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The day couldn't get much worse for Kiara as she raced down the empty street watching the cement get darker and darker as the rain drops fell, falling faster and faster with every step she took. Not only was she suffering at school with all her final projects for her senior year, but she had decided she wanted to go home the long way. She wasn't sure what she was thinking at that point, but she wanted to go back in time and smack her past self.

She was not prepared for the rain in any way. The last time she checked it was supposed to be sunny and warm all day, that's why she was wearing a simple pink and white striped T-shirt and normal jeans. No sweater, no umbrella and there were some very important, grade related things in her non waterproof backpack. To just make matters worse her cell phone was dead, so she couldn't call her parents, and the long way home, which she had taken, had no cover.

Her green eyes scanned her surroundings and felt a wave of relief hit her system as a store came into view, one that was open. She made a beeline towards the shop, not bothering to even see what the shop was about. She pulled open the door and let it close behind her. When she turned to look at the rest of the store she saw an old man sitting at the counter directly in front of her. He was staring at her with the bluest of eyes. He looked nice enough with his receding white hair and kind smile.

It wasn't long into the awkward silence Kiara felt that she began to feel self-conscious. She began to notice how water was literally forming a puddle around her feet. She could feel her cloths plastered to her like a second skin, and her black hair slicked down against her skull, and her very wet, cold and uncomfortable shoes. She looked up to apologize to the man for getting his floor wet but he was gone. At least from his original seat. He was now somewhere off at the side rummaging through some cupboards looking for something.

"Sorry for the water, but it was raining outside." Her voice felt loud in the quiet shop, but she had no time to continue because the man was by her side, offering her a towel.

"That is not a problem." He said, "That's to be expected. Why don't you look around the shop until the rain lets up a little."

"Oh, okay, thanks." She replied, accepting the towel from his hands and began to dry herself off with it. She started with her hair, getting the excess water out of it and then the rest of her body, trying to soak up whatever water was stuck in her cloths. The old man had moved off, towards his counter. There seemed to be a giant book that he was keeping himself occupied with.

Without much else to say Kiara took his invitation and decided to look around the store. It wasn't long until she realized that this was an antique shop. The items on the shelves were old, but they were strange things. Nothing made sense in how they were organized. They seemed like random items that were just put together, there were paper clips, bows, ties, shoes, watches and cloths even, but they all looked old. It was either that or the atmosphere of the shop. The farther back she went into the store the more stranger and familiar the items became.

There was a strangely familiar red coat hanging on a wooden peg over a door, a picture of a blonde woman on the wall, a golden box with Egyptian hieroglyphics on it laying on the small table. A rose frozen in glass, a pocket watch with what seemed to be a dog on it, and many other weird things. The thing that really seemed to catch her attention was a black notebook laying on a table at the back of the store.

She moved towards the table and before she even realized it, she was standing next to it. It was about the size of a standard eighty page spiral notebook, but it had a foreboding feeling hanging around it. Kiara felt a feeling of unease as she looked at the black notebook, the words "Death Note" were written across the center. Why would something like this be in a store like this? This wasn't an anime store, it was an old shop full of old thing.

Kiara ran the tip of her finger across the notebooks title, Death Note was a show she watched on TV, more like her computer. It was about a kid who finds a notebook called the 'Death Note' and whenever he write a name in the notebook while picturing the person's face in their head, that person will die. If they don't specify the way of death it will simply be a heart attack after 40 seconds of their name being written in the notebook. There was no way to cancel it, except for the eraser, which was mentioned in some prelude of the manga, which was never mentioned again.

She loved the show, even though it had been a long time since she'd watched the anime, there were still some very memorable happenings that she could remember. A smile spread on her lips as she began to think about how much fun she and her friends had with the anime over the months it was on their radar. They had asked each other such stupid questions concerning the characters. For example, there was one where they had asked, 'who would you rather be trapped on a desert Island with?'. Kiara had picked Near, for more obvious reasons. He was calmer than the others and would probably think rationally and calmly in such a high stress situation. She couldn't imagine Mello being calm at all during such a situation, and she didn't want to be there if he ran out of chocolate and decided to break down. L, she didn't want to risk seeing him without his constant intake of sugar. So she had decided to go with cute little Near, the calmer, maybe a bit sarcastic, albino.

"It does seem like the most reasonable choice, but I think you are wrong on one point." The voice of the old man broke her out of the quiet she was wrapped in, she snapped her head up at his interruption.

"What?" She questioned, not understanding what the man was talking about.

"L may want to consume sweets but he is better at handling a stressful situation better than the other two."

Kiara stared at the man in shock, she was certain that she had just thought everything, she didn't say anything out loud so there was no way the old man had figured out what it was that she was thinking about. "What?"

"It seems you have already touched the notebook." he said, his eyes glancing down at the notebook.

"I..." The teen was having a hard time replying to the man, she wasn't sure what to say.

"I assume that you have seem the show, an interesting one isn't it."

"Did...did you just read my mind?" Kiara asked.

"It makes you question your morality, should you kill the ones that have done bad, or do you stop the bad from being killed."

"That...what...no." This was getting weird, she thought, "How did you just do that?"

"My dear you have stumbled into my shop, that is a great achievement in itself, not many can wonder in here." Kiara didn't speak, she wasn't sure how to respond, she wasn't even sure what to think. She just hoped she was able to get home alive. "I would not fear for your life, there much more waiting for you in life."

"I...I think I should leave."

"Of course I didn't expect you to believe me, that would be foolish."

The teen let the man ramble on as she slowly edged her way towards the entrance, she was going to grab her stuff and leave. She was almost a college student, she could survive getting wet, and her research for her project, she could just redo it.

"Nows not the time to run away, all your dreams could come true." A small shriek left Kiara's lips as a dark figure stepped out of the shadows and blocked her way to the door.

"Look, just let me go and I swear I won't tell anyone anything." She cried.

"I'm going to send you to Death Note, you will have four months to do whatever it is you wish. Maybe by that time you will get over the shock and become more productive."

"You really don't have to send me anywhere, just let me go please." She pleaded, her eyes going back and forth between the two men. The one blocking the door was a bit taller than her, wearing what can only be described as a dark, tattered cloak.

"Good luck, Rue here can fill you in on the details later, but now, let's send you on your way, and for your own sake, hide the truth of your origins."

Kiara wanted to argue, plead, beg, anything to get her out of this situation, she didn't want to be sent anywhere by these crazy people. But before she could let out a scream, or even another word in her defense, the air around her began to shift. It felt as if the wind was moving, but only around her. Her hair was whipped around her face, her cloths shifting with the fast winds. She tried to reach out towards the cloaked figure, seeing as he was the closest to her, but she couldn't move. It wasn't even seconds later that the room faded away, leaving her in nothing but a comforting darkness.


It was dark as a sole car drove down an empty highway, there were two occupants of that car, an older gentleman and a young man. They were on their way from an out of the way airport to their hotel room in Tokyo. They are supposed to arrive in secret, that would explain why they were out on such a rainy night.

The young man in the back noticed that the car was getting slower, a quick look out the window showed that they were no where near their destination. "Why are we stopping Watari?"

"There seems to be something on the road." The older man said, "Allow me to check it out." Receiving a nod from his ward, the older man stopped the car and grabbed his umbrella. He stepped out of the car and disappeared into the darkness. The only occupant of the car watched through the window for signs on the older mans movements, but the night, accompanied by the rain made the task impossible.

The young man grabbed his umbrella and stepped out of the car as well, walking to the front of the car. Watari had already anticipated his wards actions and wasn't surprised he had stepped out of the car.

"It's a young woman L." Watari said, he was kneeling down, holding the umbrella over both him and the girl. L stared down the female, she seemed to have pale skin and dark hair, looked to be about seventeen to twenty years of age. "Should we call or assistance?"

"Are there any injuries?"

Watari overlooked the girls body but found no signs of serious injury, "Nothing, we can drop her off at a hospital for a police station."

L knelt down and took a closer look at the girls face, not noticing a dark figure floating over his shoulder, a maniacal grin on his face. He was not sure how to explain the feeling but something in him advised him against sending her away. He knew the logical thing to do was to send her to get public assistance and keep her out of his world, but his gut was telling him otherwise...it was an unexplainable feeling. He knew this decision was going to be critical. If he followed his gut and kept her, she would see his face and he would have to take great caution in letting her leave. Another look at her face and he made up his mind.

"Let us take her with us Watari, if she awakens we shall help her find her home."

The older man nodded, not questioning why his ward was taking such a big risk, but picking up the girl instead. L watched as the girl was placed in the car, the feeling in his gut telling him he had done right.


I wasn't sure what part of Japan this is set in, its been so long since i've seen the show, but Light did mention going to the Shinjuku station at some point, and I did what any author would do, i googled it! it is in Tokyo, so thats where this all will be set.

So this is the rewrite of the introduction. someone once mentioned to me that they felt that I rushed through the intro and i admit...i did! well this time i took my time, i took 3 days!

As my older readers may notice, there is a new scene, I felt that a rewrite of whatever i already had would've been too boring for you, so i decided that I would add in extra stuff. Stuff that would tie loose ends and provide you with a better insight at how things happened. I say that because a lot of you questioned why L would just take a girl off the street and keep her with him, now you know. The old man, or Rue, cheated! they pushed their own intentions onto L, so things would work out in Kiara's favor. So he was manipulated by magic! WOOOOOO

Anyway, review, let me know what you think of this rewrite of the intro, and if there is anything you would like to see in this rewrite of the story!