A Reason to Stay

Chapter 20

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What a day, Alice had had us traipsing around Seattle and Port Angeles looking for musicians for our wedding. Everyone she showed us were awful and I mean awful. Poor Edward had cringed more than once as some of our favourite tracks were crucified over and over again. In the end Edward and I had stood firm and told her No!.

She had sulked all the way home but I didn't care, I was confident that Edward and I could put some music together for our wedding. He did play the piano beautifully and had written me the most amazing lullaby. A recording of him playing our favourite pieces would be so much better and mean so much more to me than the rubbish we had to endure today. Edward has thousands of cd's we can make our wedding music from those.

Up in our room we both studied the vast collection of cd's. Edward's precise way of ordering the cd's made it easy for us to pick out the ones we wanted to include. I was amazed once again how we gravitated towards the same song choices. Yet another sign of our being soul mates. He set about copying the tracks we wanted to include in our wedding onto cd's. Emmett or Jazz would act as DJ for the reception playing the tracks as we had loaded them onto the cd's. The wedding ceremony cd brought tears to my eyes. It held a collection of classical tracks, Debussy's Clair de Lune, Esme's song, Bella's Lullaby and Bach's Jesu amongst the selection. I could listen to that cd all day and never tire of it. We had decided I would walk down the aisle to Clair de Lune and we would walk back up the aisle together to my lullaby. The rest really didn't matter.

Edward had been quiet since we'd gotten back. He'd left the room at one point to take a phone call. He had yet to tell me what that was about. I automatically assumed it was to do with the wedding when I heard him mention the rehearsal at six tomorrow evening.

"Everything okay baby?" I asked concerned now a little by his demeanour.

"I'm good love how are you doing?" He enveloped me in his safe strong arms.

" Glad the music is sorted out finally. I do need to talk to you about something though." He said calmly.

"Okay lets talk now."

"It's about Jacob love."

"I told you Edward I really am not interested."

"You need to hear this and then I'll speak of it no more. The pack and tribes elders have delivered their verdict on Jacob's crimes. He has been banished forever from any Quileute lands and stripped of his powers. He will not be allowed in the Olympic region again Bella, he's gone for good. Justice has been served."

I had to make him understand that I really didn't care about this. I meant what I said in the cottage I was done with Jacob Black. He had interfered in my life with Edward for the last time.

I wrapped my arms around my beautiful fiancé's neck and placed my head on his chest.

"I love you Edward Cullen, only you. Since the day we met it has always been you. You make me feel safe, alive and happy. I feel complete when I am with you Edward. Never before have I ever felt like that. Please understand that I cannot live without you."

"You complete me Bella, never in my 109 years did I ever even hope to believe that I would be so happy, so content and so passionately in love. I don't deserve you."

"Oh I think you do Mr Cullen in fact I know you do."

How long we stood just holding each other I could not tell you. Time stood still when I was in his arms. Eventually we separated I lifted myself up on my tiptoes and dropped a quick kiss in his nose.

"Come on you we have more wedding plans to check on."

With a laugh he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs to where the rest of our family waited.


Stupid human and even more stupid mind reading vampire. Do they even realise how long I had taken lining up all those musicians for them to hear. I cannot believe they hated them all. I mean they were not all bad, well not really. I didn't talk to either of them all the way home.

They went straight up to his room when we returned, Esme wrapped me in her arms understanding how rejected I felt.

"Never mind love, they love everything else you've done there had to be one thing that couldn't be perfect." my adopted mother said.

I soon found myself absorbed in wedding rsvp's which were coming back thick and fast. The distant covens we had met over the years had all accepted and were looking forward to meeting the girl who had finally captured Edward's heart and eye. School friends were coming too and I was eager to see the look on Lauren and Jessica's face when they saw Edward finally make Bella his in the most romantic way possible.

A thought drifted into my mind then from upstairs. It was a brilliant idea I would help Edward make it happen. I turned to shout at my sister.

"Rose I need to talk to you in the kitchen now please."

She followed me looking decidedly uninterested. She had not gotten involved at all so far in the wedding plans. Would she be more amenable to my next request. I wonder.

"Are you willing to help Edward out with something for the wedding?"

"Depends what it is sister dear. I already told you I don't want to be involved overly in the wedding I will attend and smile when I need to but I will not hold the brides flowers or help her with her speech. I cannot pretend I am happy about this Alice. I can see nothing good coming of this union."

"Will you play the piano after the ceremony so that Edward and Bella can walk back up the aisle to Bella's Lullaby? He wants you to do it. You are the next best musician in the family after him and he wants to surprise Bella with a real live performance of the song he wrote for her on their wedding day. It might help build some bridges Rose if, of course you want to make friends with your brother and his new wife. He loves you Rose you know that but what he feels for Bella I don't think even I can imagine. Please for the sake of the family, for Emmett, he loves Bella too."

"That's the trouble Alice everyone loves Bella and I just don't get it. I feel nothing for her. She is irrelevant to me and my life. However as you say my Emmett loves her like a sister and if it will help ease our situation around Edward I'll do it."

"Oh Rose thank you, thank you for everything. Edward will be so grateful."

I skipped back into the living room just as Edward and Bella descended the stairs. He read me straight away and I was pleased he gave our sister a silent thank you as he walked past to take a seat.

Talk was mostly about the wedding and the rehearsal tomorrow. Poor Bella looked green she was obviously very nervous and I already knew she hated being the centre of attention.

Edward as usual held her tightly in his arms, periodically his lips dropped to place small kisses on the top of her head. Looking at my brother today I find it hard to believe the changes I have witnessed since he accepted, no embraced his fate to be with Bella. He is no longer sullen or brooding. His moods are mostly light and his sense of humour is wicked. These are traits I never thought I would see in my beloved brother. Now he is an open book, wildly in love, he wears his heart on his sleeve, he laughs with us, he talks with us and the open adoration of his soon to be bride is touching for all to see. He is blessed, we are blessed as a family.

We all need to hunt. There will be more humans around tomorrow for the rehearsal and they will be in our home. It will be a big test on all of us to refrain from drinking from the vicar, the catering crew and the florists. That is without taking into consideration the guests.

Edward will stay with Bella as usual he hunts more often that we do so he can stay around Bella and his thirst not affect their intimacy. He will hunt when she sleeps later like he always does.

Once out of the door Jazz takes my hand and we run gliding through the garden and out into the forest...


Telling Bella about Jacob's fate made me anxious. Her reaction made me sad. She really did consider him lost as a friend now. I could tell from her voice she did not care one way or the other. I was a little bit saddened by her coldness. I hoped she was not doing this for my sake. She didn't even ask about Billy and how he was doing. I hadn't told her he and Charlie were okay again.

I hoped Charlie remembered to give our wedding invitations to them. I had insisted that Alice add the wolves to the guest list. Billy, Seth, Sam and Emily were all what I consider to be family to Bella. Heck Seth Clearwater and I get along great. We had really bonded when Bella was missing and I think that bond is unbreakable. A mutual respect had evolved and I welcomed it with open arms. He was a great kid with a pure mind and he was fiercely loyal. Someone I would be proud to call a friend.

With the music cd's done I hoped Rose would help me surprise Bella on our wedding day and play the lullaby live as we walked back up the aisle as man and wife. As we walked down the stairs to join the rest of the family I saw that she had agreed. I thanked her profusely and I hoped she understood just how much her doing this meant to me.

On the sofa Bella sat wrapped in my arms, with all the talk being about the wedding and the rehearsal she edged closer and closer to me. Her colour turning from pale to green as the talk became more and more in involved. God I loved this girl even on her wedding day she did not want the attention. I knew she was doing this for me and me alone. It was one of the things I loved about her the most.

When the family announced they were off hunting I knew it was time to feed my human. Esme bless her had left a chicken salad in the fridge for Bella. We walked to the kitchen hand in hand and I sat beside her at the breakfast bar. The food looked disgusting but I loved watching her eat. No scrap that I loved watching whatever she was doing. She fascinates me.

When she washes her dish up I automatically stand and dry the plate. Like Renee said ages ago we really are like comets. It is the most natural thing in my world for me to be where she is, doing what she does. I love it. I love her.

The house is quiet and this gives Bella and I time to talk. We need to decide how and when she will be changed I know we have time, the Volturi's ultimatum does not run out until after school finishes next year. I need to know she still wants this because now I need this more than I ever thought possible.

Back in the lounge we sit cuddled up on the huge sofa.

"Bella love, have you given any thought to when and how you want to handle your transformation?" I know we have loads of time after the wedding but it is something we should talk about."

"I haven't really thought about it too much baby, all I want is for you to be the one to do it whenever you think the time is right and it won't cause too much suspicion when I disappear."

"You do still want this?"

"Edward, the only thing I want more right now is to be your wife. After that the only thing I need is to be with you forever. One lifetime is not enough."

Her words bring venom tears to my eyes. She really does love me, she really does want to be my wife and then she wants to keep me for always.

"I love you so much Isabella Marie Swan never doubt that. You have made me the happiest man in this earth. One because you love me, two because you chose me and three because you want to spend eternity with me."

"You've forgotten something lover boy...

You've forgotten how much I need you to make love to me all day every day and all night every night."

With her giggling loudly I pull her into my arms and race upstairs.

In our room our clothes are discarded in seconds as passion takes over. It's easier than I imagined being careful with her. I couldn't wait to really let go and really feel her but for now I was more than content to make love to her in her human form. Her responses to me take my breath away, every moan, every groan, every catch in her breathing all add to my sense of pleasure. She owns me completely.

Our loving tonight is swift and passionate neither of us wanting to wait long for our release. When we both finally explode we collapse together totally sated. Even me a vampire who does not need to breath, does not need to sleep or rest is unable to move, I am nothing but a shadow of my former self after a session like that. She really will be the death of me.

Watching my beloved sleep is one of the things I'll miss the most when Bella is changed. I love to watch and see her eyes flicker closed, when she talks in her sleep she sounds like a little girl and when she sighs my name I am proud and turned on all rolled into one. Tonight I need to hunt whilst she sleeps. We have strangers coming in tomorrow and their blood will call to me loud and clear. I need to be prepared and prepared well.

My family are back so I can safely leave Bella knowing she is protected from anything that may arise. Emmett loves my girl like a baby sister. He would give his life to protect her I know.

In the forest all is quiet. I decide a trip into Northern California is called for I can be there and back and well fed in a couple of hours. Bella would still be asleep for hours after the way she crashed following our earlier activities.

The run exhilarated me beyond anything I had hoped. I obviously needed it. In a National Park full of juicy prey I take my time to choose. Plenty of mountain lions and bears around. The mule deer stocks are full to over flowing and they are such irritable herbivores. I decide a little of each just might be called for.

Full and ready to set of home I take my time to look at my surroundings. The scenery is stunning, Bella would love it here. Laying down facing the stars I think about my loves impending change. I really am going to marry her and I get to keep her forever. A little chuckle escapes from my lips. I am so happy. I've decided I think to take her back to Vancouver Island. I'll look into renting out Eagles Nook for a year. Change Bella there in the peaceful surroundings we originally made love in. It would be quite something if I were able to pull it off. The whole place was remote enough for Bella's newborn status not to cause too much trouble. I could easily pay off the staff and bring my family with us to make sure someone was always with Bella when I or the others hunted or put our human faces on and went shopping.

The more I thought about doing it there the more I was convinced she'd love it. It made sense, it would complete our journey, the whole circle from initially starting our physical relationship to starting Bella's new life into immortality. Doing things that meant something to both of us are important to me and this is right for us I can almost feel it.

With a big smile on my face I head home. I cannot wait to tell her of my plans. In twelve hours from now we will rehearse our wedding. We will practice speaking our vows. Mine have been written weeks and weeks. They will be saved for the actual day. I wonder if Bella has hers ready. We have the traditional ones to rehearse with.

All was still back in the house, I swear she hasn't moved a muscles since I left. She looks so serene deep in sleep. She snuggles closer to me when I scoot under the quilt and pull her gently into my arms.

"Do I have a plan for you my love, you'll love it." I say quietly dropping a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you Edward Cullen I love you." is her only response...

The End

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