Naruto leaned against the cave's wall and stared ahead. Given the time to think over what he had never thought that this decision would set him apart from Sesshomaru, Jaken...and Rin, most importantly. Rin, he thought, how will she take all of this? It seemed that his well-thought out plan had not been so flawless.

"It isn't that bad, Naruto. Besides - maybe Sesshomaru understands what you were trying to tell him." Toushiro had tried to comfort him since leaving. Sesshomaru had acted like a shield from dangers when he was younger, Naruto had appreciated it. But there also came a time when he would have to do something in return. Like Sesshomaru - Naruto hated to be indebted to someone.

"Maybe so, Toushiro. But Rin and Jaken aren't smart enough to know how to decode Sesshomaru as well I do." Naruto knew he would have to face Sesshomaru again later on. And when they met during the last battle, it would be time. "I'll have to reveal what my plans are. Until then - we'll have to stay in the dark."

"Yes. Naraku will suspect something."

"Exactly." Naruto turned his attention and stared out the cave and watched as the rain started to decrease. He stood up and walked to the entrance and looked at the forest around the cave he had taken shelter in. I need to get going before someone discovers me.

"Naruto." Toushiro spoke. "This is also dangerous."

"I know that, but it would also be a hindrance if Sesshomaru decided to track us and suddenly found and trapped us here. There would be no way I could possibly defeat him. The last time was a getaway trick. And he won't fall for it again. That's why I changed my outfit, slashed up my old one, and scattered the pieces to spread out my scent so it would be harder to find me, as well as the changes you enacted on me and beat Kurama into doing for me as well."

Naruto stepped out from the cave's shelter and out into the open. He disappeared in a flash of orange light.

"Lord Sesshomaru, please slow down!" Jaken's distant voice called. Sesshomaru turned and stared at the trio as they slowly caught up. Jaken finally sat down, panting. He sighed and stood up after a moment.

"If you can't keep up, then wait here until I come back." Sesshomaru's cold voice broke in.

"Lord...Sesshomaru...why in such...a hurry?" Jaken asked between panting. "I'm sure that Naraku will-!" Sesshomaru had turned his eyes on Jaken and narrowed them. Jaken gulped, stepping back. "Forgive me! My sincere apology!" Jaken bowed deeply. Sesshomaru turned and sighed.

"Wait here. I'll return shortly." And with that, he walked on.

Jaken sat up and watched as the Demon Lord's form disappeared. He sighed to himself and leaned against his staff. Lord Sesshomaru has been colder than usual. We had encountered Naraku, but we've met him many times already, why is this so different? Naruto must be on patrol or he went out for a nothing could have happened...could it? Jaken couldn't comprehend what had Sesshomaru in a bind. It puzzled him.

Rin sat on Ah-Un's back and she sadly watched as Sesshomaru left. Did something happen? I wonder what though...

"What do you think is wrong, Ah-Un?" she asked the two-headed dragon. The dragon shook their heads. Rin crossed her arms with a small frown on her lips. "I wish I knew." She looked to Jaken. "Master Jaken!" she called. Jaken turned and looked to her.

"What do you want?" he asked, rudely.

"Do you know what's wrong with Lord Sesshomaru?"

"No I don't!" Jaken snapped. "Now stop asking me useless questions!" he turned and huffed. Rin looked at Ah-Un and blinked. She then shrugged. Ah-Un sent its tail in Jaken's direction and hit him across the head when Rin had turned her back. Jaken landed on his face. Ah gave Jaken a devious look while Un just settled with snorting.

Sesshomaru walked silently through the forest as he remembered the first fight he had with Naruto just a few days ago. 'What is he planning? Why join Naraku? What is Naruto thinking?' he asked himself. Sesshomaru had made a promise to Minato almost fourteen years ago now that he would care for Naruto. Now, he had lost all contact with the young boy, he couldn't even sense him anywhere.

Sesshomaru had often thought about Rin—how would he explain things to her? She looked up to Naruto as an older brother, and Sesshomaru didn't want to break the news to her at all, because she was someone very important to Naruto.

"But he tore away from us." Sesshomaru's inner demon stated. "Do you think that he really felt anything for us? He's a human and you are a demon; do you think that we can possibly have such a relationship with a human? You should know what happens when you allow yourself to befriend and get close to a human. They are parasites, no better than a Hanyou as your cursed half brother."

"Silence."Sesshomaru growled. "It doesn't matter what happens—I promised that human, Minato, I would make sure his son was in good hands. A lord never goes back on his word. And I won't allow myself to believe anything you have to say."

"Be as it may," his demon said. "You may care for the boy like your own son, and yes, I've seen how you treat him. I know your innermost feelings. You actually feel fatherly toward him, don't you? I'm not surprised, raising a human child from birth is a task only a parent could do and you pulled it off splendidly. Regardless, I don't see why you care so much in the end. He betrayed you, why should you carry out your promise if he turned his back on you and all that you taught him? I was there when you promised that human to keep his child safe, but I didn't know why you felt obligated. I can see that under all of that hard mask you wear, you actually feel you need to protect Naruto, and I've seen that you also care for your little brother."

"And how did you come to that conclusion?" Sesshomaru questioned. "You speak out of line when you say I care for that Hanyou."

"Do I now? I know for a fact that you have had many chances to kill him, and yet you have yet to even try to kill him. And from this theory, you are weak against your brother and Naruto. I see now."his demon chuckled. Sesshomaru cut the link from them and continued back to the camp where he found Jaken and Rin.

"We shall leave by the break of dawn." Sesshomaru said. He looked at Rin, her eyes were silently asking where Naruto was. "Rin, go to sleep." he commanded. Rin looked at him for a minute before she quietly obeyed.

Sesshomaru had to find Naraku and kill him, and then maybe, Naruto would return to his former self. It would be the best for everyone, even Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha and his group sat around a fire. Kagome sent concerned looks toward Inuyasha once in awhile. She had been thinking about the whole incident with Sesshomaru the last time they had seen him.

'But,' Kagome thought as she looked at Inuyasha. 'Maybe Inuyasha is more confused than we are. After all, this is Sesshomaru we're talking about. He isn't exactly the caring type of person.' In the beginning, Kagome would have said she hated Sesshomaru for many reasons, but still, she couldn't grasp the fact that he was totally bad.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, breaking the silence that had gone on for awhile. The white haired looked at her and then he raised an eyebrow. "Are you okay? You know, with all of this happening?"

"With Naruto and Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome remained silent.

Inuyasha scoffed. "I'm fine—I don't see why it should bother me. We haven't been close to begin with."

"For now we should probably be more careful than usual." Kagome said. "Since Naruto isn't around anymore, we probably won't have as much assistance from him or Sesshomaru."

"What is it with you and Naruto?" Inuyasha asked, his voice laced with irritation. "Why do you bring his name up all the time now?"

"Inuyasha, he's just a boy." Kagome said. "He can't be any older than thirteen." Inuyasha scoffed. "I'm serious Inuyasha. It's not easy to kill someone at that tender age."

"He's a pro if Sesshomaru's taken him under his wing." Inuyasha retorted. "I don't see why that bastard even thought of making a human kid his apprentice. He has two kids with him now! Two! He said he hated humans, I don't see why he'd have two humans with him if he hated them!"

"Totosai did say that a person with a compassionate heart can only wield the Tenseiga." Sango said. "Maybe we don't know him as we claim to."

"Sesshomaru isn't compassionate." Inuyasha defended his earlier statement. "He's obviously getting something out if it if he's training a human kid."

"I don't think so, Inuyasha." Kagome said. "With what I've seen lately, Sesshomaru isn't as bad as we made him out to be. You have to remember, he did disappear when you hit him with the Kaze no Kizu. He was gone for a long time."

"He spent his time recovering." Inuyasha said. "And he was probably afraid to come and face me again, after losing to a worthless Hanyou."

"But he also returned with Naruto." Miroku said. Inuyasha sent him a glare. "It's true that he did change once he returned with Naruto. I think he's a lot...happier now."

"Happy? Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha asked, as if ready to laugh. "You must be kidding! The day Sesshomaru is actually laughing and content with his life, I'll gladly admit I love him as my brother!"

"That day may come sooner than you think." Kagome said, smiling a bit.

"Well, I have hundreds of years to wait." Inuyasha sighed as he leaned back.

"What is it about Naruto you can't stand anyways?" she asked him.

Inuyasha merely grunted. He didn't like Naruto for various reasons. The two main ones were because Naruto was trained by Sesshomaru and was treated on a different level than he himself was by his half-brother. Second was because Naruto was only a human child by Inuyasha's standards and being defeated by him made him feel inferior. How could he defeat Naraku if a full-fledged human could overpower him?

"The main question is what do we intend to do now," Miroku said. "With a possible ally out of the picture, we might be back at square one."

"Ally," Inuyasha snorted. "Don't you mean threat?"

"What's with you Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. "I don't understand why you feel so much hatred toward Naruto. You both may have gotten into a fight, but that doesn't mean Naruto is our enemy. And when you're defeated, you find a way to win next round."

Inuyasha crossed his arms "Look- it doesn't matter! Just as long as I can battle him and test my strength, I could care less what happens to him!" Kagome furrowed her eyebrows. "Naruto's just anther obstical in my way in killing Naraku, if I get him out of the way sooner, the better."

Miroku and Sango exchanged looks.

"Power means that much to you?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha turned his eyes to her. "You know that's not true Kagome! I just want to finish this all so we can live in peace without worry! That's what we've been trying to reach, right?" Inuyasha questioned.

They agreed that was what they wanted...but...

"It's changing you Inuyasha," Kagome said. "Slowly, but we see it. You're changing. You talk about testing your strength, and then you say you don't care what happens to a human boy. It's just not you."

Inuyasha stood up. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he snapped. "I'm not changing! This is me! Me! I'm not being anyone else! Besides, I have no reason to be afraid of either Naraku or Naruto! They could rot in hell for all I care! Ans you all can too!" Inuyasha turned and jumped on a tree branch and disappeared through the night and into the forest. Kagome stood quickly, wanting to run after him, but she stopped when a hand was laid on her shoulder. She looked at Miroku.

"He needs time alone, Kagome. We need to let him be; he'll need to face the truth with or without us."

Naruto yawned as he streatched then hopped out of the tree he'd slept in that night. The sun was just begining to rise.

"Morning Toshiro." Naruto said.

"Morning Naruto, ready for your training?"

Nodding, Naruto romoved his sword, sheath and all, from its usual place and sat crossed legged on the grass, folding his hands into his lap with his wrists resting along the sheathed blade that was set across his lap. When Naruto opened his eyes, he stood and picked up his sword. The area around him had changed so that now he was within a dojo. And before him stood a single man who was clearly not simply human.

His hair was raven black in color, it rested in a high ponytail There were the long pronounced tear troughs under his eyes, and one could plainly see the odd segment of armoured flesh or bone that had formed what looked like a set of horns or a natural crown upon the creature's forehead. He wore a traditional kimono top that was black in color with a white lining, Under that, he wore a traditional Chinese kung fu uniform that was black with red frog buttons and red rollback cuffs, black pants and red tabi socks with black kung fu shoes that were made to resemble a type of close-toed waraji. He also wore a red Mandarin-styled hat topped with a gold ball and trim while a straw kasa hat was hung over his back by a strap he wore around his neck.

However, what were truely eye-catching was that he had a line of red scales going from the top of his forehead down over the right side of his face across his eye and down to the base of his neck, and the fact that he had an exact double of Ketsueki Gosai Doragon hug at his hip.

"Ready for your lession, Naruto?" the person asked, drawing their Ketsueki.

"Hai, Masashi Toushiro-sensei." Naruto said, mirroring the demon lord.

Toushiro rushed at Naruto while forming his hand into a flat palm, and thrust it upon the flat edge of the blade he carried.

Naruto ducked in an awkward bending position, and began to slice upwards at his opponent, while he started spinning around. The stance he'd taken was done by bending his left leg inward and extending the right leg outward. Then he pivoted and rushed at Toushiro at a high speed, swirling in a tornado type attack.

"Shōha Tōsei blocked with Senran Tōsei! Good!"

The spar continued for quite a while until Toushiro said he sensed an approching demonic aura nearing Naruto's body.

Naruto opened his eyes and stood, taking a moment to stretch until his joints had let out a sadisfying pop, then he moved to intercept the demonic aura.

She was running, trying to long as she was able to avoid the giant soul collector Naraku had sent to render her an empty shell...that was all she could do.

It opened its mouth and she stumbled as the dead souls that animated her were ripped from her being and she fell to her knees, turning over, she saw the gaping, toothy mouth and she knew she was too weakened to even lift her bow.

As she watched, a orange flash of light flooded her vision to show a young man with a drawn blade. She could tell just by looking at him that both the sword and the swordsmen had power.

"Sobou Getsuei!"

A red energy wave in the form a dragon shaped like the cresscent moon appeared and it sliced the red soul collector down the middle, spilling all the dead souls within Naraku's beast as it's halves fell away.

"Well...that's done." he said then turned around. "You alright?" he asked.

She nodded.

Naruto noticed that the giant eel had been after her for some reason once he'd confermed what the aura he was sensing had been, of course, he'd placed more importance on the demon than on her, but with it now out of the way, he took in her appearince.

She was a young woman that he would have described as very beautiful. She had pale white skin and long, straight black hair that fell past her waist. Her hair was tied in a loose ponytail with a ribbon. She stood around five foot two, and had big, brown, doll-like eyes. She wore the traditional dress of a miko, except for the lack of the slit-shoulder seam: a white jacket with sode-kukuri cords through the sleeves and open shoulders, similar to Inuyasha's and Jaken's outfits. Muna-himo strings called were attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed while the sleeves fit somewhat closely like a loose shirt and extending slightly past the wrist. The slits on the side of her hakama, and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe jacket showed the white kosode she sported. She wore a bright red nagabakama which included the small board on the lower back. On her feet were common tabi socks and rice straw sandals.

Naruto paused, he felt some kind of connection to her for some reasson, maybe he'd seen her before somewhere?

She gasped as the small, white, eel-like demons around her gathered the souls and placed them into her body.

"Th...thank you." she said then looked at him as if studying an obscure text "You're...the young man that was with Sesshomaru, aren't you?" she said as she studdied the young man who was her resscuer.

"You're both welcome and correct, might I know your name?" Naruto asked. Whoever this woman was, he was impressed at how well-informed she was.

"Kikyō." She said as he held out a hand and helped her to her feet.

"Naruto," he replied, then turned to the giant red Shinidamachu "From the aura on this overgrown winged eel, a certain half-demon with a spider-shaped scar on his back that's able to absorb other beings to increase his own strength and gain their abilities dose NOT like you much." Naruto said, prodding the corpse with the tip of his sword.

Kikyō nodded. "Naraku dosen't much like me, though Onigumo still dose."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. Say what? Who was Onigumo? "Old boyfriend?" he asked.

"He wishes...and that's why Naraku hates me."

Naruto smirked "Didn't know Patch-work was the jelouse type." he joked.

He was rewarded with a small laugh at that. He grinned, so she could smile after all, eh? Good.

"Say Kikyō...form your appearince, I take it you're a priestess. Do you know anything about the Shikon Jewel, by any chance?" he asked. "I don't want it for power, I need it to get to where I can earn the right to be stronger."

Kikyō's mood had hardened at the mention of the jewel, but as she turned the statement he'd made over in her mind, it made no real sense. "Not at the moment, but why do you ask and what do you mean?"

Naruto shrugged "Need it to get to a place I can get stronger at since I'm not as strong as I need to be for my goals. With the jewel's power, opening temprary portals is a simple enough task." that made sense. Training to grow strong. Having known Inuyasha, she was well aware of that aspect of the male species. This young man was only using the jewel as a means to get to WHERE he planned on training more quickly.

"So...want to come along with me? Just in case." he asked.

Kikyō eyed him, then looked at the halves of the soul-gathering demon Naraku had tried to despose of her with.

She sighed, knowing what he proposed made sense, yet she couldn't...not yet anyway.

"I'm afraid I must decline at the moment."

Naruto nodded, she had her reasons, so he wouldn't press. "All right Kikyō, but as a last question, you wouldn't happen to know where Matsudai Tanshin is by any chance would you?" Naruto asked.

Kikyō's responce was to extend one arm and one of her soul-collectors flew away from it's fellows and wrapped around her outstreatched arm.

"While I can't become a companion to you on your journey yet, I will lend this Soul-collector to you as a guide. Just thell it where you wish to be lead to." the reaminted miko said.

Naruto blinked, so she was going to give him a guide since she couldn't do it herself at the moment? Well, that was kind of her. Though he noticed that Kikyō kept stealing glances at him, but he chalked it up to his appearence.

'So this is the one Midoriko-sama and the Rikudō Sennin want me to aid...I wondered what those visions they appeared in were of.' She thought. How odd...the priestess whose soul had created the Shikon Jewel as well as the sage whom had defeated the Juubi had seen it fit to contact her and make her aware of this young man. She couldn't help but wonder why that was, but felt that in the fullness of time, she'd become aware of why that was so. But she wondered why he had split from Sesshomaru in the first place, and what did he mean by he needed the jewel to reach somewhere? She'd ask later, there was no help for it if those were topics that he wanted to avoide just yet.

Best to tread carefully, having heard what Sesshomaru was like from his half-brother before they were played against each other, she suspected that the young man would likewise cut her down as coldly as Sesshomaru himself might if angered. Still...the part of her that was a woman, not just a miko, had to admit he was rather handsome.

Unlike how he had first appeared in her visions, he wore a long coat that had black shoulder guards, he wore black clothing underneath that, as well as crossed leather straps (though those weren't as noticeble due to the black clothing that he wears underneath them), black boots, and a pair of fingerless opera-length black gloves wrapped in studded red-brown leather straps.

He sported claws on both his hands. His hair and lips were both jet black in color, while as for his hair, it was in spikes that stuck up in every direction like the spines of a sea urchin and in the very back was in a ponytail which was tied low, and reached into his upper back, and his canines had also lengthened and sharpened, turning into fangs while his whisker-marks grew more pronounced, widening and darkening until they resembled feral-looking abysmal scars. His eyes had been the greatest change as, not only had his eye shape become more vulpine and gained dark circles under his eyes, but his once soulful cerulean blue eyes had changed, becoming blood red with an animalistic black slit for the pupil.

In his right hand was a double-edged, straight longsword that resembled an Indian Khanda and made for one-handed swordsmenship, it was slim, yet large and slender at the same time, while it was wider at tip and narrower at base, making it somewhat similar to Sesshomaru's Tokijin. The blade itself was a pure onyx black, but at its very edges, the faintest trace of red could be seen. The hilt itself was inlaid with a red dragon's crest, against the intwined black-and-black wrapping of the hilt and its scabbard was black and had a belt. The black scabbard was at his left hip, secured by a thick black belt.

He returned his sword to it's scabbard and gave a respectful incline at the waist to her.

"My thanks, Kikyō. I'll be sure to see to your friend's wellbeing. I hope we meet again soon and that it's under much more favorable circumstances."

She nodded, yet a nagging curiosity made her wonder what he was planning. He had to have had reasons for breaking away from Sesshomaru. Yet in her visions from Midoriko and the Rikudō Sennin, they had told her that he followed the same goal as her, yet traviled to it by means of a diffrent course. In any case, she had the sense not to ask that in case Naraku was watching, which she knew was more than likely, and to know that his means and goals would become clear in the fullness of time.

As he moved to follow her soul-collector she had lent him as a guide, she had the feeling that this wouldn't be the last time they crossed paths. And that whatever they may be, she hoped his goals were fulfilled.

Naraku seethed as he watched all this within Kanna's mirror. Damnit! his own alley had foiled his attempt to undo Kikyō! The hanyou grit his teeth in fury at his own could he forget about how Naruto didn't know about Kikyō and as a result, not know that he wanted her gone?!

It was stupid and careless of him! He should have told Naruto he wanted Kikyō destroyed back when he had accepted being allies with the boy!

What was worse was that they seemed like they might become allies at a later point due to this...DAMNIT!

Yet what made Naraku the angriest about this was the sense of relief he felt coming from Onigumo's grubby little human heart that Kikyō had survived. It made him SICK!

This complicated this for him. He needed someway to keep an eye on agent that couldn't betray him serving as the boy's companion.

Someone formidable enough to where he couldn't overcome them himself, yet knew would more than likely to blab that he was on Naraku's side to anyone that could help him beat them.

But who?

Naraku pondered it, thinking. Then he recalled someone that Inuyasha had nearly been overwhelmed by who seemed to fit the needed requirments, she was weak enough for Naraku to control, yet She was also quite confident of herself, thinking herself extremely powerful, which she was, seeing as she as well as the first demon to appear as a serious threat to Inuyasha, and had almost killed him fact he would have, were it not for Kagome's aid.

Yes...she could fill his need to rectify this delima rather well. And he had a way in which to test her power AND gain three new jewel shards in the process.

"Kagura!" he called, and his detachment came it. "There's something I need you to retrieve for me..."

Some time later, the silhouette of Kagura loomed over the mass of hair and skulls that littered the area. She had no reason to search the area since Naraku had given her specific directions. She walked to the center, where she located the shattered remains of a red scull which was strangely easy to notice in the dim moonlight. She bent down and picked up two halves of a red comb.

"Why does Naraku want this simple comb?" she thought to herself. She decided that it wasn't really her problem,

She wove her fan and set off home on her magical feather. "I hope that there was a point to this..." she grumbled to herself.

At the castle, Naraku was waiting patiently for Kagura to come with the item he requested.

"Here is what you requested," She snapped, as she entered the room and set the two halves of the comb on the ground before him. Naraku positioned the comb so that the seams matched perfectly. He then took out a jewel shard and pressed it firmly against the seam. The jewel shard and the comb pieces started to glow.

Naraku took a step back. The light suddenly et out a huge flash. On the ground was the comb with a jewel shard in the center that looked as if it was a decorative attachment. Lying right by the comb, was what appeared to be an unconscious young girl with short, dark green hair which she had tied up fan-like in a hair bob style. Her hair was dark enough to appear black in some lights. She had creamy skin and sharp fingernails, as well as a lithe and very agile body. She had reddish-violet eyes, and wore red eye shadow. She had her hair tied up using a red ribbon, and adorns a black ribbon choker, tied at the back of her neck in a bow. She wore a traditional kunoichi garb. Her ninja tunic ws black and sleeveless, cut off midway down her thighs, and exposes the cleavage of her large breasts. She also wore a bright yellow sash which tied at the front of her outfit along with thin, tight, black gloves on both of her hands. There were holstered by her middle fingers and extend beyond her wrists, just short of mid-forearm and were more decorative in nature rather than serving as actual "guards", as per what most ninja wore. She wore tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of her legs. They started midway up her shins down to her middle toes, each held by thin straps at the bottom arches of her feet. They are also more decorative in nature rather than serving as actual "guards", leaving her practically barefoot. An empty wakizashi sword scabbard was holstered on her left hip.

Naraku quickly grabbed the comb.

"So this is why that comb was so important...may I ask for her name?" Kagura said, curious in spite of herself.

"She is Yura of the Hair." Naraku said with a small smile as he waited for the young demoness to awaken.

"Where am I?" Yura asked as she opened her eyes. Suddenly she had a flashback of the day she died, how that stupid human girl destroyed her. "Where are Inuyasha and that girl?! I'll rip them to pieces!"

"That is not important right now," said Naraku from behind her, "What is important is that you are a live once more thanks to me. You now will do as I command"

"What in all of heaven, earth, and hell combind makes you believe I'll do that?!" Yura snapped, already wanting to kill this man.

"Isn't she the rude one?" commented Kagura as she entered the room, attracted by the shout aimed at Naraku.

Naraku chuckled as he pulled out the comb. Yura's eyes immediately widened with a mixture of fear and rage but quickly turned calm.

" have my life in your hands. So what is it you want me to do?"

"Kagura will take you to the mountain where the wolf demon tribe lives. There you will find a demon named Koga he has two Jewel shards, one in each leg and one in his arm, you will kill him and bring the shards to me, and thanks to the jewel shard I put in your comb you are many times more powerful than you were before. I will have your new partner join you shortly. Now go." Naraku explained.

Partner? The hair demon scoft at the word. she didn't need anyone's help. Yura turned to Kagura. "Let's go before I get bored" Yura said in her usual childish voice.

Kagura just rolled her eyes and went outside with Yura following her. "Stand close." Kagura commanded. Yura did so and soon they were both on their way with Kagura's feather.

"Kagura, in the future I recommend you don't make me cross. Understand?" Yura asked as they were soaring through the air.

Kagura wasn't listening; she didn't care for being a chauffer for this odd demon. They soon reached the base of the mountain. "This is as far as I take you; from here you're on your own." Kagura said in an irritated voice. "I'll come by time to time to check up on you if your partner hasn't found you first."

"Don't worry, this shouldn't take long. I should have the shards by tomorrow as well as a new collection of hair." Yura chuckled, "now pick me up tomorrow at noon and don't be late!" she said with a grin."

By then it was too late, for Kagura was already on her way home. Rubbing her temples in annoyance at Yura's behavior, ah well...she would be that Naruto boy's problem soon, the thought amused her. Served the boy right for turning on sesshomaru and joining Naraku...wait a second...where did that thought come from?

Yura tuned to look up the mountain, "This should be fun!" she chuckled.

Yura started her trek up the mountain. "Since I no longer have my hair collection, I'll need to find some other way of combat untill my collection is back to its former glory. I'll have to find a weapon to use since they didn't bother to grab my Benigasumi for me." Yura muttered to herself, thinking of the wakizashi which she used for close ranged combat. It was unique and a treasure among the oni because it had the ability to cut through flesh and bone, but not her specialized hair.

Fifteen minutes later she saw through the bushes a couple of wolf demons on the road arguing over a sword trying to take it from each other, the sword in question was, to Yura's delight, her wakizashi, Benigasumi. The taller one's hair was deep red, which Yura took immediate notice to, the other one...she couldn't care less about.

"Give me a turn with that thing, you had it for over an hour!" wined the smaller one.

"No, I found so I get to keep it! Go find your own!"

"You didn't find it, you stole it!"

Yura couldn't stop herself from laughing noticeably. The two wolf demons immediately turned their heads to see Yura standing right there in the open, apparently laughing at them. Yura stifled her laughter long enough to say, "Can I have a look at that wakizashi?"

The taller demon had no idea why, but he handed it over to her without hesitation. Yura then said "That was nice, returning my lost Benigasumi to me like that, though not as nice as your hair though." Before he could react, Yura swung the sword with full force. His head rolled onto the ground by her feet.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU CRAZY BITCH!?" yelled the other demon. He then pulled out a knife and threw it right into where her heart should be.

She turned to face him with the knife still sticking out of her chest noticeably. "Now why did you go and do that for?" Yura asked politely. Suddenly she ripped the knife out of her chest and threw it into the wolf demon's neck.

While he was gasping on the ground trying to stop the excessive bleeding, she walked over and leaned over him. "Here I'll stop it for you," Yura said with a grin. She then did him the kindness of separating his head from the rest of his body.

She went up to the nearest cave she could find. She tossed the heads into the cave, "Welcome to your new home. This is a perfect place to set up the collection for now." Yura said to the heads sweetly. As she turned around she saw what appeared to be some kind of traveling troop, it had ten men and five women. "This is my lucky day," Yura said with an innocent smile.

She jumped back down from the cave and ran down the center of the group making unbelievably fast swings. Once she reached the other end, Yura just stood and waited. One by one their heads all fell off onto the ground. Yura hauled the heads up to the cave and put them in. "Ahh, it's coming along nicely," she said to herself. "Now where's this "partner" that guy in the baboon skin mentioned." she said with annoyance, at the very least, she could add whoever it was to her collection.

Come to think of it... "That creepy, manipulating dumbass never told me who I'm waiting for!" Yura whined.

As if in responce to her complaint, someone who appeared to be a ten-year-old girl with pure white hair with white clothing matterelized in front of her.

"Who're you?" Yura asked.

The girl made no reply, but rather held up her mirror and Yura looked into it, surprised that where her reflection should have been, was instead a moving picture as if seen through a telescope. Yura eyed the black-haired young man it showed with an appraising eye.

He was quite handsome. To be blunt, he was hot! And his hair looked like water woven into silk. Yura licked her lips.

"This is who my partner is, right?" Yura asked.

The girl in white nodded in confermation "His name is Naruto. And quite strong."

Yura could see that, as she watched through the mirror and saw her partner-to-be decapitate a tribe of ogers, apparently taunting them as he was reading a book as he fought them off usng his sword all without looking away from his book.

"Not bad at all, and you're sure he'll be here soon?" Yura said.

The girl nodded, then faded away, leaving no trace of even being there.

"Naruto, huh...?" Yura said thoughtfully. So HE was going to be her partner? He'd do...very well as a matter of fact, and if things didn't work out between them...well...she could always add him to her growing collection. The thought made her lick her lips and squeal in delight.

Now to kill some time by chopping up this Koga guy and taking his three jewel shrds as her own. But where to find him? Yura paused as a shadow passed over her and she looked up.

"Birds of Paradise, huh?" she said, recognizing the shape, this she could use to her advantage.

The leader of the Birds of Paradise was enjoying the warm air currents when strands of hair zoomed up and wrapped around it, dragging it to the ground and left it pinned. Helpless without the ability to fly. The siamese bird of paradise sqwaked and struggled to escape the hair, with no success.

"Stop struggeling, you'll tangle up my hair that way, bird-brain!" a voice snapped, and the bird demon turned to see what appeared to be a human girl there, yet she was clearly a demoness from her comment.

"Release us!" the siamese heads roared in outrage.

"All in due time, but this is the only way I could get to talk to you, you see, I have a proposition for the Birds of Paradise." Yura said.

The siamese heads froze then shared a look with one another and turned back to Yura.

"We're listening..."

"I'm here to kill a wolf demon named Koga, and judging by the bits of wolf fur stuck in the jaws of your lower-body, you not only know where to find him, but happen to be enemies since you like wolf meat. I can use my tallents to help you and your flock of birdies get as much wolf meat as they want." Yura said, then explained how she was able to control people and practically make them into her puppets by making them lose consciousness and using her hair as the strings, catch her opponents and preventing them from moving freely and getting to hang them if necessary, and following her enemies by sticking a hair to them and just follows it where they go, to give her an idea of the location of her target.

As she spoke, the two-headed bird demon's harpiy-like upper bodies began to grin wickedly.

" we have a deal?" Yura said once she finished.

"DEAL! All those wolves...delicious! And Koga's death to sweeten the agreement!" the flying deom laughed and Yura removed her net and shook on it with the other demon.

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