat on your back. Did I follow closely enough?" she asked, her tone cheeky but with a underlying tone of desire he easily heard. Callen moved his hands reluctantly from her hips, into her hair, holding her back from kissing him again. He had to try once more, so he could at least say to himself that he did everything he could.

"Bella please. I don't want to hurt you," he pleaded with her. At least that was real, he was worried about that. It had only been six weeks since the stabbing and whilst she was mostly recovered, much quicker than the doctor had originally predicted, she hadn't been given the all clear yet.

"You won't," Bella whispered and kissed him, any more thoughts of protest cleared from his mind as she ran her tongue over his bottom lip, enticing him to allow her entrance, which of course, he couldn't resist doing.

Bella sat up, far too soon for his liking, pulling him up to her. She motioned for him to move up the bed, lifting her body weight off him so he could. She ran her hands over his chest and down his arms, twining her fingers with his. She used her hold to lower him back onto the pillows, then moved their joined hands above his head as she lowered herself over him. He wasn't quite sure what she had in mind for tonight but he let her lead. If she wasn't going to take no for an answer, then at least if she was in control, he hoped there would be less of a risk of her getting hurt. She kissed him again, distracting him completely until he heard a familiar sound, a sound that he shouldn't be hearing right now.

"What?" He looked up above his head and then back at her.

Bella grinned, a combination of sexy, tantalising and mischief. One he hadn't actually seen before. But then, she'd never done this to him before.

"Bella," he said seriously, "come on. No handcuffs."

"Why not? It not the real reason why you don't date badges."

Callen frowned slightly, though it was difficult to stay mad at her as she kissed her way down his neck and chest. He sucked in a breath as her fingers brushed low against his stomach and started working on his belt.

"You've been talking to Sam again," he said, watching her. She looked up as she removed with his belt and, as she moved back up to him, her fingers danced lightly up his chest. This was entirely unfair, though if he wasn't so worried about her getting hurt, it would be thoroughly enjoyable.

Bella smiled softly, she could see the concern in his eyes. She lent down to his ear and whispered, "Don't worry G," before kissing his neck, just below his ear. Apparently she did remember things about him too. Then she moved back so she could look at him as she told him the rest.

"Your present from me. As long as we don't do anything too … acrobatic, vigorous or dangerous," she grinned at the look on his face, letting one of her hands run all the way from his cheek, down his neck, chest and lower still, as she continued, "and stick to slow and gentle, the doctor said there is no reason why we can't enjoy this honeymoon just as much as anyone else."

So she'd been holding out on him. "Is that right, Mrs Callen?" he asked, the name rolling so easily off his tongue.

They could have waited longer, until the all clear from the doctor had come through and then planned things, but neither of them had wanted to wait that long. He didn't want to give her a chance to change her mind, and she needed the reassurance that he was truly hers. Her emotions still had a tendency to doubt that he was. That, and Hetty had apparently found the perfect spot for them to go for their honeymoon but it was only available for the next four weeks. So they planned the wedding; quick, simple and quiet. Only close friends and family. The guest list had totaled fifteen, including themselves. They'd already wasted fifteen years. It hadn't taken them long. A mere three weeks from when he had asked her. Which was a few days after he had taken her home from the hospital - he didn't count what happened that first day - and the day after she had told Hetty she'd take the job.

"It is, Mr Callen," Bella added.

"Handcuffs off please," Callen requested, a touch of desperation in his voice.

"Give me one good reason and I'll think about it." Bella smiled, catching her bottom lip between her teeth. One day he'd tell her what that actually did to him, that is, unless she already knew. He figured she didn't, otherwise he'd have had a lot more … trouble with her recuperation than he already had.

"You told Sam that if they had their own handcuffs you were out of there," Bella continued. "I'm just showing you it's not such a bad thing."

And she was doing a very good job of it. But...

"Not tonight Bella," Callen said firmly, as he caught her gaze with his.

"One good reason G, that's all it will take," Bella added as she made the most of him being unable to stop her reeking havoc, entirely delightful havoc, with his body and his control.

It took him a few minutes before he was able to voice his reason, hoping it was good enough because he didn't think he'd have another chance with the way she was teasing him.

"We've waited a long time for this night. You really want me to not be able to touch you?" Callen asked.

Bella stopped, looked up at him and smiled. "You are good, Sir. Nicely played." She moved up and kissed him gently, whilst she undid the handcuffs. As soon as he heard them click open, he rolled her carefully over onto her back.

"So, what are you going to do now you are free?" Bella asked, her voice soft, enticing and full of something he desired more than anything else, her love.

Callen ran his fingers gently down his wife's cheek and smiled. "Show you what you would have missed out on."



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