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YES! The super amazing, beautiful and outstandingly talented Kinky-Hoe and I have teamed up together to create a drabble series we're quite proud of. (Well, I'm proud. I'm sure she is too, if not slightly worried for our sanity). We wrote this together, each chapter has bits and pieces of both of us.

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A Kinky-Witch Production Presents:

How to Use Handcuffs for Dummies

Chapter One

"Handcuff Tip #1: Discuss the concept with your partner before you get any funny ideas."

The room was hot as hell.

Or rather, the corridor was.

She had immediately pushed him against the wall as soon as they got out of the elevator. Actually, the whole seduction process had started inside the huge up-and-down machine. Not that she wanted to impress him that much but some urges were impossible to control around six feet of gorgeousness.

Fisting his long and soft obsidian hair, she urged him to go faster. For a brief moment, when his muscular arms encircled her rather small waist, she wondered if the firefighter that he was had already posed for one of those kinky and horribly sexy magazines. If so, she definitely wouldn't mind a copy. She could clearly see the word 'July' covering his most intimate parts. Of course, she knew what it really looked like…

"K'gome," the young man managed to breathe out, biting back a groan when she licked the shell of his ear. The whole thing just couldn't get any hotter. She was clinging to him, pressing up against him and making it difficult as hell to function at all, even to get into his own apartment. "Fuck, stop. I need to get the keys."

She laughed softly, leaning in to kiss his lips again. "Back pocket? If so, let me get there."

Dark brown eyes widened and he dumbly nodded. He then promptly shook his head no but it was too late. Her small hand was already…palming what needed to be…palmed…

"Wait." That was his job.


His right arm trapped her legs, encircling her thighs, right under her bottom, and he lifted her without any extraordinary effort. The keys were in his left hand and he quickly opened the door. If the door had given him as much trouble as his keys then he would've kicked it down. Some things were just more important. And with Kagome touching him like that, very few things could top that.

The locks were all done and once inside, Inuyasha was relieved to see that his best friend was still not home. The guy had been doing a lot of extra hours lately, spending unnecessary time at the police station but he certainly wasn't complaining. No Miroku meant more Kagome time.

He slammed the door shut with his feet and threw the goddamned keys away. He quickly glanced at his short-time girlfriend and gulped when he noticed she had already removed her coat and shoes and was working on her blouse. If anything, her horny mood was getting to him.

Not that he was complaining.

Inuyasha's throat went dry when she finally stood before him wearing only her underwear. Her clothes were everywhere and anywhere at the same time and he could swear he had seen her discard her skirt near the kitchen entryway and—oh, there went the bra.

"I believe you are still dressed, Mr. Taisho," she stated in a sultry voice, twirling a raven lock around her index finger.

Well, if that wasn't provocative he didn't know what was.

A shirt and a pair of jean pants later, he had her pinned against the wall, his chest enveloping her bare back. Said wall even shook when he pushed her but that and possibly curious neighbors were none of his concern. For the moment.

"Well, who's in a bad position now?" he teased, his warm breathing caressing the skin of her neck and his hand sliding on her tummy, heading south, just like his very perverted thoughts… Although he doubted he could ever compete with her. Kagome Higurashi was a force all her own.

The cry in her moan was music to his ears and her head jerked, her cheek coming to rest against his shoulder. Kagome eventually opened her eyes, lips parted as her skilled boyfriend continued pleasuring her body and that was when she saw them.

The ultimate role play tool. They were just there, within reach, on the rickety end table in the middle of the hallway, next to some ugly decoration plant.

"Inuyasha," she softly spoke.


The raven-haired woman turned around, shuddering at the feel of his proof and giving him a devious smile. His confused look caused the smile to broaden into a grin as she held out the metallic accessories.

"You're getting arrested," she giggled, even though she sounded extremely serious. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"

Inuyasha gasped as she Mirandized him in a sugary voice. Oh, he understood very well. He was getting laid in the bestest of ways, all right.

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