So, this is my first Night World fanfiction, and it was really just something that I wanted to try. And I know that it's short, but it's really just the prologue anyways.

So, I hope that you guys like this! And if you read it (not even carefully, just if you read it haha) then you should be able to figure out who this is. I mean, I didn't really try to hide it, I just didn't put her name. And just know that I have nothing against the character herself, she just fit the role that I needed really well.

Also, I know that the character tag is Galen and Keller, but this story isn't actually fully about them. It's about all of the Daybreakers, but I chose them because they're my fave characters/couple. Because they're awesome! :)

Disclaimer - I do not own Night World.

Come Down With Love


Night. She would have to wait for the night to fall before she could go. It wasn't that she would get it trouble for being there, because technically, she was a member of Circle Daybreak. But she was supposed to be undercover in Las Vegas, and she didn't want anyone to see her. It would ruin the whole thing.

She waited until the moon was high in the sky, casting its eerie glow all over the garden, before she made her move. She scoped out the perimeter of the mansion, checking all of the windows and doors, trying to find a way in. If she couldn't get inside, then her whole plan would fall apart.

Suddenly, she saw it. The moonlight was shining through the open window, and the lacy curtains were flowing in the breeze. Intuitively, she knew whose room this was, and she smirked. Of course she would leave the window open while she slept. She was too trusting and naïve; not even caring about her own safety, even while the Apocalypse neared.

Goosebumps rose along her arms, and she shivered in anticipation. Stealthily, she crept across the lawn and grabbed hold of a bulky branch, strong enough to support her weight. Then, with smooth, lithe movements, she pulled herself up, swung her feet out, and landed through the open window without a sound.

She checked her pockets to make sure that the vial was still there, and then padded out the door, throwing one last glance over her shoulder. Her dark hair hit her in the face and she impatiently brushed her locks away, keeping her eyes trained on the sleeping witch. She'll have to get back to her later.

Room by room, she looked at the sleeping forms of her fellow Daybreakers and felt the excitement build up. Soon, everything would fall into place. Soon, she wouldn't have to be alone anymore. Soon, she would get what she wanted.

A slow smile spread across her face and she sprinkled the powder over the head of a vampire with coppery curls. She quickly said the incantations under her breath, too quietly for even a vampire to hear. She straightened up and watched as her spell took effect, and then, with a satisfied smirk, she went back to the last – and first – room.

This time, she hesitated. The powder was so close to spilling out of the glass vial, but she pulled it back at the last minute. The grains fell back against each other, settling in the shape of a miniature mountain while she pondered. She hated how weak she had become.

In an impulsive moment, she tipped the vial over again, releasing the powder. It fell in slow motion, getting caught in the strands of hair and nestling in the golden tresses, as the sleeping girl took a deep breath and smiled, rolling over. She watched this with wide eyes, her breath caught in her throat. When she was absolutely certain that the girl wouldn't wake up, she let out a low sigh of relief and then leaned over, whispering rapidly under her breath.

She turned around to leave the way that she had come in, but something stopped her. Stepping back, she bent her head close to the girl and whispered very softly, "I'm sorry, Thea."

And then, with a well-balanced jump, she was gone.

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