Authors Note

What? A full chapter for the authors note? I'm sorry, really I am. I'd just like to get a few things out before I start, so feel free to skip this if you aren't worried about spoilers or whatnot.

This is my take on Joshua from before the game begins.

Week 2 spoilers
Endgame spoilers
Secret ending spoilers
Secret report spoilers

Possibly language
Mostly just to be safe

Also, Joshua might seem a bit out of character as he's not his usual, snobby, know-it-all self. I figure he wasn't ALWAYS that way, so as this story goes along, he'll get closer and closer to the Joshua we all know and love (or hate.)

I'm very new to FF.N, so if the formatting is somehow screwed up or something, please let me know. Particularly if you see i around a word /i. It just means it was supposed to be italicised and I forgot to change it. I haven't poked around enough to find any beta readers, so let me know if there are any grammatical errors.

Another thing I'd like to mention - I'm a fairly amateur writer, so while I can spell fine, I might switch tenses at weird times. Let me know if this becomes a problem, or if I start referring to Joshua in third person. Sometimes when I write, I default back to the wrong POV. I also positively suck at transitions, but I'm working on that...

Now I'll stop with this idiotically long introductory Authors Note and let you guys get on with your lives.

Edit 9/25/10: I'm not totally sure how to reply to reviews either... A nice person named A.Q pointed out a typo and a discontinuity screwup. (I think the second is due to not knowing how to edit the documents properly, and also my inability to do proper transitions) I think I fixed the typo at least. ^^;