Ruby sat alone on the beach. Living with April and her sister was not fun at all. True she didn't actually see April a huge amount because she was always out with Xavier which was probably what hurt her the most. She was getting on with April and counted her as a friend now. She really was happy that the two of them were together, but maybe she was just jealous a little. Xavier had started talking to her a little again, but it wasn't the same. It was very awkward having Bianca around. She was always talking to Ruby about really weird things, like her music and boyfriends. Ruby had to constantly excuse herself because Bianca always talked to her while she was doing her homework so Ruby couldn't concentrate. She tried doing her work at Charlie's, but then Charlie would constantly talk to her too. Ruby missed not being able to go round to Xavier's and they would do their work together and have a fun evening afterwards.

"Hey Rubes," Ruby looked up to see Xavier standing over her.

"Hi," she replied as he sat down beside her.

"How are you doing?"

"Yeah I'm OK. What about you?"

"Not bad. I'm just missing somethings."

"Like what?" Ruby asked.

"I miss the times we had together."

Ruby smiled inside. "Yeah I miss those times too. But you've got April now."

Xavier nodded, but didn't look so enthusiastic. "Do you remember when..."

Together the two of them played many rounds of 'do you remember'. It felt nice to be able to talk again, like they used to. The tide began to come in a little and the water warmed by the sun splashed against their toes.

"I remember," Ruby finished fondly and then asked, "So what are you doing here Xave, where's April tonight?"

"I'm not actually sure where she is right now. Probably doing some environment campaign."

"I would have thought you would have gone with her."

"I really didn't want to dress up as a tree Rubes!" laughed Xavier.

"I think you'd look hot as a tree!" she giggled too.

"OK, shall we go and make a tree costume for me then?"

"Oh my God definitely! But not now, I've got some school work to finish off," said Ruby.

"What have you got to finish?"

"That English essay on those really dull war poems and I need to start the Biology project."

"Yeah I need to start that too," Xavier realised as they started to walk absent-mindedly towards his house. "Who are you doing it with?"

"I was going to do it with Nicole, but she's doing it with Romeo so I have to find someone."

"Do you want to do it with me?" Xavier offered.

"Aren't you doing it with April?"

"We haven't talked about it at all. Besides I don't have to do everything with her. I can do things with my other friends too and you are my friend."

"OK," Ruby nodded happily.