A/N: Tai tries to make a case on why he should be seme. This is a hard "R"

"Matt, I want to be seme." Tai was proud – he had managed to keep his voice steady through the entire sentence. Ofcourse things would be better if he didn't have the dark blush painting his cheeks but one victory at a time was his motto.

Matt raised one elegant eyebrow, mildly surprised. Tai had been hinting at this for the last couple of weeks; whenever they were in bed, Tai would try to roll over on top of him and take control. But the situation hadn't worked out in the brunette's favor yet so he guessed Tai finally decided to address things head on. He probably would've done it sooner if the subject wasn't so uncomfortable for him.

"I think I'd be a great seme," Tai continued stubbornly, the blush getting deeper on his cheeks. Damn it, meet his eyes or he won't take you seriously! He strengthened his resolve and lifted his eyes up to look into electric blue that still make his heart skip a beat after all their years together.

Wow, he's really serious, Matt noted when those big beautiful chocolate eyes raised up to him, his mouth set into that familiar hard pout, his brown face was prettily flushed in embarrassment – he wondered if the older man realized how adorable he looked at that moment. Tai was a no-tact, brash half-wit who was not afraid to speak his mind about mostly any subject except sex. Well, might as well get to the root of the problem now.

"Have I been leaving you unsatisfied, lately?" Matt asked. Not bloody likely, if those moans and the tear streaked face begging for more was any indication.

Tai's eyes widened in surprise at his husband's comment. "No! No! Ofcourse not! You're good! I mean really, really good."

Hmmm… So he wasn't going to try to make up some stupid lie. Good. Then the matter was settled. "So I don't see what the problem is." He started making his way to the door. "I'm going to watch that Sienfeld rerun - wanna join me?"

Tai could start his temper start to boil. How dare that dumb blond disregard his feelings like this? "Yamato Ishida! I am not done talking to you! You leave this room now, you don't bother coming back here for the next week!"

Obviously not settled. Matt sighed – this was his favorite episode and he hated to miss it. Well… maybe it would be a quick conversation and he could catch it a few minutes in. He walked over and sat next to Tai who was settled back against the headboard; the zombie comic book he had been reading lay forgotten at his side.

"Ok. I'm listening. Why do you want to be seme?"

Finally! Tai gathered his thoughts for a moment. "Yami, do you know how old I am?"

Matt blinked. That certainly wasn't what he was expecting. Was Tai having an issue Matt being younger one? He certainly hadn't voice any protests about that before. He decided not to assume. "You're 33."

Tai nodded. "Good – and do you remember how old I was when we got together?"

Matt was even more confused. "24, I think."

"That's right – good boy, Mattie." Tai patted the blonde's hair condescendingly. "And how many children do we have?"

Matt counted in his mind. "Five."

"Perfect! So Matt, we've been together for 8 years & I've given birth to 5 children. And I'm about ready to pop with the 6th one!"

All the numbers added up in Matt's mind. "Ya, that sounds about right. I still get what this has to do with our position in bed, though."

A vein in Tai's head began to throb. "You big blond bimbo! In the last 8 years, I've been pregnant more often than not! And guess whose fault that is?"

Oh, so that's where this was coming from. Matt didn't know what to say but fortunately, it looked like Tai had enough to say for both of them.

"Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to be continuously pregnant like this? Not to mention the agonizing pain of going through labor! And I'm fat and hormonal all the time!" He sniffled and wiped his nose with his hand. "One of these days some pretty young thing who hasn't given birth to 6 of your children is going to shake her ass in front of you and you're going to run off and leave me!"

Matt sighed and wrapped his arms around the older man, pulling his face into his chest and settling his head on that big bushy dark hair.

"And I won't even be able to chase you 'cus my feet are so swollen! I'll have to waddle along behind you, crying like a pathetic loser!" Tai's sobs were muffled by Matt's shirt.

He should've expected something like this – Tai was always a basket-case close to his delivery date and he was only a couple of weeks away from giving birth again. "Awww… baby, you couldn't get me to leave you even if you cut off all my hair in my sleep." Matt shuddered, hoping he hadn't given Tai any ideas in his over emotional state.

But it calmed Tai down a little bit – the brunette raised up his flushed face from Matt's chest, his eyes shimmering with tears. "Really? You'd let me cut your hair?"

Oh god. Not his beautiful hair! But he outwardly kept his calm – he'd do anything to keep the mother of his children happy, even if it meant his own misery. "I'd let you do anything you wanted, baby. Only you."

He lowered his mouth down to the brunette's soft plump lips, which eagerly parted to allow his tongue to enter the familiar terriroty inside. He slowly shifted their positions so Tai sat more comfortably in his lap with his legs wrapped around Matt's waist, their baby moving in Tai's womb between them. When they finally parted, Tai was flushed again but this time with desire.

"Did you mean it, Yami?" He asked, lowering his eyes shyly from his husband's, letting his fingers play with the buttons of Matt's shirt. "You'd really let me do anything to you?"

Matt raised one of Tai's hands up to his lips and slowly kissed each of his fingers. He could feel the familiar heat in his groin. Missing Seinfeld wasn't so bad if he got to have a little sexy time with his beautiful mate. "Absolutely," he could already feel his pants tightening in anticipation.

"Good!" Tai clapped, sitting back from Matt. "Then you'll let me be seme!" He smiled beatifically, like he was the cat who caught the canary.

Matt growled in frustration and stood up from the bed. "No. That's the one thing that you can't do!"

"Matt, you big fat liar!" Tai whined, "You promised me not a minute ago that I could do whatever I wanted! So let me be seme!"

"Tai I said no! And what does being seme have to do with your pregnancies anyway?" He needed to hear the convoluted logic this idiot had come up with.

Tai blushed but forced himself to speak. "If I'm the one topping, I can't get knocked up anymore... And you don't like condoms so I thought this was the best thing. Anyway, I'm a more typical seme you know – you're younger and all girly and blond and obsessed with your hair. I'm older and a big tough soccer-playing athlete!"

Oh lord. Matt couldn't even argue with that stupidity and decided to go with the most basic logic that even this simpleton could understand. "How exactly are the mechanics going to work with that big belly getting in the way?"

Tai blushed but realized that Matt was right. Even when Matt took him now, they were limited to doggy-style or with him bouncing incoherently in the blonde's lap.

"…Ok…" He admitted defeat. "But only until your child is born! After that your ass is mine!"

Matt was tired of arguing – Seinfeld was over, he had a raging hard-on and his 'wife' was an obnoxious moron. "Fine!"

Two months later

Tai sighed, wrapping his arms tighter around the blonde's neck and drawing the younger man's mouth down to his for a kiss. He was finally healed from giving birth and right now, he was exactly where he wanted to be.

He'd never say it out loud but it felt good to be in this position with the father of his children – on his back with his legs wrapped around those powerful hips, Matt's tongue lazily fucking his mouth as his erection teasingly brushed at Tai's entrance. Missionary was strictly out of question when he was far along in his pregnancy in fear of squeezing their child in between them and Tai had sorely missed the feeling of Matt's weight pressing him into the bed.

"Are you ready love?" Matt murmured against his lips, pushing ever so slightly that only the head of his member entered the tight heat waiting between the brunette's legs.

Tai turned his big brown eyes shyly up to meet those incredible blue ones that had been passed onto their new son. He was just going to nod when a thought crossed his mind.

"Hey wait a minute! Wasn't I supposed to be sem….. Ahhhnnnn…." Tai's sentence was cut off by a moan as Matt's expert thrust hit a spot inside him that made his vision go blind. Hu..? What was he about to say?

Oh yeah. "Deeper Yami, pleaseee!"