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Kage no Oni


X+X+X Chapter 16 X+X+X

Two months. Two god damn months since Kor'tal told him the fucking Queen was coming to the Elemental Countries. Naruto- fully armed and armored- dismissed those thoughts as he and his guards- a pair of Predaliens- drew closer to the chosen location of the Kage Summit called by the Raikage. Dracus let out a shrill cry as it descended upon the Three Wolves Mountains, alarming many of the armored samurai of the neutral country. Naruto couldn't help laughing quietly to himself, knowing Dracus had only done that for its own amusement.

Landing heavily in a snow covered clearing near the entrance of the compound, Naruto rubbed the top of Dracus' head as he got off, the two Predaliens flanking him. Normally, Naruto would go with two Praetorians or Titans, but they were rather heavy and Dracus could only carry so much weight. As he and his escorts neared the entrance, Naruto was greeted by a pair of samurai that led them to the room where the actual meeting would take place.

"Balcony. Stay there." Naruto ordered the two Predaliens through their mental link, who hissed in response before leaping up to the designated balcony, startling most of the other escorts for the four other Kages while causing the two from Iwa to bristle in anger. As he and the Tsuchikage looked at each other, the tension in the room sky rocketed. Taking his seat, Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in his chair.

"Place your hats on the table..." Mifune, Iron Country's leader, started. As one, the four Kages removed their respective hats and set them down on the table while Naruto, smirking slightly, slowly removed his mask and set it down as well to be at least semi-respectful. "You are here today because the Raikage has called this meeting. My name is Mifune. I will be your moderator. This meeting will now begin."

"I'll go first. Listen up." Gaara calmly began as he leaned forward with his elbows on the table, hands hovering on top of each other just in front of his face. Before he could begin, the ever ill tempered Tsuchikage interrupted.

"The makeup of the Five Kages sure has changed. You must be something special to be made Kazekage at your age." Onoki started, scowling. "Your father must have taught you right, but apparently he forgot to instill in you any manners."

"I guess..." Gaara began to reply calmly and slowly, unaffected by the Tsuchikage's comment. "That's why I'm here as Kazekage."

"HAHAHAHA! Cheeky brat!" Onoki laughed out sarcastically. Naruto was amused by their banter, finding it a little funny.

"Tsuchikage, please stop interrupting." The Godaime Mizukage cut in admonishingly before facing Gaara. "Kazekage, please continue..."

"...I'm a former host." Gaara started again. "Akatsuki captured me and nearly killed me extracting the beast. That's why I believe Akatsuki is extremely dangerous."

"Who does that Tsuchikage think he is?" Kankuro quietly growled under his breath, only for Temari to punch him in the arm.

"Be quiet." She hissed. Naruto smirked a little more, having over heard the pair.

"I requested aid from the other Kages many times, but they all ignored me." Gaara continued. "...Except for the former Hokage. Though at this point, with so many hosts captured, it's too late for aid."

"Hmph...If a country has had its host captured, it has no business giving other countries orders! It's an embarrassment!" The Tsuchikage cut in again, scowling in annoyance. "You should have tried to recover it in secret! Once it's stolen, you can't expect other countries to help you!"

"Heh...You're one to talk, Tsuchikage." All eyes turned to Naruto as he leaned forward, his own eyes locked on the Tsuchikage. "You tried to demand of Konoha that I be handed over to Iwa after you lost your own two hosts. You nearly got your way had I not stepped in and took control of Konoha."

"Be sile-!" Onoki snarled, only to go silent immediately when Naruto's plasma rifle hummed to life, aimed directly at the Tsuchikage's face.

"You know what this can do to a human skull at full power, don't you?" Naruto quietly inquired mockingly, eyes narrowed in anger. The other Kages tensed while their escorts, sans Naruto's, appeared beside their respective leaders. "You remember what I did to your outposts in the span of a few weeks with only a fraction of my army, don't you?"

Growling in anger, Onoki waved his guards away, the others reluctantly following suit. Naruto flashed his fangs before disarming his rifle and folding it up before holstering it again, crossing his arms back over his chest.

"Keep it up, Onoki, and Iwa follows the example of your outposts." Naruto growled. No one dared admonish the giant, knowing full well what Naruto was capable of. It was mostly for this reason that none of Iwa's allies helped when Naruto started his rampage a month ago. Turning to Gaara, Naruto continued. "Sorry for the interruption, Kazekage. Please go on."

Gaara nodded to him in appreciation, the two having formed a mild bond of kinship due to them being former hosts of Bijuu.

"Appearance...Honor..." Gaara started as he faced the Tsuchikage. "I don't have time for that ridiculous old-fashioned thinking."

'Hmph...Brats...' Onoki mentally growled, angered by both Naruto and Gaara. As the others started talking again, Naruto half-listened to them as he suddenly felt a presence on the very edge of his 'sight'. Ignoring it for the moment, Naruto spoke up again.

"In any event, the only ones who can truly be said to have controlled the beasts are Uchiha Madara and the Shodaime Hokage, Hashirama..." He cut in. "And maybe the Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura...and Raikage's brother, Killer Bee. But..."

"QUIT YOUR YAPPING!" The Raikage bellowed as he smashed his fist on the table, crushing it and causing everyone's guards to appear in front of them before the splinters even hit the floor while Naruto simply had his rifle out again, his Predaliens having remained where they were. As Mifune calmed them down and the guards returned to the balcony, Naruto- rifle resting on the table in front of him with his hand loosely grasping it- half-listened to the other Kages talk as he stretched his senses out to try and locate that pesky little presence he felt, which was now somewhere in the compound with three others. There was a fifth and sixth presence, but it was irritating; he couldn't identify or pin either of them down within his 'sight'.

'Sasuke...You little shit...' Naruto mentally growled, deciding to deal with the brat once he got the chance. Just as he thought that, Mifune interrupted his thoughts.

"What would you think of forming...a five-village alliance?" The man asked.

"An alliance?" The Raikage asked incredulously.

"...It's a good idea. We're in a state of emergency...We have to cooperate." Naruto commented. '...I like where this is heading.'

"The chain of command should be uniform." Mifune noted. "We want to avoid any further confusion."

"So..." Onoki began. "The question is who will have authority over this new army...?"

"You will only fight amongst yourselves..." Interrupted Mifune. "So I would like you to respect my position as a neutral party. I will decide who among you is best suited for the job."

'Perfect...' Naruto mused as he mentally smirked, knowing this was his best chance to gain a foot hold in his advance across the Elemental Countries before that blasted Yaut'ja Queen starts any shit with him. Due to the mental bond with his Hive, Naruto's mind was stronger than any normal human mind and gave him the gift of mild suggestive telepathy. It was great for interrogation and converting people to his side, should he require their abilities for a new caste or as an ally of the Hive.

As such, Naruto began to slowly infiltrate Milfune's thoughts and nudge him in the right direction. What was so great about it was that it didn't require chakra and the affected person had no knowledge of it even occurring. However, it wasn't an easy task to perform and caused Naruto to experience mild headaches afterward.

"Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha shall act as the head of the alliance. Despite his past actions, I believe he is the best candidate for the position." Mifune proclaimed. "Among us all, Konoha is the only one capable of procuring the most troops for the coming war against Akatsuki and as much as I dislike admitting it, they are far stronger than any average shinobi or samurai and easily replaced. Added with his strategic knowledge and the omnipotent control over his…Hive, the Hokage is best suited for this role."

Naruto grinned as the others looked at him. The Raikage seemed angered with the decision, the Kazekage looked at him with approval, the Mizukage held an expression of indifference, and the Tsuchikage just seemed irked from it all.

Even as the Raikage shot to his feet in outrage, Naruto knew he had won the gamble of gaining leadership over the Alliance. For one to know of his 'official' crimes and actions and still choose him as the head nominee of an Alliance to combat the Akatsuki, Naruto knew he had the advantage over the others. That and the fact he gave Mifune a nudge in the right direction to do it.

Either way, it wasn't surprising when Kiri was the beginning of the Akatsuki, Iwa and Suna did business with them on several occasions, and most of Akatsuki's members came from the four previously mentioned Hidden Villages. Kumo was free game since it held no ties with Akatsuki, but the Raikage was too emotional to properly lead the Alliance without causing some problems.

'Heh…Perfect.' Naruto mused before noticing a light flashing under his mask. Picking it up and putting it on despite the meeting, Naruto noticed it was a message from Kor'tal. Opening it, Naruto's good mood was ruined. He went from happy, to angry, skipped sad, and now he just felt like kicking the bastard's ass. From what Kor'tal mentioned in the message, he managed to get in contact with the Queen and She wants to meet with him in three days. She wanted to meet in Konoha, of all places, but She made sure to make it clear She was coming on neutral terms.

'Damn it…' Naruto mentally grumbled as he removed his mask and set it down in front of him. His day just kept getting worse. Naruto scowl grew deeper when he sensed a new presence in the room, the fifth one he hadn't been able to pin earlier. Jumping to his feet and snatching his chair up in one hand, Naruto threw said chair at the ceiling where the presence was, his rifle held deftly in his other hand and aimed at the same spot as the chair shattered into wood splinters upon contact with the ceiling.

"Come out. Now." Naruto snarled as the Kages and their guards jumped to their feet as well, startled by Naruto's actions. Slowly, the form of Zetsu's white half bulged out from the ceiling as if he was in water.

The plant-like man opened his mouth to say something, but didn't get the chance to when a ball of pale blue plasma ripped through his neck and head, splattering blood and gore across the ceiling that dripped down to the floor and on the desk. Charging up another shot as he put his mask on, Naruto stretched out his senses to locate his chosen prey and activated his power glove before he punched a hole in the wall, exiting the room through it as his Predalien guards followed after him.

Before the others could follow after him, Naruto dropped a laser net behind him and activated it the moment it was in place, blocking off the passage way. Moving quickly, Naruto punched a hole through the floor when he was directly above his target and dropped down to the room below, his Predaliens breaking off to search for one of the other targets that was attempting to flee.

"Naruto." The Uchiha growled as he brandished his chokuto, ready for battle. All around them lay the bodies of almost two to three dozen Iron Country samurai. Beside Sasuke was Sakura, just as pathetic and weak as she was two years ago.

"Pansy, Bitch. It's been awhile." Naruto stated calmly with a slight grin behind his mask, finally feeling better now that the thorn in his side was right in front of him and ready for him to 'remove'. "Let's stop beating around the bush and settle our old score, Uchiha."

"You can't stop me, Naruto. A pathetic low-life like yourself stands no chance against the might of an Uchiha." The traitor growled, inwardly remembering his last fight with Naruto and the phantom pains from the injuries he sustained during said confrontation.

"Oh, but I can and I will, Uchiha. Just stand still for a second and it'll all be over." Naruto growled out before blurring out of sight and lashing out with a left hook, only for Sasuke to barely dodge it with his Mangekyou Sharingan blazing.

"Your Sharingan may have changed, but your skills haven't, Uchiha." Naruto coldly stated as he continued to lash out with left hooks and elbow drops, which Sasuke continued to dodge.

"Says the loser with no skills of his own." Sasuke growled out before the butt of Naruto's rifle slammed into his chin from below and knocked him up into the air. Having spent the time to set him up, Naruto lashed out with another left hook to Sasuke's side while extending the wrist blades on said gauntlet, ripping through the Uchiha's kidneys and intestines in one fell swoop.

"Like I said last time we met, Uchiha…" Naruto snarled as he let Sasuke fall to the ground and placed his booted foot on the black haired man's chest, ignoring Sasuke's cries of pain and Sakura's shrill voice. "I always collect what is mine."

Reaching down, Naruto plucked Sasuke's left eye and then his right before crushing them both in his hands like rotten grapes. Sasuke, screaming in pain and horror the whole time, was unable to get out from under Naruto's foot. Sakura, in a desperate attempt to save her crush, charged Naruto with a kunai, only for her head to explode in a shower of blood and gore as a ball of plasma ripped through her skull.

"Pathetic. I thought you would have at least learned a few new tricks or got smarter by now, Sasuke." Naruto taunted sadistically as he charged up another shot at full power and aimed it at Sasuke's head. "Enjoy your stay in Hell, Uchiha. I'm sure the Devil would love to deal with you personally."

In another burst of blue and crimson, another victim to Naruto's wrath fell, blood and brain matter splattered across his mask in small droplets. Satisfied with his kill, Naruto reached down and stuck a needle in the man's arm before retrieving a vile of blood; Uchiha blood. He planned on analyzing it and altering it slightly to create a new caste of Xenomorphs. They would prove useful if he could somehow give them the ability to mimic or hypnotize their prey. It would benefit his Ghosts the most considering they could use chakra.

Before he could think much on it, Naruto was forced to jump over a mutated fist that slammed into the ground where he once stood. It belonged to the originator of the Cursed Mark, Juugo. Before the man could say anything, Naruto's plasma rifle was aimed at his head. Unable to move fast enough, Juugo watched as an orb of blue plasma ripped through his skull and killed him. Landing lightly on his feet, Naruto folded up his rifle and holstered it before tossing a special container full of solvent that burst upon contact with Suigetsu's chest, quickly breaking the bonds between the water molecules in the man's liquid body. Even as the man screamed in pain, Suigetsu's body evaporated at a rapid pace, eventually killing him.

Taking another vile of blood from Juugo for later analyzation, Naruto quickly pocketed it just as the others arrived in the room. The women grew pale and grim as they witnessed the brutal slaughter of the four infiltrators. The Raikage glared at Naruto for a moment after seeing the body of Sasuke, but gave him a nod of acknowledgement after a minute in gratitude for avenging his fallen brother.


As Naruto left the building and mounted Dracus, his Predaliens returned to him with a young red-haired women with glasses, unconscious. She was of average appearance in terms of assets and after a bit of digging through her mind, Naruto found her only true talent to be her extreme sensory capabilities. Thinking for a moment, Naruto crouched down beside her.

"I guess I can use her as a breeder to spawn Xenomorphs with the ability to sense chakra from far distances." Naruto mused out loud as he stood up again and faced his guards. "Bind her. We're taking her to the main hive."

Growling quietly in confirmation, the Predaliens bound the woman, Karin, with rope and set her in the back of the tent-like harness on the back of the great draconic beast that was Dracus. As said winged Xenomorph took flight, Naruto sat in the lotus position and began to meditate, seeking to strengthen his telepathic powers. As he did, the metal orb in his cloak hummed faintly as it gained a barely visible crimson aura. For the rest of the trip back to Konoha, Naruto meditated without interruption as five shinobi shuriken slowly revolved around him while spinning rapidly.

Upon landing in Konoha, Naruto opened his eyes and the shuriken clattered to the floor. Cocking an eyebrow in confusion as he removed his mask, Naruto ignored it and stood up as he motioned for his Predalien guards to bring the woman. During his meditation, Naruto was shown images of what had been, what was, and what was to come if certain things did or did not happen. Because of these visions, Naruto developed a new plan of action.

"Take her to my lab." Naruto ordered the pair of mixed breed Xenos as he made his way to the Fire Tower and to his office, the two Predaliens running off with their quarry. Sitting down at his desk, he tapped the screen to turn it on and plugged in his mask before bringing up multiple three dimensional holographic images. They were scans of Karin's body taken with his mask. He then pulled out three viles of blood and a vile filled with a mixture of Xenomorph blood types before plugging each one into a different ports on his left. Four DNA strands appeared among the images before combining into one, centering around Karin's DNA.

"DNA compatibility, 56%..." Stated the mechanical voice from the computer. "Chance of survival, 73%..."

"Tch..." Naruto scowled as he heard the percentages. There was too much risk involved if he used so many DNA types with Karin's, but he was surprised by what he heard next.

"DNA compatibility, 59%...73%...95% and holding...Chance of survival, 79%...84%...93%...98% and holding..." The computer continued as Naruto grinned viciously before frowning slightly in confusion about the sudden change. Examining each of the DNA strands individually, Naruto found it was none other than Juugo's DNA that enabled the success of the process due to the adaptive and evolving capabilites of the man's genetic coding. Tapping the screen again, Naruto brought up a live video stream of his lab where Karin was strapped to a table with multiple tubes inserted into her arms, awake and struggling to free herself no matter how futile it may be.

"Now, to begin the procedure..." Naruto mumbled to himself as he tapped another selection, the viles draining and flowing down through the tubes into Karin's body. She cried out in pain as the multiple DNA strands forcefully bonded with her own, changing her. Her tight-fitting shirt became strained as her A-cup breasts began to swell as he hips grew wider and her thighs grew thicker, breaking the seams on her shorts. His grin grew more fiendish as he watched her transformation. He watched as her red hair turned black and her eyes turned blood red, her flesh growing paler with every second until she was bone white. The zipper on her shirt broke as her breasts grew to ample F-cups filled with fresh milk, still expanding as droplets of the ivory liquid seeped from her nipples. Her shorts were torn apart and her black panties were busted as her hips grew nearly a foot wider than they originally were, her rear and thighs having gained four inches a piece.

Standing up and walking over to a seal array in the corner of the room, Naruto disappeared in a cloud of black smoke before reappearing over a similar array in the labratory. He walked over to Karin and removed her restraints before stroking her cheek gently as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

"How are you feeling?" He inquired softly as Karin smiled faintly, her mind having already been altered by the Xenomorph DNA and knew instinctively that Naruto was her King. He

"Wonderful, my Master..." Karin whispered as she gently grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on her full L-cup breast, moaning softly in pleasure as he groped her lovingly. Naruto smirked victoriously when she closed her eyes, knowing he now had the perfect breeder for his hive. Now, if he could only add more genetic material to her compound DNA strain...

X+X+X Three Days Later X+X+X

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, a scowl on his face behind his mask as he waited for the Queen to arrive with her honor guard for their little...chat. It wasn't much longer before five figures entered his field of vision. They deactivated their cloaking devices and stood shoulder to shoulder. In the center stood the Queen, her golden armor glistening in the dim light of dawn. To her immediate left was a Yaut'ja in ancient appearing armor with native-looking decorations on them. On the far left was another wearing heavier armor with curved back-swept adornments on either side that looked like horns, a heavy bladed staff grasped in his left hand. To the Queens right was another Predator wearing heavy armor with tusks and skulls decorating his armor. The last one on the far right was wearing armor Naruto was a bit more familiar with; his armor looked like it was based off of samurai armor with two swords on his back and two more at his left hip.

"Good morning, your Majesty." Naruto greeted as he bowed partially and turned to the side, holding his arm out in the direction of Konoha. "Please do not be afraid of my pets. So long as you do not intend harm to my person or attack them, they will remain docile."

"Your so-called 'pets' do not frighten me, boy." The Queen growled out roughly as she and her guards entered the village. Naruto chuckled lightly at her response, finding her rough exterior to be quite amusing. For now, at least.

"I sincerely apologize if I disrespected you, your Majesty." Naruto apologiized calmly as he took the lead and led them to his office. Once there, the Queen took a seat in front of his desk as Naruto took his usual spot, the four other Predators standing guard around the golden armored female.

"So what is it you wanted to discuss?" Naruto inquired as he removed his mask and set it on the table. He knew wearing his armor would anger the Predators, but to him, it was improper not to wear the whole set.

"I came here to talk about your hive and the future of this planet, Uzumaki Naruto..." The Queen stated as Kor'tal stepped out of the shadows across the room before standing directly behind her with his arms crossed over his chest. Naruto narrowed his eyes stood up, glaring daggers at the supposed Bad-blood.

"What is the meaning of this, Kor'tal? You dare betray me?" Naruto snarled in outrage, his fangs growing sharper as his adrenaline started pumping through his veins...