High School Musical Cast Reunion

Lucas Grabeel sat in his house, at the kitchen table eating cereal. Last night he had received a call from his old, former Director and choreographer Kenny Ortega about an arrangement of everyone coming back. Everyone was meaning the whole entire cast of High School Musical that has been a part of the phenomenon for all 3 movies, coming back together in a reunion in Albuquerque. Kenny was planning on having this reunion in 3 months, on June 14th. Lucas said he didn't have any plan and would definitely keep that date in mind to not arrange anything on that date.

He sat eating his cereal alone, thinking about this. He hasn't seen the cast in years. He hadn't realized how much he may have missed them. He began remembering all the good times while filming High School Musical. He remembers how Ashley use to act slightly more like the male partner dancing, always leading instead of him. He chuckled remembering that. And then he remembers how Zac and he would fool around and Zac would call him weird, or put bunny ear behind him as he was talking on camera or something, or how they use to just hang. He then begins to remember filming 'I Don't Dance' with Corbin, and he laughs out loud. He enjoyed doing that number and knew that was a big part for his character Ryan in the movie. It was big, because it was like Ryan was finally coming out of his sister's shadow and being his own person for a change, and Gabriella, Vanessa's character had surely liked seeing this side of Ryan.

Lucas then smiles at the thought of Vanessa. She was so lively and fun. She was the light to the party, and Lucas liked her company. They could be silly with each other. Lucas then smiled at the thought of Monique. Monique was always caring and trying. She understood, and he was pretty close with her.

Lucas sets down his spoon and sighs. "The gang," he whispers. He shocked him how they were actually a terrific part of his life. How those years were so worth it for him. He smiled remembering doing the dance along with High School Musical and being like the dj. And then he remembered just taking photos with the guys, acting all cool. Or he remembers laughing with Ashley or having talks with Corbin, or making faces with Vanessa, or chatting with Monique, or making videos with Zac. He laughed remembering all this. It amazed him how much just zoomed back into his head and came crashing down on him, but he liked the memory a lot. He loved this feeling.

"The six of us were a team. We actually connected and we're great friends, pals, buds," he mumbles to himself. "Gosh." He stands up and puts his bowl in the sink, rinsing it out first and then he goes upstairs to his bedroom. He opens his closest doors and stares at his clothes. His eyes grow a little shock as he sees a shirt that he sees every day in here, but now he finally realizes how much power in meaning is to it. It was the shirt from when Ryan and Sharpay had performed 'Bop to the Top'. He just had it there, hanging in his closest. He remembered talking on the Zac cam about it, and then he remembers just performing that song. He's not sure if he can fit the shirt still, but he just left it there, instead of putting it somewhere to save.

Lucas touches the shirt and he whispers, "High School Musical."

Monique Coleman sat in a car, on her way to a conference. She had received a call last night about a reunion with the High School Musical cast. The call was from Kenny Ortega, but she had to cut him short, because she was busy at night and also needed rest, so she told him she would call him to talk more later, or tomorrow, which is today.

Now she is starting to think of that reunion. Her and the gang back together. She had seen Corbin Bleu, recently, but she hasn't seen her other co-stars in quite some time. She has seen the magazines of them in it, and where they are heading next, but she hasn't heard for them. She has been quite busy, trying to make a change, and matter to parts of the world that need to hear a voice to help them out.

Monique thinks back to the HSM Phenomenon and reveals a smile. She remembers the first movie and meeting everybody, and already feeling the connection. She was feeling the togetherness and welcomed. She especially remembers Kenny's great vibe and energy. She remembers as they were filming they were slowly falling into becoming a big family, of dancers, singers, actors and actresses and just wonderful people, willing to try and step up for a movie that would become a great hit. She smiles wider as she remembers the Zac cam. She remembers doing cue mark with Lucas. She giggles a little and then starts remembering Lucas and her talking or laughing with one another.

Monique stares out the window smiling big and her hand to her cheek in thought. Suddenly Ashley comes to mind and she remembers all the laughs with Ashley, and how they would gossip and be silly. She giggles once again and then remembers Vanessa. She remembers her being sweet and silly, and like her best friend. They would laugh, and pretend things, and just good off. She lets out a laugh remembering some things and then shakes her head remembering Zac. He was officially a goofball and a charming guy. He was serious and yet playful. He could make you laugh and smile, and he was a guy that tried. She would have little moments with Zac and they would always be laughing or talking kind of serious. It was nice. Finally she remembers Corbin from the first movie. She laughs a little more. They weren't really as close as they got in the second and third movie, but they were close in the sense of they would always talk, and they relied on each other. They cared for one another and made each other smile or understood each other right away. They cared and their relationship of a friendship grew.

Monique giggled and gets excited to actually see her buddies again. She can't believe or understand why she hadn't realized how much they were a part of her life. That movie was her big break. It changed her in ways, and it broke her heart when they finished the third movie. She was the cried the most out of the gang of the six of them, but it was all tears of sadness to leave her loved ones. Every tear that shed was for the movie and her new family of friends.

"Monique? Monique?"

Monique turns to her partner, Jackson and is so out of the thought of reality now, because she is back down memory lane. "Huh?"

"Are you alright? Are you even paying attention? Listening to me?"

Monique forms a small smile. "I'm sorry Jackson. I was in thought, but you have my full attention. Sorry!"

Jackson begins to tell Monique some information, and the thought of the reunion leaves Monique's mind and she is fully focused for more information for her conference and such.