Zac Efron stands in Target next to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. They are buying a few things and planning to get out quick, but he fears people will soon recognize him. He doesn't mind his fans, it's just since he's been promoting his movie Charlie St. Cloud and such, he has been feeling extra tired and busy, and he wants this time with Vanessa, but fears they'll never get the chance. Sometimes he just wants to go out without being swarmed with paparazzi, because they annoy him the most sometimes. Not often, but many times they just don't know when to quick.

"I like your beard Mr. Efron," the cashier whispers.

Zac smiles. "Thank you. And call me Zac. Don't be formal; I'm not the president or someone! Just Zac."

Vanessa smiles and touches his arm for a split second. Zac turns to her and smiles and Vanessa smiles back, and then places more of their items in there cart on the conveyer belt.

"Well, I just wanted to say your movie is was wonderful. You are great! I can't wait to see what you do next." The cashier smiles.

Zac nods and begins taking out his credit card. "Thank you. I can't wait to start filming either. It's something about movies that I just love so much. I love connecting or entering a new character." Vanessa giggles, thinking of the wrong way of that sentence. She was thinking of Zac actually entering a different person in a interesting, kind of bad way, and Zac turns to her getting it and bumps her. "Shut it!"

Vanessa turns to him, after placing the last item up. "Hehe." She sticks her tongue out at him.

Zac sticks his back and then whispers in her ear. "I got something for you later."

"Uh-huh, sure! Can't wait to see you fail in trying to be scary."

"Oh please, I've scared you tons of times! Admit it!"

"No. You haven't scared me sinceā€¦since like High School Musical times. And that was a while ago Mr.!"

"Oh, I could name a few recent ones!"

"Name one, then."

"Excuse me, are you Zac and Vanessa," a girl asks, that looks about thirteen.

Zac and Vanessa turn to her and they form a smile. "Yeah," Zac says. "Hi."

"Hi," the girl says.

"Hi. What's your name," Vanessa asks? She smiles.

"My name's Tammy."

"Tammy? Nice name, it's cute for a cute girl." Vanessa giggles and nods.

"Thank you Zac." She smiles brightly. "Can I have your autograph?" She held out her little notepad.

"Yeah definitely." Zac begins to sign it. "Whoa, wait; are these names above from other stars?"

Tammy nods. "Yeah, I've met a few people. It was so exciting!"

"That's really awesome! Who are some of the people you met," Vanessa asks. Zac passes her the notepad and she begins to sign.

"Well I met Leonardo Di Caprio. He was really nice, I met Cameron Diaz, I also met Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Also I met Raven Symone, Ashley Tisdale, George Lopez, kind of met Jimmy Kimmel, but he didn't sign for an autograph, but it was ok."

Vanessa hands her the book back. "Well that sounds really cool. You are like a star yourself," Vanessa says.

Tammy giggles. "Ha, yeah, maybe." Tammy smiles. "Thank you." She walks off, running over to her mom and friend.

Suddenly more people begin to come over and Zac had just put the last bag in the cart. He sighs as there are a bunch of kids and some adults and he doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings so he begins to sign and take pictures. Vanessa forms a small smile and begins to sign and take pictures as well, though she was ready to leave, and thought they had finally gotten away without being surrounded or seen, but yet they were.

Ten minutes later, they are jogging out the store, and to their car! Zac puts on his sunglasses and Vanessa pulls down her hood further. Paparazzi are outside snapping photos and saying things.

"So, Zac, you shaving the beard any time soon? Is it permanent?"

Zac shakes his head. "No." He then exchanges a look with Vanessa.

The paparazzi gave a weird look, seeing he doesn't know which question the "no" was for. "Vanessa how is it when you kiss him? Or when you are in bed?"

Vanessa shakes her head and bites her fingernail. She turns to Zac giving him a look before finally getting to the car. She gets in on the driver's side and Zac slides in on the passenger side.

They both are putting their seatbelts in and Zac mumbles, "I don't believe he asked you that!"

"They are pigs! I hate them at times!" Vanessa mumbles back, before placing the keys in the ignition.

"Go." Zac tells her. Paparazzi then form in front of the car snapping shots and on the side of the door. One of them knocks on the door. "Oh, come on!"

Vanessa blows the horn and holds it. After ten seconds, she lets go and they are still there. She drives slowly, but they are still there. She stops and groans. "Move." She mumbles.

Zac touches her hand for a split second and Vanessa lets out a breath. She blows the horn again, and holds it longer. Finally they move from in front of them and Vanessa speeds off, leaving out the parking lot.

"Finally! Goodness, they are dicks so much!" Zac tells her.

"They want to know so much! They have no lives, and for a living they ease drops on others! That is so rude and ignorant and stupid! They need to get a real job!" Vanessa shakes her head as they stop at a red light. She runs her hand through her hair.

Ashley Tisdale stood in a bakery, in line, ordering some cookies. She turns around, waiting as the girl gets the cookies and sees a paparazzi man snap a photo of her. She sighs as more pictures are snapped and turns around.

"My daughter likes Hellcats! She is a big fan," the lady says.

Ashley smiles. "Aw, thanks. It's really fun to do! I love working with Aly!"

The lady smiles and nods. She places Ashley's cookies in a little bag and then hand it to her. "I was wondering, can I have your autograph? For my daughter of course!"

Ashley giggles. "Hey, if it is for you, don't be shy to admit it! Zac has told me plenty of stories about how ladies have lied about it being for their "daughter" and really it was for them. The stories were pretty funny!"

The lady nods. "Well, then. Can I have two autographs? Because I really do have a daughter!"

"I'm so sorry if it seemed I thought your daughter was fake! I wasn't saying she was at all, I was more saying don't lie or be shy!" Ashley then giggles. "Hey, that rhymed."

The lady laughs. "Aha, it's fine! And that was a great rhyme to make your point." The lady smiles. She then pulls out two pictures of Ashley with Aly for Hellcats!

Ashley smiles, seeing the are putting bunny ears behind each other. "This was a fun photo shoot!" She signs them both. For the daughter she says, "Glad you are a fan of Hellcats! Keep watching!-Ashley T." And for the lady, she writes, "Nice meeting you! I love the cookies you sell!-Ashley T."

"There you go," Ashley says with a smile.

"Thank you! It was nice meeting you!"

"Same to you." Ashley grabs her cookies and heads out. She walks to her car, but a man is taking photos of her. She takes out one of the cookies and takes a bite.

"Ms. Tisdale, Hellcats seems to be becoming big. Are you proud of this?" The paparazzi guy asks her.

Ashley turns to him and swallows. "No, I'm totally mad that it's getting somewhere," Ashley says sarcastically! "Of course I'm proud of this! I am working with a great cast!"

"Ah, so you have a sense of humor! Lovely."

Ashley shakes her head and gets in her car. The paparazzi man snaps photos of her and then waves. Ashley waves back before starting her car and driving off.