her eyes widened and her jaw dropped in awe, how had she not noticed this perfect man before? now at this point I feel I need to point out that perfect to her is probably imperfect to alot of you, the man she see's as perfect is acually a bit of a dick, but like many before her, she is blinded by love. The male she was reffering to was Mathew Patel, a rather dramatic young man with a rather odd look to him, he wore half his frindge over half his face, dark smugey eye liner across his eyes, a kacki wore out jacket with many pockets, a randomly changing colour of black-and-something striped T-shirt, baggy 3 quarter leghnth trousers, also with many pockets, an a large bear of doc martin like boots. he was quite the mystery, no one seemed to know where he came from or even who his parents were, he looked to be from indian decent but spoke with an american anccent with hints of english accent peaking through. He was very camp yet was offen seen drawing pictures of strangely attractive demon girls, so like everything else, his sexuality was a mystery. So many would veiw him as odd but some how with one look Macy Linch knew she needed to be freind him, and soon.

Macy sat in her room staring at her empty word document, it had been 3 weeks since she had first noticed Mathew and since then had begun obcessivly stalking him. She had seen the play he was in 5 times, it had shown 5 times since she had first gone, she had found out what he did in collage and what days he was in, yet she still had so many blank spaces, such as "first introduced to me". Yes, Macy was a wimp, to cowardly to even go and say high to him, he'd probably already noticed her creeping about, and that made her more worried. Macy wasn't particularly shy, just quiet, finding it difficult to speak without triping over her own words. Although Macy wasn't quiet she was kind of invisable, she had a few freinds, she went to collage, and she certainly looked diffrent, but she tended to blend into the background at times, she wasn't the quiet kid in her collage classes, more the untalkative weirdo, usually keeping to herself until a topic she liked came up, girls like her were a dime a dousen in her town.

Macy sighed as she slowly span pointlessly in her computer chair wondering why her parents had given her a low memory laptop to sit on her desk in her dorm room, why not get her a big desktop with lots of meomory, but she shrugged and decided to just be happy with her fast running computer, even if she couldn't play dead rising2 on it. She streched her short legs out as she stood up, she was a giant at 5ft 2inches, and she was delighted about that! To hide her lack of height she had a growing collection of shin high, thick soled, scuffed leather boots,most acually reaching half way up her tiny legs, her biggest pair increased her height to 5ft 5inchs, still leaving her small enough to be used like a leaning pole, much to her dismay. she had short dyed purple hair, that had faded to a lilucy colour, on her left side it was shaven down and had black leapard pint dyed into it and on her right side it hardly reached below her ear, witch on that side had 2 high peircings and one 8mm tunnel on the lob, on the other side she had 3 peircings on her lobe. She had sevral ever changing lip percings and a tounge bar. Her eyes were a dull brown coloured that even in the light just looked 'kinda pretty' her skin was a very lightly tanned colour and she offen had spots on her right side from where her hair lay. She had a habbit of buying the same time of clothing over and over in slightly diffrent colours. She had a whole collection of diffrent coloured leggings, made with the same material by the same company, many long sleeved jumpers that were so long on her shorter frame that she wore them as dresses over her leggings, and as for her boot collection 90% of the boots were purple and the rest were black, this habbit for simalre clothing was another thing that made her blend into the back ground, She only had one outfit that really stood out from the rest and that was a pair of blue dungerea shorts that she wore with a red and white striped tshirt and a pair od black boots, made her look nordic so she wore it to parties ocasionally.

an annoying high pitched beeping began to explod from her cell phone as she stared at the wall day dreaming, she was shaken out of her day dream, off of her chair, and onto the floor where she struggled to grab her phone out of her jumper pocket and quickly answer it. "hello?" she said strugling not to cheer about managing to answer the phone in time. "hey pup, wanna come to a party to night luvvie?" a familare femine voice said excitedly down the phone. "uhm...I don't know Mona, i kind a have to study...and stuff..." she said in a slighlty monotone voice. "come on love, you need to get out that room, ...and your little crush will be there..." Macy could literaly hear the smile growing on Mona's face. "...okay then but my sailour out fits still dirty so I'm just gonna stay in this outfit..." she said lying back on the floor, there was suddenly a loud buzzing noise as mona hung up, Macy shrugged and hung up putting her phone back in her pocket and closing her eyes for a moment, then her door buirst open. "Good! cause we need to leave like now to get the bus." Mona's smile was there for sure at it almost spread from cheek to cheek as she pulled Macy up and dragged her out the door. "hey macy?" Mona said hhappily racing forward down the hall. "what comes before part B?" she asked, macy smiled and shook her head. "I'm not doing this" she giggled. "no come on what comes before part B?" Macy rolled her eyes then threw her hands in the air " PARTAY!" she yelled happily and Mona pulled her by her hand out into the cold october air.