Bianca farted loudly as usual, her flatulence making the pond too poisonous to inhabit or swim in as the Zubbas continued firing their stingers into the water, with the Zubba King summoning more and more regular bees to help his cause. Bianca's flatulence made the clean forest more disgusting and foul smelling, which she used to her advantage as she caused some of the green colored Big Clucker birds that dwelled inside the holes to squawk in pain as they were killed from the overpowering smell of Bianca's gas.

"I'm not gonna last long underneath here..." Bianca thought to herself as she realized that she couldn't stay underwater, looking for the quickest path out.

Luckily for her, Bianca spotted the brown platform jetting out of the pond, swimming towards it as she emerged, gasping and farting grossly in shock as she felt a couple of stingers in her butt, which was protected by the "baked brownies" in her completely brown stained white tight jeans. Bianca then began running as fast as she could, the "chocolate" in her pants dripping out as she wasn't concerned about her bowel movements, as the Zubbas and Bees were approaching. Bianca ran around the giant brown tree, relived to see that there were nothing coming out of the various holes as she ran upward, heading up the tree as she dashed as quickly as she could, farting all the way as she tried avoiding the bees, who approached her but fell several feet to the ground dead from the strong stench that emerged out of Bianca's big butt. The entire forest, however, could sense how bad Bianca's farts were, as several growing green leaves started to turn brown and fall off.

"Ugh! It smells like crap up here!" The purple colored, green clothed Grumblin Hood walking near the Zubba beehive remarked as he shook his head, trying to get the smell out of his head as he walked by the edge.