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Chapter 18

The small teen raced up the stairs, calling out for his new lover. Fear forced adrenaline through his veins. The floorboards creaked under his hurried steps. Throwing open the door to his lover's room, he froze in horror and despair.

His lover lied on the ground in a sea of blood, absolutely motionless. A look of terror was forever etched into his features; his lips open in silent plea. Dull eyes stared up at nothing, showing the life that had escaped.

"Where~ are~ you~ little boy~?" a feminine voice sang. A shot of fear drove him to dive under the bed, hoping to hide from the woman. Footsteps crept past the doorway, splashing in the blood a bit before stopping, "I guess he must have left…"

The footsteps retreated quietly.

Releasing a silent breath, he crawled out from under the bed, I have to get out!

"Oh dear. Look what the cat dragged in." her honey sweet voice made him freeze. Looking up in horror, he backed away as she stalked forward, bloody knife in hand.

"M-Mother!" he whimpered, "P-Please d-don't! M-mom!"

"You are no son of mine." she said darkly, her voice not her own. Shrieking like a banshee, she threw the knife at him. It was coming towards him, aimed straight between the eyes-

He jerked away, causing his boyfriend to fall out of bed.

"Ow!" Yami yelped, landing on the floor.

Breath still coming in sharp pants and heartbeat thrumming in his ears, Yugi crawled quickly to the side of his bed. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yami relatively safe and sound on the floor instead of the mangled mess from his dreams.

"Oh my gosh, Yami!" the smaller launched himself at the older, wrapping his arms around him tightly.

"Huh- wha –Yugi?" the still bleary-eyes teen rapidly blinked his eyes, trying to clear the clouds in his head. Hearing the other whimper, the older teen rubbed soothing circles in the smaller's back, trying to calm him down. "Calm down, calm down. It was just a dream."

Slowly, the teen calmed down and pulled back a bit.

"Better?" Yami asked. His small lover nodded, "Do you want to tell me about it?"

So Yugi went on to describe his horrifying nightmare. Every detail made Yami's eyes widen hysterically with how accurately Yugi described it. As he finished, the boy realized how very stupid his dream had been.

"No more late night horror shows for you." Yami said, helping both of them up. Stretching a bit, he said, "You know, I can't see Mother ever doing that. She's too nice."

Agreeing with him, Yugi glanced at the clock. It was almost time for school, no use going back to sleep. Getting his clothes for the day, he went to the bathroom to change. Yami changed in his room, thinking over the details of the night before.

They had come home and nervously told their news to the parents. They had been rather accepting to the news, only a bit weirded out by the two being guys. However, they had laid down some laws like not being too loud, being safe and having sex out of the house if the need arose. Also, they had a little news of their own.

Yugi and Yami would soon have a new sibling.

The two had been stunned before Yugi almost tackled his mom at the good news and continued to coo over her for awhile afterwards. Yami gave his father and astounded look.

He hadn't heard anything and his room was right next to theirs.

I'm still wondering how they did that. Yami thought, pouring some milk into a glass. He had made his way downstairs to make breakfast for Yugi and himself before school. They ate quickly and climbed into the car. When they had arrived at school, they went their separate ways.

They had decided to keep their relationship a secret, if only because the students weren't exactly as accepting as their parents. It would be hard, but they'd still meet at lunch and the usually times. They'll make it through. Sitting next to each other in class also had some upsides to it.

At lunch though, some things simply can't be left out.

"YOU GUYS WHAT-!" Joey shouted.

"Jeez, Joe! Not so loud!" Yami hissed while Yugi have him the quiet sign.

"Sorry!" Joey whispered. "Dat's great guys!"

"Thanks." Yugi said.

"No help from you." Yami said.

"What? I was da best help you two eva got!" Joey exclaimed.

"I sincerely doubt that, Mutt." A certain brunette said as he passed by.

"Say dat to my face, Kaiba!" Joey challenged.

"I believe I just did."

"Why you little-!"

The two tri-colored haired teens watched the other two bicker back and forth and a thought formed simultaneously in their minds.

"Should we?" Yugi asked timidly.

"Why not? It's to thank Joey for his wonderful help." Yami replied with a smirk. The bell rang for lunch then so the two arguing teens had to break it up and leave. Each look-alike tailed one as they went to class.

"Hey, Seto." Yami called.

"What?" Seto barked, hand clenching around his portable duel disk just in case Yami wanted to re-think his offer for a rematch.

"About that re-match you mentioned…"


"Meet me after school by the storage rooms by the gym, okay?" Yami asked.

"I'll be there."

The rest of the day couldn't pass quickly enough for the two scheming teens and their victims. Finally, the last bell rang and two teens found themselves right outside of the gym storage rooms.

"What are you doing?" Seto asked, crossing his arms as he watched Yami try to pick the lock on the door.

"We don't want interruptions, right?" Yami said. Kaiba had no objections to that and so let him continue. Voices travelled to his ears and he looked up.

"Why do we have ta go back, Yug?"

"Because! I left something in there and you're the only one I know that can pick a lock. Besides, it's your fault I left it in there anyway, what with locking me in and all."

"Fine, fine, sheesh! I'll just pick da lock fer ya an'- Kaiba?"

"Heh, Mutt. Fancy seeing you here."

"Quit wit da fancy talk! I don't know if yer insulting me or not!"

"Because I would definitely resort to big phrases and fancy words that you have no clue towards the meaning of just to insult your intelligence.


"That was an insult, Mutt." Seto smirked egotistically.

"… **** you!"

"Oh, such a nice come back."

While the two rivals bickered back and forth, Yugi watched as Yami successfully picked the lock on the storage room door. They opened the door wide, and then circled around the two fighting teens. Without warning, they shoved both in, slamming the door and locking it in place after them.

"What da **** guys!" Joey slammed his fist on the door. "What's goin' on here?"

"We're helping you solve your problems." Yami said, smirking.

"Good luck!" Yugi cheered.

As both walked away, the blonde continued to yell after them. "Ya can't do dis ta me! I thought we were pals! I helped ya get tagetta and dis is da tanks I get! See if I help ya eva again!"

"Well, this is certainly a unique predicament that you got us into here, Mutt." The brunette broke into his ran. Joey froze, his fists still positioned to pound the door.

Not that tone! Please, anything but that! Joey silently pleaded. Suddenly, he was all too aware of the dim lighting and secrecy of the storage room. Frantically, he clawed at the door, trying to escaped, "No no no no no!"

"Remember what I said I'd do if you got us into another mess like this, Puppy?" Seto licked his lips, eying Joey like a predator did prey.

"You stay da **** away from me!" Joey said, turning his defenseless back to the metal door.

"You brought this on yourself, pup." Seto stalked forward, "Prepare yourself, pup, or else, I will."

"NOOOOOO!" Joey screamed.

At the parking lot, Yugi looked up, hearing the scream. Growing concerned, he turned to Yami, "Are you sure Joey will be okay?"

"Of course. Seto won't kill him. It's bad publicity." Yami said. Looking at Yugi, he gave him a reassuring smile, "They'll be fine. Trust me."

"If you say so."

"We'll let them out in a couple hours. In the mean time…" Yami unlocked the car door and drew Yugi into the back seat. Closing the door, he gave a sly wink to the author before the two teens got tangled in a heated make out session that may or may not have ended in sex…

The author (who fainted from a nosebleed) truly doesn't know.

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