A hatred like he'd never known was coursing through Harry's veins as he stood in the Headmasters ruined office. His breath came in deep, heavy pants, his face ghostly pale but for the circles of fire in his cheeks, his eyes so dark they took on a forest green quality instead of his normal emerald orbs. His glare would have the bravest of men cowering, although the Headmaster himself simply sat, looking at him with a small frown upon his face, his eyes forever twinkling, at this time with what appeared to be pity. This, of course, just infuriated the teenager even more, and when asked to sit, when asked to calm down, Harry began to laugh. A truly frightening laugh, those who truly knew him (had there been anyone that did) would have been backing away in fear.

"You want me to calm down?" Harry began in a deadly hiss, "How dare you. How dare you tell me of your manipulations, five years too late I might add, and then ask me to CALM DOWN!" Harry screamed, his face purpling slightly as his voice increased in volume. He paused, his expression that of someone desperately trying to stop themselves from doing something incredibly stupid, taking a deep breath, he focused his murderous gaze upon the man he'd thought of as a surrogate Grandfather. "I say this for the last time, old man. Let me out." He spoke in a deceivingly calm voice, though his eyes gave away his true feelings. Dumbledore heaved a pained sigh, closing his eyes against sight of the enraged teen.

"Very well. However, I must ask you not to mention what I've told you tonight to anyone, bar Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley, of course. And I will be calling on you again by the weeks end, please be available." Opening his eyes, Dumbledore waited for some response to this demand, at Harry's brisk nod, he waved his wand in a slight motion, and the door was opened, Harry walking quickly to the escape. "Harry..?" Harry paused, his back to the Headmaster. "I truly am sorry for your loss, dear boy, Sirius was an amazing man and the Order will surely miss him."

If the Headmaster could have seen Harry's face at that statement, he would have thought twice about letting him out of his office. As it was, he sighed as Harry left.

"It will all be for the greater good, my boy." He spoke to the empty room quietly.