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Kage no Oni


X+X+X Chapter 1 X+X+X

He stared apathetically at the giant eye-less beast before him. The beast hissed softly as it leaned forward until their faces were only a few inches apart. It had four gangly arms with powerful and compact muscles under it's unusually hard black skin, a long tail with spines running along the top of it with a barb equipped to the tip of the tail, sharp claws on the ends of its fingers, sharp semi-translucent teeth filled its mouth, a smaller fanged jaw-like object in the beast's mouth, a large bony carapace on its head that extended backwards like a solid crown of some kind, and it's torso looked like it was starved.

"Why do you not fear me, young mammal?" The beast asked through some kind of telepathic link it had established with him. Naruto, who was only 6 years old, idly noted that it's voice was soft and melodious with a feminine tone, making him come to the conclusion that the monstrous creature was quite possibly female.

"Why should I? You have done me no wrong, so there is no need for me to fear you." Naruto replied as he leaned against the wall of the chamber with his hands in his pockets. Glancing around at his surroundings, Naruto spoke up again with a hint of a smirk on his normally expressionless face. "Besides...You saved me from the men who wanted to kill me for something beyond my control."

The Queen tilted her head slightly in curiousity. This human was unlike any her kind had encounted before throughout the ages. Human, those who knew of them, feared and hated them. They tried to hunt them and slaughter them. Sure, they hunted the human's in return, but only for the greater good of their kind. The Queen, who had lived for nearly eight centuries so far, could not remember a single human to show no fear or hatred for her or her kind.

"You are...interesting, young mammal." The Queen stated calmly before taking a couple steps back and turning towards a tunnel leading away from the chamber they were in, but looked back at Naruto. "Come. We have much to discuss."

"...Whatever..." Naruto mumbled gruffly as he shoved his hands in his pockets and followed the obsidian-skinned creature down the tunnel. Unknown to either of them, their actions changed the course of history...for both of their species...

X+X+X Ten Years Later X+X+X

The pitiful masses before him went about their daily routines, ignorant of the true threat to their existence. Pushing back the urge to growl, he stayed within the confines of the shadow and watched as the throng of humans passed him by. Vanishing and reappearing in another shadow in the darkness of his den.

He was 5'11" and 15 years old with smooth waist-length black hair help up in a pony tail by a black hair tie, solid obsidian eyes with metallic silver slit pupils and black sclera, pointed ears, sharp black claws, long and sharp fang-like canine teeth, black fang tattoos on both cheeks, and a muscular build like a street fighter or a boxer.

He was wearing dark grey armor that was much like ANBU armor, only made of metal with a black hood attached to the collar of his body armor, a dark grey and black camouflage cloak draped around him, black fingerless elbow-length gloves with dark grey metal caps on his knuckles, dark grey and black camouflage bracers on his forearms, and black steel toe boots were on his feet. He was also wearing a black armored face mask pulled up to cover the lower half of his face, a pair of collapsable multi-bladed shurikens strapped to his lower back, a pair of ninjato swords crossed on his back with the handles down at his hips, and a pair of kunai holsters on both of his thighs.

Tied around his head- much like a blindfold to hide his eyes- was his custom-made Konoha hitai-ate, which bore a black non-reflective metal plate with the leaf insignia traced in grey and attached to a strip of dark grey and black camouflage cloth.

This was Uzumaki Naruto. He had been living and training with the Queen and her 'children' for the past ten years and he had come out for the better...in his eyes, at least. Through an ancient ritual the Queen knew of from word of mouth between her kind- labeled as Xenomorphs by humans- for the past three thousand years, Naruto had become one of them, but Kyuubi had stepped in and altered some things. A perfect hybrid of human, Xeno, and fox.

While he may look human, Naruto was anything but. His blood held the same acidic qualities as Xeno blood, he could hunt down anything and anyone in zero-visibilty circumstances, his strength was greater than even the Queen's, he had two forms other than his current human form, his speed and agility was greater than even a high level jounin, his reflexes were even faster, and his knowledge of human and Xeno anatomy/biology/psychology was vast.

Naruto pulled his mask down and loosened his hitai-ate, letting both items hang around his neck. While he may be able to do just about everything without using his eyes, Naruto still prefered to see things with his own abyssal eyes.

In this case, it was the sleeping woman lying on the bed and sporting a swollen womb, denoting her pregnancy. Although only a teen in the eyes of the world, Naruto was far more mature in both body and mind. Dispelling the constant and enhanced seal-based Henge he wore when out in the world, the smoke cleared to show Naruto standing at 6'9" and slightly more muscled, though wiry and lithe.

The woman had long crimson hair that fell down to her wide hips, full and luscious lips stained red, creamy white skin, full and perky HH-cup breasts, a plump and meaty rear, muscular thighs, and long legs. Her belly was practically the size of a beach ball, signifying she was heavy with many offspring and very fertile. The woman was none other than Kyuubi no Kitsune, also known as Kaenyoko Kira.

Smiling softly, Naruto sat down at the edge of the bed beside Kira and placed a hand on the woman's massive womb. Closing his eyes peacefully and relaxing, Naruto could feel his children moving slightly. He felt the warmth they felt. He felt the same sense of safety that they felt.

Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto brushed a few scarlet strands out of his lover's face and smiled lovingly. Even though he was cold and hostile towards humans, he was kind and gentle with his hive and his lover.

Like everything else he owned, the bed was solid black with dark grey sheets and black covers. The floor was covered in dark grey and black tile set in a checkerboard pattern while the walls were painted dark grey and covered with black tribal designs. His and Kira's den, while simply another chamber in the web-work of underground tunnels beneath Konoha, lacked any kind of lighting as did the rest of the catacombs.

Leaning down, Naruto kissed Kira on the forehead and then on her belly before standing up. She was only three months into the pregnancy and Naruto knew she was only going to grow larger with time. As he walked away and exited the den, Naruto thought about Kira's condition.

She was truly pregnant with a new breed of Xenomorphs, something the vixin already knew of and had even encouraged prior to being impregnanted by Naruto. She wasn't the only one, either. Naruto had impregnanted several other human women that were restrained in the birthing chambers and they, too, only were three months along.

He had figured out that because the Queen had used her own blood during the ritual, Naruto had been granted the ability to reproduce more Xenomorphs. However, it was different as well. While the Queen was immobilized due to her egg sac, Naruto was free to go where he wished. Also, instead of using a medium- a Facehugger- like the Queen, Naruto can directly impregnate any human (or in Kira's case, demon) female. Even though his ability is limited only to female humans, any woman he impregnates becomes heavy with many, many more Xenos than a person/animal impregnated by a Facehugger, which allows only one at a time.

In fact, Kira was on her first 'litter', as she calls it. Naruto never bothered trying to figure out a different name for it and just let it be. Anyways, a normal human female is unable to survive giving birth to a full batch- which usually consists of three to four dozen Xenos on average- while Kira, because of her near instant healing factor, was pregnant with nearly twice that amount and he suspected that she could be impregnated once again after a month of recovery without any complications in her health.

Shaking his head to clear it, Naruto stopped at a balcony looking over a large open cavern. Inside, the walls and floor and ceiling were utterly covered by thousands of Xenomorphs. Among them were drones, warriors, runners, praetorians, a handful of serpentine Xenomorph Dragons spawned from the giant snakes in the Forest of Death (which was right above them), and a number of two unique Xenomorph types mixed in with the others.

The first set looked no different than Xeno warriors, albeit twice their size. They did, however, have two horns on either side of their heads that dipped just below their bottom jaw and nearly a foot ahead of their mouths. Their tails were far stronger than any other, their tail had larger bladed tips, their claws were longer and sharper, and their jaws were slightly larger than any other Xeno. These had been labeled as Titans by Naruto.

The second set were much like warriors as well, only more along the lines of the four-legged variety like a runner. These, too, had the same kind of horns as a Titan, only they were slightly smaller. They had longer claws than any other Xeno, their physique was streamlined for speed, their tail barb was twice as long as any other Xeno, and their tail was slightly longer than the others. Naruto had labeled these as Stalkers since they tended to stay hidden for the most part and were anti-social among the other Xenomorphs, preferring to remain isolated from the rest of the hive.

He did not know what they had spawned from, but Naruto knew it had to come from something in the Forest of Death seeing as the two Xenomorph types were no where else in his subterranean hive. With curious eyes, Naruto watched as a pair of Titans seemed to fighting one another, but they weren't aiming to kill one another. The other Xenos gave them a wide berth, not wanting to get involved in the fight.

'It is almost as if...they are training...' Naruto mused with a grin, watching as one Titan slipped its tail underneath itself and between its legs before pushing off of the ground with it much like a spring board to attack the other Titan from above. Not expecting it, the second Titan was forced to jump back to avoid being crushed under the might of the first Titan. With that done, their brawl continued, each one throwing curveballs at the other and keeping one another on their toes.

'Hehehe...the humans will never know what hit them when I release the hive on them.' Naruto thought darkly as he turned away from the scene before deciding to take a walk through his hive and check up on everything. He and his team had a C-rank mission tomorrow- their first one- and Naruto figured it was about time to release his hive on the world above. Well, just a few of them, at least...

X+X+X Three Days Later X+X+X

Naruto narrowed his eyes at a 'puddle' on the side of the road a short distance ahead of them. While it appeared to be a puddle to his team and their client, Naruto saw only two shinobi with clawed gauntlets. They were former Kiri-nin, about chuunin level to be exact, and known as the Demon Brothers; Meizu and Gouzu. Their genjutsu, like all others, were useless against him since Naruto didn't rely on his vision, the most common of only two or three ways to ensnare someone in a genjutsu.

Waiting for them to spring their 'trap', Naruto slipped to the back of the group, leaving Kakashi to take point and Sasuke and Sakura to flank their client, Tazuna. Just as he planned, the Demon Brothers left their genjutsu and launched themselves at Naruto, intending to wrap him up in their bladed chain and tear him apart.

Unfortunately, they did not expect a massive 12 foot black creature with horns to surge out of the forest and blind-side the two of them, dragging them into the forest on the other side. This all happened before anyone could turn around to see what happened. Sakura and Tazuna spun around, fear etched on their faces. Sasuke had shock written all over him and suspicioun. Kakashi was on alert and narrowed his singular eye at Naruto, who simply faked innocent.

"What? Is there something on my face?" Naruto asked as he tilted his head slightly. Although his voice didn't give it away, he was grinning maniacally from behind his mask. The Titan that had barreled into the two missing-nin was now on its way to a temporary hive he had ordered to be set up in Wave Country- along with several more in other countries- over a week ago.

A convoy of roughly fifty Drones, fifty Warriors, thirty Runners, twenty-five Dragons, ten Titans, and ten Stalkers had already gone up ahead with a collection of eggs to stock up the secondary hive in Wave. While all he would get out of it would be more Drones and Warriors and Runners, Naruto felt that more Xenomorphs and more Branch Hives would make it easier on him.

As they continued on, Naruto focused his attention on the person on the very edge of his senses. While he is able to track and follow things will impossible ease, Naruto knew of his limitations. The person, female, was just within his range of 'sight' and he could not tell what her approximate skill level was.

He mentally sighed as he knew it would be quite hard for him to track the girl down without a proper scent or idea of what she looked like. Sure, he could send some Xenos after her, preferably Stalkers since they were primarily combat trackers. That, however, would prove futile since the Stalkers would take awhile just locating the girl's scent since he only had a vague direction she was in, plus they would take an additional day tracking her down and reporting back to him. During that time, if she discovers she is being tracked, the girl will only move to a different location and cover her tracks more carefully.

'Kami, you just had to fuck with me, didn't you?' Naruto mentally asked as he looked up at the sky, receiving a light breeze in return. 'Crazy, blue haired bitch...always fucking with me for your own personal entertainment...'

Naruto sighed quietly again and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He now had to stay focused on the surrounding area, knowing that they were being watched by at least one person. He knew the Demon Brothers' were not smart enough to come up with an ambush as good as it was, the chakra that fueld the genjutsu having had a different scent and feel to it then that of the brothers'. That meant a third party had cast the genjutsu over them and had the pair lie in wait for their quarry.

Another thing, the group would have no reason to kill Tazuna or any of them, but they were still trying. The thought of them just wanting their money or something occured to him, but Kakashi was widely known for his skills and to attack annyone near the man no doubt spelled out their doom. All in all, someone wanted either Tazuna or someone in his team dead, most likely Kakashi.

This only brought up another question; who was hiding behind the curtains and pulling the strings?

Growling quietly to himself, Naruto silently created a Kage Bunshin and had it take his place before vanishing. He had two nuke-nin to question and he wanted to get to them before his Xenomorphs let loose a pair of Facehuggers on them. Naruto had questions and he wanted answers...