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"Jacob just leave I need you to leave! NOW GET OUT!" I shouted at him. "Bella would you just listen to me!" he said trying to remain calm. Calmness was not something I was interested in "NO I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!" I replied, perhaps a little to loudly.

I slammed the door as hard as possible and retreated to my bedroom. The stupid fuck was lucky my dad, Charlie or my big brother, Emmett weren't home or they would have killed him. I am not convinced they still won't. I had taken his lying for long enough and when I saw him kissing Jessica I decided enough was enough. My dad liked Jake he was good friends with his dad Billy and I think they thought we would get married or something but for fuck sake I am only 17, and who wants to get married! So here I sit alone in my bedroom starting my senior year alone, no boyfriend and my brother already gone back to college. Emmett and I had gotten very close after mom left when I was 12 and he was 16. I took it a lot harder than he did or at least that is how it felt. Emmett went away to Seattle for college and was now starting his senior year at U of W while I started mine at Forks High School. It nearly killed me when he left for college that first time I cried for a week and it felt worse than when mom left. Charlie kept telling me he would be back on weekends when he could and even got me a cell phone so I could call him whenever I wanted. True to form Emmett came home at least one weekend a month just to hang out with his little sister. I love that big ape. I also got the privilege of having all my girlfriends fawn over him like he was some kind of God or something. Ok granted he was a college guy and he was huge and muscle bound. He was studying sports medicine and would probably go on to do something in the sports field. So ya, I guess I could see what the girls got all worked up over but he was my brother and well just ewwwww. At any rate the second week of school starts tomorrow and I am going to have to face Jacob and the ho Jessica with that thought ringing through my head I listened as Emmett's phone rang in my ear.

"Sup?" My brother answered in his usual greeting

"Emmett he is a fucking prick and I hope he drops off a large cliff and hits a sharp pointy rock on the way down!" I told him needing to vent about Jacob


"Yes you oaf, its Bella your sister!"

"What happened?" Emmett asked me

"I finally broke up with Jake I found him kissing Jessica by the gym. I mean can you believe that after I fucking sleep with him, he kisses that skank!"

Oh shit, did I just say that last part out loud? Oh here it comes I thought.

"Wait hold up, what the fuck did you just say? You did what with that little tool? Isabella Swan! You let that little bitch put his dick inside you? For God sake Bella! I am going to kill that little piece of shit! He fucks my sister then cheats on her! You have got to be fucking kidding me! Bella please tell me you are lying please tell me you didn't" It was amazing how my brother had gone from enraged to pleading in just a few words.

"Emmett would you just calm down for a second" I pleaded

"Bella" he said sounding a little exasperated

"Emmett let me explain. He has been wanting me to for a long time and I just couldn't do it so."

"Did he force you? What the fuck did he do? That little prick!" Emmett was back to yelling.

"Emmett just stop! He didn't force me he was actually very nice about everything, it was at his house Billy and Dad were gone on a fishing trip about 4 weeks ago. You were off in Seattle with some little slut and that left us alone and well I finally decided to go for it. Emmett, god it was awful it hurt like a bitch and it

was over before it got started I mean shouldn't it last longer than like two minutes? Emmett are you there?" His silence was freaking me out a little.

"Bella do I really have to have this convo with you? I mean don't you have a girlfriend to talk to about this?" He asked almost pleadingly

"Well I could talk to Alice but she has about as much experience as I do and that ain't much!" I giggled

"Alright first let's get one thing clear I don't want you screwing anyone at all, ever, got it? Now second, I will be home next weekend and I will be kicking the living shit out of Jacob Black they can look for his body in the woods. Third it sounds like little Jacob Black was a virgin and couldn't hold his load to save his life!"

"He told me he had done it plenty of times and knew what he was doing and not to worry that little lying sack of shit!"

"Well at least you got his cherry! Wait did I really just say that to my sister!"

I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair Emmett could always make me laugh here I was a blubbering mess talking to my big brother about sex and I couldn't stop laughing.

"Bella hon please OH GOD please tell me that little fucker wore something?"

"Yes Emmett he did and I am on birth control as well and like you said I got his cherry so I don't think he has had the chance to get an STD!"

"Well you got me there."

"So Emmett can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, shoot just don't make it too nasty"

"Well how long should it last and will it hurt that bad again or all the time cause if that was it you don't have to worry about me having sex ever again cause that fucking sucked!"

"Shit Bella, let's see yes it should last a hell of a lot longer than two minutes but that takes time for a guy to work up to that. My first time wasn't too much different but she knew what was about to happen not saying it wasn't a little embarrassing. Also my first time she didn't go away unsatisfied if you know what I mean."

I could hear the chuckle in his voice. His last comment only pissed me off.

"You know what Emmett, the little shit got the condom on, got in and got out. We had a little messing around beforehand but once he was finished he didn't even ask me if I was ok he just got up and went to the bathroom!"

"Bella you are bordering on an over share! So where was I? It won't always hurt but it probably will a few more times. Bella with the right partner it doesn't have to hurt that bad a nice guy would have taken his time and been gentle you know he should have started….wait never mind you get the picture. When you are with someone who really cares about you above his needs it will be fantastic Bella I promise."

"So are you really coming home next weekend?" I asked him.

"Ya thought I would come check up on the football team at FHS and catch the game."

"Emmett do you think I could come there instead, it would be really nice to get out of dodge for a bit if you know what I mean?"

"Shit Bella, I don't know, I mean I am not living alone this year I have a house mate and he will be home." Emmett answered sounding slightly torn.

"So Em! come on I'm little I don't take up much room I will sleep on the floor really please Em!" I begged him.

"Alright let me check with Eddie and call you back in a little bit ok?"

"Sure I love you Emmett and thank you…By the way you don't have to kill Jacob I kicked him in the nuts pretty good when I found him so he won't be using that for a while not that Jessica will be missing much."

"Nice little B very nice! I still might have to scare the shit out of him at some point."

"Alright call me back!" I told him

"Will do, bye sis."

"Bye." I tell him as I hang up.

About 5 mins later my thoughts are interrupted by my phone ringing, it's Emmett, so I answer saying "Hey you, so what did Eddie, is that his name? Say?"

"He said he didn't give a shit and he was excited to finally meet the infamous Isabella Swan. Oh ya and his name is Edward he hates it when I call him Eddie, its Edward Cullen."

"GREAT! Wait what the hell did you tell him about me?" I ask him slightly scared about meeting his room mate now.

"Not much just that you are a klutz, one of the funniest people I know and that you are one of my best friends."

"You told him all of that in two weeks of meeting him?" I asked

"No, we have known each other since sophomore year just decided to get a house over the summer."

"How come I have never heard of him before?" I ask slightly dumbfounded.

"My dear little sister I don't tell you everything." My big brother informs me slightly smugly.

"No you don't and I am especially thankful for that after you come home from a date" I giggle

We both started laughing. We briefly chat about the specifics of when I would arrive on Friday afternoon. I had decided to leave right after school and to come home Sunday night. He agreed after a bit of arguing about me driving over alone in my old truck which he has fixed more times than I can count.

The week passed without incident, there were a few glares from Jessica as she hung on Jacob like he was an itching post. I had to restrain tiny little Alice from scratching the ho's eyes out but we made it through the week largely unscathed. I had packed Thursday night informing Charlie of my plans and receiving the no drinking no smoking and implied no sex talk I was off the minute the damn bell rang. Alice begged me to take her with me stating that she needed to find a new crop of boys to pick from. Saying the assholes around here were worthless. I couldn't say I disagreed with her but this weekend was going to be just Emmett and I, besides his roommate kinda sounded a little uptight and I didn't want to piss the dude off the first time I came for a visit by intruding with another 17 year old high school girl one would be enough for him to tolerate I am sure. It was not lost on me that having an underage girl around could be a drag, but Em never ever made me feel like a bother or a 3rd or 5th wheel. He always showed me a good time nice and safe and good like a big brother should. That is not to say he didn't take me to a few parties but you would have thought I was handcuffed to him he never let go of me. I was about 30 minutes from his house or so the directions said and I was getting excited it had only been 3 weeks since I had seen him last but I missed him a lot.

"Bella! Come here you little shit" Emmett yelled from his doorway as I exited my truck.

"Well hello to you too"

He picked me up and gave me one of his huge bear hugs that I absolutely loved. Charlie was never very affectionate but Emmett was a big lovable teddy bear.

"Hey there come on in and I'll show you the place." he said as he put me down.

"It is not much but we like it, two rooms one bathroom like I said not huge but good enough for two guys and their harem."

"Harem huh? What happened to Rosie what's her name?" I inquire

"Well ya know we were never together, together I still see her she still sees me I don't know we shall see." He tells me rather puzzlingly.

"Hmm well you guys don't live like pigs so that is nice this Edward must know how to do the dishes cause you sure as hell don't." I say while laughing at my own jest.

"Nice Bella for that you can sleep in the bathtub. Just kidding come on this is my room you recognize all my shit so toss yours on my bed this is where you will be sleeping."

"Umm Emmett we are not 4 and 8 anymore I am not sleeping with your big ass in the same bed the floor will be fine I even brought a sleeping bag."

"Hell NO! You are sleeping in here under lock and key I will sleep on the couch if we have people over they may crash and I don't want any of them thinking they can crash on you"

"Ahhh I see, afraid I will go looking for a real man to satisfy my loins?" I ask him while trying to keep a straight face.

"Bell shut the fuck up before you make me puke! NO SEX FOR YOU!" He says sounding freakishly like the soup Nazi from that episode of Seinfeld.

"What are you the sex Nazi?" I ask him.

"YES got a problem with that?" He fires back at me.

"For now No my VaJayJay is closed for business." I inform my big brother and wonder if that was tmi.

"Vajayjay really Bella?" he looks at me disbelievingly.

"Would you rather I say my PUSSY is closed for business?" I ask him watching his face blanch.

"ISABELLA! FOR FUCK SAKE!" He roars at me.

"What are you yelling about out here?" I hear an unfamiliar but incredibly sexy voice ask.

We both turned and I stood there shocked and in fucking awe of the vision standing before me. He was tall and slim but not too slim. He had on faded jeans that hung low on his waist, bare feet. I loved jeans and bare feet it was so innocent and adorable on most guys. He had no shirt on allowing me to take in the sight of his defined abs and chest then his face, dear God his face, he had the most amazing jaw line and cute nose. He had pouty lips but not too pouty just enough and his ever loving eyes oh my holy hell they were green beyond green. His hair was a mess but I got the feeling it was supposed to be and it was a glorious copper color that made those eyes sparkle.

"Hey Em, this must be Isabella." the voice continued.

"Dude, put some fucking clothes on your half naked in front of my little sister!" Emmett yelled at the god like man with the voice.

"Oh, sorry um just a sec." He mutters

He disappeared into his room. Hmmmmm his room I wonder what it looks like in there? He came back pulling a black T shirt down over his head covering up that chest and those abs that should be a crime to cover up something so perfect. There were no boys at FHS that looked like this that is just it they were boys this thing standing in the doorway of his room was a man all 21 years of him.

"Edward this is my sister Isabella…..Isabella this is Edward Cullen the asshole that lives in that kingdom of a room." Emmett says in way of introductions.

"Well hello Isabella it's nice to meet you and may I say you are much better in person than those pictures he has of you."

"It's Bella and thank you. Emmett what pictures of me are you showing your friends."

"There is one with braids and braces I think?"

"For the love of all that is good and holy Emmett McCarty Swan! I was like 13 in that picture" I yell at my brother.

"Hmm well you're not 13 anymore." Edward says with a strange edge to his voice that I can't place.

"No Edward she isn't she is 17 and my little sister so don't get any ideas" Emett tells Edward in his best big brother voice.

"Dude I'm not a complete asshole. Bella it was lovely to meet you have a great time and make yourself at home. Give that ass of a brother of yours a hard time he needs it." Edward said while turning around.

He walked back into his room and closed the door. I could hear guitar music coming from inside the kingdom and it sounded live not on a cd. He must play I guessed. Emmett suggested that we go get a bite to eat for dinner and grab a movie and come back for the evening. After the long drive and the crap week that sounded perfect. We had pizza and picked up Avatar. We had both seen it but this way would could chat and not miss anything.

I patted Emmett on the leg and told him I was going to go to bed I was exhausted. He told me good night and gave me a big kiss before jumping up and going into his room to grab a few things he might need. Edward was gone and had been gone all evening. Probably out with some hot girl I mean look at him he would have to be. It was nice to have Em all to myself for some good sibling time. I slipped into one of Emmett's T shirts to sleep in it would be more comfy than the shorts and top I brought when I was thinking I would be sleeping in the living room. I started to climb into bed but forgot I had not brushed my teeth and as they felt fury I grabbed my toothbrush. I had heard the shower go on earlier and assumed Em was taking a quick shower before bed. I had also heard it go off about 5 minutes ago so I went into the hall knocked once and entered assuming I would find my brother standing in front of the mirror brushing his teeth. Well we all know what assuming does.

"Hey Emmett I forgot to brush my teeth so could you move your big ass over?" I asked without looking up.

"Well um my ass is not near as big as Emmett's but yes I can move over." Edward replies.

OH SHIT shit shit shit shit. There right in front of me stood Edward this time in nothing but a towel, that hung low on his hips, lower than the jeans, so low I could see the hint of a nice snail trail leading to the fathoms under that towel.

"OH God I am so sorry I will just wait in the hall." I blurted out so embarrassed.

Geez nice Bella he doesn't live alone anymore knock wait to be told to come in! I chanted to myself.

"Hey no big deal come in I was just finishing anyway."

He set his tooth brush back in the holder and squeezed by me leaving me standing in the bathroom watching him walk down the hall to his room. Just as his door closed Emmett rounded the corner with a look of which clearly read 'what the hell are you doing out of your room' plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes and just shut the bathroom door. Closing it I leaned against it and sighed regretting fully aware that I was 17 and so out of that MAN's league both by age and class.

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