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Just Haven't Met You Yet

Prologue: Phone Calls

"What do you mean I have to be the maid of honor?" she huffed, her aggravation pouring out. She really didn't have time to deal with this right now.

"Rogue, come on, you were Kitty's best friend here and we haven't seen you in a year! She really misses you," the calm, sensible voice of her friend came over the phone.

Rogue let out a pent-up sigh as she stared back at the blindingly white, ornate invitation clutched in her hand. "I know, I know, but right now… it's just not a good time, Wanda."

"Oh please! You've been making up excuses to not come back to the mansion since we found out the cure was wearing off. C'mon Rouge, why are you really avoiding us?"

Rogue bit her lip in frustration as she held back another sigh. Wanda had shown up at Xavier's in the aftermath of Magneto's downfall, claiming to want nothing from the former megalomaniac for a father. Everyone was hesitant to trust her at first, but soon enough the Scarlet Witch had managed to win the Southern spitfire over. They had been close the few months before Rogue up and left.

But Wanda hadn't been at the mansion when Rogue was dealing with her untouchable condition, she had been exposed to the care-free, touchable Marie. How could she explain that when her curse came back she couldn't handle the pity shot her way? The hesitance in approaching her? Seeing the fear lurking in the eyes of the people she though closest to her?

"Seriously Wanda, I just don't think…"

"Nope, you're coming, even if I have to hex your Mississippi butt all the way up here."

"Sugar, has anyone ever told you, you have anger management issues?"

"Constantly, but that's not the point. So you're coming?" She could barely pick up the hope lining the other woman's voice.

"It's kinda short notice…" Stall Rogue, stall! Maybe she'll agree with you, just this once…

"Oh please, since Ms. Munroe agreed to have the reception here she went into wedding planner mode. Seriously, it looks like a crêpe paper tornado came through here, which I guess is pretty accurate considering…" Wanda muttered off, "And you CANNOT leave me here with all this pink, flowery crap! I swear, I just…ugh!"

Rogue laughed as she sunk down into the comfortable (yet small) couch monopolizing her tiny living room. She sighed as she felt the warm summer wind glide through the window. She really had missed the South, but not nearly as much as she missed her friends. This would be a great way to see them again…

"Earth to Rogue! Hey if you don't answer me in two seconds, I'm tracing this call and giving Logan the coordinates!" An irritated buzzing in her ear brought Rogue out of her memories.

"Hmm? Oh, sorry Wanda just got away from myself there for a minute."

"So? Are you coming by your own free-will or am I gonna have to use force?" the other woman mock-threatened.

"You need to stop hanging out with Logan, I swear if you start growling…"

"Marie." Okay, that was worse than the growl.

"Fine, fine! You win! I'll come and be Kitty's maid of honor. But I am not wearing pink!"

"Yes! I knew you'd cave eventually. It was only a matter of- Ahh!" Wanda suddenly cut off in a startled scream and Rogue instantly jumped up into the defensive, fighting instincts pouring through her veins as the adrenaline kicked in. She heard a brief struggle over the phone line along with a few muttered curses.

"Wanda? Wanda! Someone pick up the phone!"

"YougottabringaHOTdate!" The words were uttered out so fast Rogue really wasn't sure if they were English or not. But then she heard Wanda calling in the background, "Jubilation Lee, give me back that phone!"

Rogue let out a sigh of relief. It was just Jubilee, but, then again, saying 'just Jubilee' was like calling Disney World 'just a carnival ride.' There wasn't anything 'just' about her.

"Jubes what in the Sam's Hill are you saying? Calm down, there are chipmunks that talk slower than you!" She heard several lung-gasping breaths being taken over the line.

"You need to bring a HOT date! And I mean really, really hot!" And even though the words were said slower this time, they were still packed with enough enthusiasm to fuel a six-pack of energy drinks.

"Why the heck would I need to bring a hot date? Or any date for that matter?" She could faintly hear Wanda still trying to wrestle the phone away from the eager Asian girl.

"You haven't told her about Bobby yet, have you?"

Rogue froze.

The question wasn't directed towards her and she was dimly aware of the sudden silence on the other end line as well. Now she was worried.

"Haven't told me what about Bobby?" She was proud of herself, her voice didn't catch or waver at all. But that didn't mean she couldn't feel the first dregs of panic start creeping up on her.

She was briefly aware that Wanda had the phone again. Her hesitancy seemed to ooze from the phone.

"He's the Best Man." And Rogue's world shattered again.

Of course, she should have known Bobby would be the Best Man; he was Piotr's best friend. But was she really ready to face the man who'd broken her heart? The guy who said they couldn't work it out without touch? Sure she had moved on, heck, she was out the mansion for Heaven's sake! She had her own life to live now, without the X-Men, without the drama of being the Untouchable One. Sure she might have gotten a little isolated, but she was happy. She was independent, so she was happy, right?

But could she handle seeing Bobby, having to smile together at that wedding, something she had probably been robbed of herself?

"Uh unh, Wands, no deal."

"C'mon Rogue, it won't be that bad. We'll keep you two separated."

Before she could reply, Jubilee apparently seized the phone again, "That's why you need a hot date!"

"How does a date fix this mess?" Sometimes Rogue seriously wondered if anyone could follow Jubilee's train of thought.

"Not just any date, a hot one! Ugh, listen, if you show up with a really good-looking guy on your arm, Bobby's gonna be so shocked all his ice will melt. Besides, we are in desperate need of some new eye-candy around here!"

"So you want me to bring my hot boyfriend to strut around up there so you can have some fresh meat? Oh, and make Bobby jealous, which I don't want in any way, shape, or form?"

"YOU HAVE A HOT BOYFRIEND?" A pair of (nearly screaming) female voices was shot back at her.

"Who has a hot boyfriend?" Another new voice picked up the new thread in the conversation, as Rogue smacked herself on the forehead. Leave it to her friends to only pick out the words 'my hot boyfriend' in a rhetorical question.

"Hey Kitty! It's Rogue, and she's agreed to be your maid of honor!" She could hear a smug Wanda lilt out. Personal note: Wanda only sounds pleasant when she's up to something.

"What? Wanda no!" Rogue could only squeak out before she heard the phone exchange hands again. Her eyes widened with horror.

"Rogue? Oh, I can't believe it! I can't thank you enough for this; you can't imagine how much this means to me and Pete!"

"Ye-yeah," Rogue said her voice a little shaky, "Listen Kit…" But Kitty just plowed right on in Kitty-fashion.

"And it's so great that you've got a new boyfriend! I can't wait to meet him; you are bringing him to the wedding aren't you? You're invitation did say 'and guest' right? Don't worry we'll make room if we need to."

"About that…" She started with a sinking of dread coming over her.

"Oh I'm so happy things are working out for you Rogue! We've all been missing you like crazy, and I've been so worried about you being out there all on your own. I mean, what if someone finds out you're a mutant? Even with your powers back you could still get attacked, and then I don't know what I'd do…"

It sounded like the other girl was tearing up. And Rogue's apprehension of where this was all going was building up. Maybe she could tell them her 'somebody' couldn't make it?

"Oh, but listen to me! Here you are all out on your own, with your own place, a hot boyfriend," here she gave a watery giggle. "You know everyone really admires you here? Here you are having gone through the cure, had your mutation come back, and you're still making it work. I mean, you're so independent, and found someone to love you…"

There was a sigh over the phone, "I mean some days I wish I was more like you. I wish I had your strength. You're showing everyone at Xavier's that we can be mutants and have normal lives."

And that as the last nail in her coffin. What the heck was she supposed to say to that! Honestly!

"Kit, I'm not all that…"

"Oh please, Rogue, there's no need to be modest. I'm just glad you're happy and that you're coming! You're coming Monday right?"

It felt like you were telling a kid that they got a puppy for Christmas.

"Yeah, I'll be there!" her fake cheerfulness sounded dull in her own ears.

"Both of you better be, I've gotta meet this guy! Bye." And with that the audible click went off. It might as well have been the slamming of a door.

"So do I," Rogue muttered as she dropped the phone onto a couch cushion and buried her face into her hands as a deep sigh escaped her. What was she going to do now?

She raised her head up to glance around at the small, cluttered, but homey apartment, searching anywhere for some sudden bolt of inspiration. Her eyes drug across the pin-striped wall paper, the white cabinets filled with knick knacks, the ancient T.V. sitting wedged in between paneled shelves, the ratty but comfy green arm chair, the fake Persian rug, the magazines scattered across the glass coffee table-


The bold print leaped off the page of the article, just begging for her attention. She reached down and pulled out the protruding magazine transfixed at the title.

'Hire Your Date! The New Dating of the 21st Century!'

No she couldn't…

'But then again,' she thought, glancing down at the white wedding invite, 'she only had two weeks…'

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