(this is a really boring chapter btw XD I'm trying to build up their relationship slowly, this is also a rediculously short chapter.)

it was a few months later when Mathew got THE letter.

Macy, in a state of shock ejected the coffee in her mouth.

"your evil?" Macy yelled over the the table.

Mathew put a finger on Macy's lips to silence her as he tried to shake the coffee off of the letter.

"Come on Macy, I shoot fire balls from my hands how can I not be evil?" he murmured taking a sip of his frothy coffee.

"I Don't know, well I mean like, Goku shot things from his hands and he was like the good guy!" Macy babbled like an idiot, more than a little shocked by the whole "hey I'm evil and I've been asked to join a league of evil wrong do-ers to destroy my childhood lovers love life." thing.

"who the hell is goku?" Mathew asked licking some foam off his top lip.

Macy's eyes were instantly drawn to it, and began biting softly on the inside of her lip.

"Mace?" mathew said clicking his fingers in front of her eyes.

"Oh, uh...Oh yeah! how can you not know who Goku is? your played monkey!" Macy said, astonished at the fact he didn't know who goku was.

"Just tell me who he is rather than making a drama out of it!" Mathew moaned and flicked his fringe.

"you know, son-goku, dragon ball, big dark haired dude, his story was based on the story of monkey."

"yeah, I was never a big fan of dragon ball Z..." Mathew said chewing on his nail in boredom.

"so...what do you have to do for this league?" Macy said quickly changing the subject.

Mathew took a big gulp of his coffee and began explaining.

"well the last dude she dated got dumped pretty brutally, like the rest of us, except the twins...i think she dumped them..." Mathew said lifting up the letter.

"she dated twins?" Macy said with a shocked face. Mathew was once again licking the cream off his lip, he had to be doing this to mess with her, but then again why would he, he had already explained he had no interest in dating her...

"yeah, at the same time, she cheated on them with each other..." Mathew said waving his hand in front of her eyes snapping her out of her pervyness.

"wow, poor kids...so is she a slut?" Macy asked leaning on the table with her elbow.

"elbows off the table, and not really, I didn't even get past a kiss." he said laughing then looking at the pictures, "Can you blame her for wanting to date both of these, they're Japanese musicians." he said handing their picture over to Macy.

"not bad looking no, but still cheating is unforgivable." Macy shrugged handing the picture back.

it was a few weeks later, while Macy and Mathew were trying to write out lyrics for his song.

"so is everyone writing a song for their battles?" she asked bored trying to find an outfit for Mathew's demon hipster chicks.

"I don't know, they wont need to, I'll beat Scott and Ramona will go back to Gideon." Mathew shrugged practicing his dance moves with his different boots.

"so she has a new boyfriend now?" Macy asked Mathew, who sighed and looked at the ground in response.

"are you jealous?" macy asked quietly.

"no, I can't afford to get there, he lives in Canada! for god sake what kinda of idiot wants to date a boring Canadian?" Mathew whined kick off his boots.

"hey, hey, come on Matty calm down, I have a bit of money kept back I could give you it." she stood up and stroked his fringe out his face.

"No, I couldn't how would you pat for your tuition? I couldn't just take it" Mathew said shaking his head.

"Well, I could pay you for...a service..." Macy smiled with a slightly evil grin, Mathew looked down at her and a slightly worried look and then nodded. "come on, Matty smile, nothing to worry about."