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Chapter 15


Blaise thought that the expression on the waitress' face was highly amusing. She had been leaning on the podium, flicking through a magazine and chomping loudly on a wad of pink bubblegum – disgustingly stereotypical, in Blaise's opinion. She looked up when the little bell over the door rang, her blue eyes pale and unfocused. When she registered how many people were actually coming through over the threshold (nineteen people in all – the nine soulmate couples and Blaise), her eyebrows shot up and her mouth dropped open.

Again, so stereotypical. Blaise rolled her eyes and shook her head, dark hair splaying over into her eyes. She glanced sideways at Thea and smiled, linking her arm through with her cousin's. It had been a long time since they had spent any time together and she was grateful for this celebratory lunch. They all had a chance now to just relax and enjoy themselves, without any fear piggybacking along.

"Table for how many?" the waitress squeaked, her eyes not yet returned to their normal size. Her nametag – MARIE – bounced as she looked over all of the guys, appreciation shining through her smile. "Nineteen?"

Poppy nodded and smiled, although Blaise noticed that she tightened her hold on James' arm. He looked down at her in amusement, but she just blinked innocently and pulled him after Marie, keeping a tight grip on his hand the whole way. Everyone else followed suit, sliding past tables, pasta cupboards and the occasional Statue of Liberty.

The Daybreakers had chosen to have their dinner at East Side Mario's, a small but tasty Italian food restaurant. Poppy had called them a diamond in the rough: they didn't look like much, but their food was delicious. Blaise had to agree – she had only stepped inside the building five minutes ago, but the smell was overpowering and definitely mouth-watering. She hadn't even seen the menu yet and she knew that everything would taste good.

"You know, you were right," Galen's voice broke Blaise out of her musings. She turned to the left to see him shrugging out of his jacket and offering it to Keller, glaring at all of the staring boys they passed. "That shirt probably wasn't the best idea."

Blaise bit back a sigh as she sat down at the table Marie had led them to. They were seated in a little alcove, away from the rest of the diners. A glass partition stood between them and everyone else, acting as a frosted window. All of the couples sat together around the table, and she alone at one of the heads, feeling like a nineteenth wheel. Blaise suppressed another sigh as she saw Hannah hold Thierry's hand atop the table, absentmindedly playing with his fingers as she told him a story.

This sucked.

She shook her head a little, trying to clear out the negative thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy that we finished off those spirits, she thought, tracing one finger along the grooves in the wooden tabletop. But…she was also lonely. Everyone around her was deep in conversation with their soulmates and friends, and she was sitting by herself, lost in her thoughts.

"They're all so lucky," she mumbled to herself, glancing up at them through her eyelashes. Each and every soulmate couple was perfectly suited for each other; Thea and Eric were always so kind and thoughtful, Galen was super sweet wherever Keller was concerned and even Ash Redfern, her previously human-hating cousin, had changed. He was more sensitive now, quieter and less selfish. She had never thought that she would see the day.

A teenage guy strode up to their table, sidestepping the glass partition as if he had come into the restaurant with them, as if he belonged with the Daybreakers. He walked up to Keller was seated and smiled, showing off a deep set dimple in his left cheek.

"Hey, nice shirt," he said, voice full of bravado. He deflated quickly at the twin glares that Galen and Keller shot his way, stumbling back and moving towards his table, head low. When he arrived back by his friends, though, Blaise saw him slap a high-five and grin, glancing over in their direction again.

"What an idiot," she said, propping her chin in one hand. She had just turned her attention back to her open menu when Rashel let out a laugh, pointing a finger at Keller.

"Look at you, breaking hearts wherever you go," she joked, her words interrupted by her laughing. She shook her head to let her sister know that she was just kidding, but Keller still glared at her and hugged the jacket tighter around her torso. "Poppy, I am going to kill you," she ground out between clenched teeth.

The vampire shrugged her shoulders. "What? It's not my fault that you look hot."

Gillian was about to say something when another guy walked up to the table. He looked to be the same age as Thea and Blaise and was dressed up in a white button shirt and dark pants, a black waiter's apron tied around his waist. In one hand he balanced a tray holding a steaming loaf of bread, a knife held firmly and carefully in the other.

"This is just the beginning of your unlimited bread," he informed the group, placing the tray next to Blaise's elbow. As he drew his hand away, the tips of his fingers brushed against her palm, and every nerve went on red-alert. Her smoky eyes widened, recognition seeping through her. It was the strangest thing: she was certain that she had never seen this boy before, and yet she felt as if she knew him. As if she had always known him and had always been waiting for him.

He pushed his copper coloured hair out of his hazel eyes and stared at her. "Do I….have we…?"

She shook her head, a silent no forming on her lips.

Lady Hannah clapped her hands in delight, dropping one when she was finished and squeezing Thierry's arm. He looked down at Hannah with love in his eyes and then smiled at Blaise. His next words broke the stunned silence.

"Well Blaise…welcome to Circle Daybreak."

It's dooooooooone!

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