AN: okay this is smutty. sorry if it blows! i tell you i had the hardest time writing this so i hope it makes sense and is maybe worthy enough of a cold shower!

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Hermione was reluctant to move from her vulnerable position on the desk. She was unsure if it was because she hadn't been given permission to or because she was too dazed to do so without falling. She kept her head bent low almost allowing her forehead to touch the tear splattered wood. She unclenched her parchment filled fists as her breathing regulated and her heart rate slowed. As her focus returned so did the pain in her backside; it was like someone had lit her on fire and left out in the sun. When at last the pain completely took over her senses she whimpered and closed her eyes.

"Miss Granger are you unwell?"

She was uncertain as to which man was speaking to her. The part of her brain that processed that information seemed to still be under the fog that had wrapped itself around her. Hermione moved her hands closer together on the desk and dropped head to rest on them. "No, sir." She wouldn't allow herself to complain about the pain to them because punishment is meant to hurt and she knew that they expected her to take it without complaint.

"Good." She felt warm rough hands on her elbows lifting her up and pulling her back flush against the professor's chest causing the silky fabric of her dress to slip back down over her burning backside ebbing the fire momentarily. Hermione could smell sandalwood, sage, and something else that she couldn't quite place. Hermione felt privileged to be close enough to be able to notice Severus Snape's earthy scent. His arms wrapped around her middle securing her arms beneath his and his lips began to move along the base of her neck up to her ear. Soft sweet kisses were a welcome distraction to the still lingering fire on her bottom. She sighed and relaxed into his arms enjoying his breath whispering across her skin and his teeth nipping at her ear lobe. This was a wonderfully surprising side of Professor Snape; a surprise that she wouldn't mind discovering over and over again.

Hermione hadn't noticed that Lucius had risen from his seat behind Severus' desk until she felt another pair of hands on her waist. She sighed before opening her eyes to look at him. She had never been privy to the look of desire but she knew without a doubt in her mind that was in fat the emotion that was painted across his usually smug aristocratic face. One of his hands remained on her hip while the other came up to cup her face. His thumb rested lightly on her cheek bone and his fingers squeezed her neck just below her ear on the opposite side of where Severus was swiping the tip of his tongue across her pulse point. She watched expectantly as his beautiful lips lowered themselves to hers. Lucius did not hesitate in his delicate exploration of her mouth. He was assertive and commanding but decidedly gentle. Hermione felt his warm tongue slide lazily across the seam of her lips at which she obediently parted for him.

It was torture not being able to place her hand on Lucius' chest or to reach back and thread her fingers into Severus' hair. In a need to have some pretend semblance of control she pressed her back into Snape and ground her still aching ass against his groin. She heard a groan from one man and a chuckle from the other in response to her wanton behavior.

"Now, now Miss Granger, you mustn't be impatient," was Lucius' half hearted reprimand against her lips. Another groan; this time her own echoed throughout the classroom as Lucius took a step back and looked over her shoulder at Severus who had, much to Hermione's dismay stopped kissing her as well. "Severus as much as I have enjoyed our time in this room I would prefer if we could retire somewhere more comfortable."

Severus released Hermione's arms and proceeded to lead Hermione and Lucius into his rooms. The quickly walked through the large sitting room that they had occupied two weeks before walking through another door that she assumed led to his bedroom. As soon as Hermione crossed the threshold into that room she felt her blood heat and rush through her veins. She was almost drunk with anticipation and had to fight the urge to turn around and throw herself at the tow wizards behind her.

If the eyes could see tension she was sure that nothing else in the room would be visible. The air was thick with unspoken words and unknown expectations. not that either man would admit to it but the three bodies lingering just inside the doorway were completely out of their elements. Hermione was lost somewhere between terrified and blissfully excited while her tow counterparts were both equally worried that they were going to somehow disappoint their beautiful innocent witch. Then again how innocent could the witch be if this was her fantasy?

"Walk forward." She obeyed.

"Stop." She paused awaiting further instruction.

"Face us." She immediately turned her body slowly keeping her eyes locked cautiously to the floor.

"Look at me!" Lucius' voice shook with the command he issued forth to her. Hermione let her lashes lift so that she was again gazing into his eyes; eyes that were more often than not cold and calculating now raged with a storm promising her things that she had only ever dreamed of.

Severus remained with his back against the door watching as his friend moved forward and placed both of his hands on Hermione's face sliding his thumbs across her cheeks he whispered, "There's no trace of those tears now." She had forgotten that her face had most likely been streaked with black lines from the tears that she wasn't able to stop earlier. Dark wizard or not the man before her had a heart.

Hermione worked hard to keep her hands by her side. She wanted nothing more than to touch any part of him that she could but she needed permission before she could move. "Kiss me." Two simple little words sent a shiver up her spine but sent her into action. She placed her hands on his shoulders, lifted up on her toes, and leaned forward to press her lips his top lip then moved her moth to his bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth gently. She couldn't help but smile against his mouth at the groan she was rewarded with.

"Lucius you seem to have forgotten how to share." Hermione looked at the door that her professor was still casually leaning against with his arms crossed over his chest and an amused smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

"By all means Severus come take what's rightfully yours," Lucius said with a chuckle.

Lucius gave a sweet peck to her lips before moving away from her to go sit on the edge of the bed that was behind Hermione.

Watching Professor Snape walking towards her on his mission was unnerving and had her insides in knots. His black eyes were screaming possession; that she was his now, that he would possess her, there's no turning back.

When at last he was standing just a breath away from her he leaned down and said in a fierce growl, "I will not show mercy on you now!" The words were ringing in her ears as his lips came crashing down on hers with near brutal force. Hermione could hardly believe that this was the same man that had been kissing her neck so tenderly. His teeth scrapped at her bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth and biting down. She could taste the warm metallic blood but that only served to drive her body closer to his. As she placed her arms around his neck Severus grabbed her roughly by the waist and threw the both of them in the bed beside Lucius where he continued in his assault of Hermione's lips.

She felt Severus reach for the zip on her dress and draw it down as he began to just nip lightly at her lips. He moved to sit on the right side of the bed beside her while Lucius leaned over her to slide the dress to her hips. Both men leaned back to admire the young girl's body before them and with a sudden motion of two different wands both wizards were completely naked. Her eyes dilated then closed then opened again almost as if she was trying to see if the image would blink away. She didn't want the image to blink away but she still couldn't help but think that this was some elaborate dream that was going to slip away at any moment. But the image remained and she made sure that she seared the details into her brain. Lucius towering over the left side of the bed his luxurious long white blond hair falling down his back. His skin was pale and really quite hairless as far as Hermione could tell but upon further inspection she would discover that the hair on his body was just as inhumanly blonde as the hair on his head. He was lean and sculpted with only a few visible scars littering his chest. She tried quite hard not to stare at the length of that magnificent man pointing at her; ready and willing to pummel into her body. When she turned her eyes to Severus she noticed that he too was just as pale as Lucius but it was so much more noticeable because of his amazingly dark features. He was thin but muscular and the scars he had seemed to be everywhere. She tried quickly to mask the look of sorrow that had washed over her before he noticed and grew angry. He was not a particularly hairy man; just enough to be rugged and manly and give Hermione and urge to run her fingers across him. Just as she had been hesitant when viewing Lucius' manhood she felt equally nervous viewing Severus'; long, thick, hard...Her eyes quickly closed again as she sucked in a breath.

The two men lay down on either side of her and began at her neck, nibbling, kissing and sucking their way down her body until they met at her belly button where they grabbed her dress and pulled it down, leaving Hermione in the pair of tiny, white, lacy knickers that they had requested.

The men continued their kisses down her stomach and over her knickers. Severus parted her legs and lay down between them, kissing and licking her over her knickers. Lucius moved to the side of Severus reaching down to stroke up Hermione's thigh as he enjoyed the supreme look of rapture that seemed to be taking over her delicate features.

Hermione moaned and thrust her hips at Severus. He chuckled and hooked his fingers in her knickers and slipped them off. Severus tickled and teased her, lightly tracing her with the tip of his tongue. He pressed his tongue just inside of her, pushed down hard then slowly drew it up again. A light sheen of sweat covered her body as the heat inside threatened to rip her into pieces and she forced her fist against her mouth to keep the shattering scream that wished to escape locked deep in her throat.

Lucius noticed Hermione's feeble attempts at stifling her cries so he crawled up the bed and kissed her, his tongue darting into her mouth and swirling with her tongue. His kisses made Hermione feel drunk, like she'd had a bit too much spiked punch. She ran her hand along Lucius' chest and reached down to stroke his cock. Severus slipped a finger into her center and stroked her as he sucked on her clit and Lucius continued to hungrily kiss her.

Hermione ground her hips on Severus' hand as she came, and he kissed back up to her chest, where he paid plenty of attention to her neglected breasts. Some sort of signal must have passed between the men because one moment she was being kissed by Lucius and the next minute he was gone and without warning her, Severus flipped over onto his back dragging Hermione up and over him to straddle his waist, with that action her body lowered onto his and she encased his cock in her impossibly tight, wet heat. She took him all the way, her pussy stretched around him clenching him and making his breathing more erratic than it already was. Severus groaned as he felt her cervix at the tip of his cock. As she adjusted to him, he gave a covert nod to Lucius, who slide a finger into her arse, moving back and forth with care. Her eyes shot open. When she realized that her fantasy was actually going to come true her body involuntarily shuddered and she clenched down on the professor with even more desperation. One finger became two rather quickly and before she had time to process it two became three. He continued to stroke her for a moment before he pulled them out, making Hermione groan in frustration, then lubricated himself and pressed the head of his prick up against her.

"Push back against me Miss Granger!" Lucius all but shouted into her ear.

Hermione pushed back slowly, and as he felt the ring of muscle give, he surged in all the way. Hermione wailed causing both men to growl at the beautiful sound swimming in their ears.

They then began an unrelenting rhythm that had Hermione writhing as best she could between them. Grunts, groans, moans, sighs, and earth shattering screams filled the room for nearly an hour before she whispered in a hoarse voice, "Moremoremore," the words no longer separated as the fire inside consumed her very soul effectively pulling her into blissful darkness as her orgasm crashed around her unknowingly causing both Lucius and Severus to have theirs forcibly torn from their bodies.