Summer of My German Soldier


The Sequel to Summer of My German Soldier

Patty Bergen has endured much in her young life. She has struggled to find her mother's love. She has tried to find pride of her in her father. And she hid an escaped Nazi, choosing to go against her own Jewish religion to save the man she loved. But one day, her dreams came crashing down as she found out that Anton had been shot and she was shipped off to a mental asylum, her country, her town and even her family believing her to be a bad person. But now she is finally free from the long months of captivity, ready to begin her own career as a writer, even though she is no more than thirteen years old. But the long months of no love have starved her heart, and no longer is she the lively, curious girl she once was. Frozen solid to the core, it will take a strong willpower to break through to the noble woman she truly is.

Written by


Based on the Book by

Bette Greene

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