Since I woke up, I couldn't help but to feel like something was going to happen, it felt like a determine boost. I shook it off as I got on the bus and sat by Felicia as usual. 'Maybe there's a new student,' I wondered, but was snapped out of my thoughts by fingers snapping against each other. I turned to see an annoyed Felicia called my name.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Did you hear a word I just said?" Felicia asked, I could tell that she was irriated. I gave my friend an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, what were you saying again?" I asked.

"You know what! Nevermind!" Felicia exclaimed.

"I said I was sorry, Felicia," I said in a soft voice, feeling a little bit guilty. Felicia grabbed my hand and placed a folded up piece of paper in my hand, I stared at it confused then at her.

"I need you to give this is Josh, alright? And please Jenny, don't look at it," Felicia said. I didn't say anything but to glaze at the note and wondered what was inside, but to honor my friends' trust and private life. I looked up and nodded, and then placed it in my pocket.

The rest of the bus ride was quiet and rather awkward, Felicia looked like she wanted to cry as she bit her lip. Was it the note that 'caused it? I shook my head as we got off the bus and to our class, I spotted Chloe and Liza giggling while looking at a photo.

"Hey guys," I greeted as I walked over to them, they looked up and smiled.

"Hey Jenn, check out this photo of Addie Wilson! Its epic!" Chloe cried, I took it out of her hands and followed her demands.

It was Addie and Jeffery Alderman at a burger joint, Addie was dressed up and well-Jeffery wasn't. Addie wore this sheepish embarrassed smile plastered on her face. Why was she nervous? Well a six year old kid dumped -by the looks of it-root beer on her hair and outfit, laughing. But the kid wasn't the only one laughing, so was Jeffery. Haha, way a go kid!

I snickered at it and saw Addie come in, "Hey Addie, did you get the soda out of your hair?" Sure that was harsh, but she deserve what she did! That blonde bimbo TPyed my house! And I know it was her. One she knows where I live, and two she was being a freaking blonde and left a note saying she did it! Was that stupid or what? Addie shrieked as she grabbed her blonde head and sprint across the hall.

"Hey, why is Addie running around the school like a manic while screaming 'my hair! my hair!'?" Josh asked while coming over to us. I grinned and showed him the picture of Addie and Jeffery.

"Ew," was all Josh could get out, the three of us laughed at his statement.

"Oh! Felicia told me to give this to you," I told him giving him the note I got from Felicia earlier on the bus. He read it and froze in shock. I placed a worried facial expression on my face looking at Josh, "Josh? Are you ok?"

"Yeah you seem kind of pale," Chloe pointed out.

"How could she do this to me?" He asked himself, "why?" He turned away from us and left, still in shock. Was this was what I felt this morning? A problem between Felicia and Josh? They were the perfect couple I've ever seen! I can't picture them not together, it would be weird and I know that they belong and deserve each other.

"What did the note say?" Liza asked in her usual shy voice. I shrugged, "I don't know. I've never looked at it."

With the Pops

Dana's POV

I found Addie in the stalls in the girls' bathroom like a coward, I found her when I was putting on my makeup and then I heard her whimpering. She looked pathetic! I thought she was our leader, and I find her weak! Her hair was wet and messy, GROSS! Her makeup is smeared from probably the water, and her clothes is wrinkly!

"Ad what happened to you! You look horrible," I exclaimed.

She glared at me and ran her fingers through her hair-but only got caught in tangles- and sniffled, "thanks, your worry is heart warming."

I ignored her sarcastic comment, "well?"

"Well?" she repeated.

"What happened to you?" I asked. Addie reminded me about what happened on her date with Jeffery and how it didn't go so well, and somehow the nerds got a pic of it and embarrassed her. I got an evil idea in my head, and I knew exactly how to get back at Jenny and her friends. It was time to get rid of them for once and all! All by social death, not like it would do any damage.

"Don't worry Addie, I know how to get back at them," I said with a evil smile. She looked up at me confused, "how are you going to do that?"

"You'll see," I said secretively, before leaving. I already fixed up Addie, I wasn't going to let her go out like that; looking like a Jenny hobo.

With Jenny at lunch

This wasn't good at all, Josh looked misreable. I tried to do think of everything on what could of been in that note that I got from Felicia. I pouted to myself, I should've read the note when I had the chance. Chloe was trying to cheer him up but I could tell it wasn't working and was having a hard time. Chloe sighed as she gave up, and returned to eating her lunch. I felt something tapped my shoulder -my friends looked at it in shock, I boredly looked up and screamed and fell out of my chair when I saw Dana smiling at me. Dana and the word or act 'smile' does not belong together! It's wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong! Dana should never smile again!

"Ow," I moaned rubbing the head I landed on, I groaned and got up, "What do you want, Dana?"

Dana gasped in shocked, "What! I just wanted to ask you something."

I rolled my green eyes, "yeah sure. What is it?"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me away from my friends and out to the hallway, she let go of the sweet and innocent act as she glared daggers at me and crossed her arms. "Ok McAfee, you better listen and listen good."

I rose an eyebrow, "What, you think I don't have good hearing?"

She sarcastically laughed and grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me forward until we were nose to nose. "You think your funny, uh? But you better do as I say!"

I pulled away from her grip and glared at Dana, "What is it that you want? I highly doubt that you could want something from me."

"But there is, revenge," She said 'revenge' with such hatred and evilness, I flinced, "in two weeks there would be a talent show and I want you to enter along with me and no backing out for either of us; you're going to be singing. If I win, I dare you to dye your hair of the color of my choice."

I didn't except that at all, "what happens if I win."

"I doubt that would happen but it goes for me as well" Dana explained the conequenses. I thought it over and I nodded my head in acceptance.

"Alright," I smirked, "lets begin."

"Pepare to lose, Jennifer McAfee," Dana hissed sharply as she walked back into the lunchroom.

These past two weeks are going to be interesting.

With the Pops

"Where did you go with the McAfee," Maya asked curiously as Dana came back with an evil smile on her face.

"I made a bet Jenny, a singing competition," Dana bragged, Addie dropped her fork and looked at her with disbelief.

"What did you bet on?" Addie hissed through her teeth.

"If I win, which I will, I get to dye her hair of the color I chose," Dana explained, Addie slammed her fist on the table.

"You idiot!" Addie sneered and stormed off, Dana watched her go in shocked.

"What?" Dana said cluelessly to her friends, they shrugged in reply.

Addie cursed to inside her mind, sometimes Dana could be such a ditz! Did she ever take the fact that Jenny could actually sing! Of course the two are no longer friends, but that doesn't mean that Addie doesn't know Jenny, she been to her house and bedroom. Inside Jenny's closet held many singing awards from the past years. Addie didn't hear Jenny sing before, but she knows that she can though. Addie hopes that Dana knows what she is going through at the moment, she prayed for her dear friend.

At home

Why would Dana Harrison challenge me to a talent show, singing? Less threat me to enter, who knew she could be so violent! I sighed and flopped on my bed. I didn't tell the others what happened, I told them that Dana threatened me. Such a weird and confusing day today...

I felt hopeless when I couldn't help Josh or Felicia in his or hers time of need, it made me feel like a bad friend. I should of asked what was wrong with Felicia when she started to act strange, but I didn't. I didn't feel like myself today. I felt rude. I knew exactly who I felt like.

Addison Wilson.

Its like we traded personalities today, I insulted her like how she would insult me. It was actually what she would of said. Addie isn't very helpful person either, like how I could help Felicia and Josh. I worried about them, doesn't that count? I made a mistake, humans make mistakes all the time, right? And I happen to be human, and you could always fix them.

I groaned as I placed my head into my hands. This is so confusing! No, its wasn't just confusing. It was irriating and complicated. I feel like my whole life just shattered, and I'm lost in the dark. I groaned and flopped my back of the surface of my bed. I stared at my ceiling, I wonder how Addie's doing. I overheard Addie screamed 'you idiot,' to Dana and stormed off. What's wrong with her? I chuckled to myself silently, here I am thinking about my enemies' feelings.

Strange, was the last word I thought of and I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

The Next Day

I woke up by the sound of my doorbell, I groaned and forced myself out of bed to open the door. I knew my parnets where at work. I opened it up and saw a boy around my age with brown shaggy hair, with blue orbs like sapphires along with a flawless clear face. He wore a black leather jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath it, along with simple ripped blue jeans that his hands were shoved in the pockets. I had to admit, he was cute.

"What?" I asked tiredly, and quite cranky. He chuckled at it, how is that funny?

"Do you have some flour we could borrow?" He asked. I walked into the kitchen, and pepared his four, "did you just wake up or are you always this slobby?"

I turned to glare at him and he had this smirk on his face, what did I ever do to him? I shoved the cup of flour in his hands roughly and walked back upstair, "bye!"

I was so friggin' tired and that guy just pissed me out completely! Who was he aways? He had no right to make fun of me from yesterday's progress. Plus where did he come from?

I got ready and fixed myself up for school then ate breakfast. I got on the bus and saw Felicia and was glad that she looked better than yesterday. She smiled and waved for me to come over.

"Hey Jenn!" She greeted me happily, I smiled back.

"Hey, you couldn't believe what happened to me this morning," I said, this got Felicia's interest.

"What?" She asked eagerly.

"Ok, yesterday wasn't very good. I felt terrible, Josh acted weird and I got in a bet with Dana," I started but Felicia cut me off.

"Dana?" She gasped in shock and surprise.

"I know, it surprised me too. Anyways, you know how I'm not in my best mood in the morning-" she nodded "-well, some guy came asked to borrow flour from me. So I went to get his flour and then he makes a rude comment about me!"

Felicia laughed, "well you don't always look your best in the morning, Jenny."

"He doesn't need to be mean though," I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest. Felicia laughed again before getting off the bus.

I rolled my eyes before yelling out "thanks alot, Felicia!" I started to chase her so I could kill her but I ran into somethiong...or someone. I looked up to see that guy looking down at me amused, I only glared.

"Hey slobby, I see you fixed yourself up," he said cockily. I pulled myself up from the ground and tried to go after Felicia but the dude was blocking me.

"Let me pass! I got to go kill someone!" I cried angrily, then he snickered.

"Really, I've never thought you were the violent type...Maybe I should call you kitty," He suggested, I stared at him in shock.

"I'm not a freaking cat!" I exclaimed throwing my hand in the air, 'causing everyone to stare. Josh, Chloe, and Marc saw this and sighed as they walked over.

"Really?" he asked, "you look like a cat to me." Then there was that stupid smirk that I hated so much.

"Hey, found a new friend?" Josh asked, teasing a little.

I turned to them, "oh, he's not my friend."

"Come on," Marc sighed, as he forcefully dragged me away from the big jerk. We got to english class and Chloe was bugging me about who the meanie was and how we met. Man, who knew that Chloe was the one for gossip?

"Come on, Jenny! TELL...ME!" Chloe exclaimed, 'causing the class to stare-epicsially Dana and Addie. They never seen Chloe so worked up.

"Ms Samson, be quiet!" the teacher snapped, she took a breathe and regain her cool. Well you can't lose what you never had. "We have a new student, I like you to meet Mr. Hayden." I growled and dugged my nails into my wooden desk.

"Hey," he greeted coolly.

"Now you can-MS MCAFEE! Stop destorying school property!" she snapped, she breathe in again. "Mr. Hayden you may sit next to Ms McAfee." I cursed that I have an empty seat next to me, this is torture!

"You mean the one who is banging her head on the desk?" he asked, pointing over at me as I banged my head on the desk repeatedly. Secertly he was snickering at it as he sat down next to me.

"Yes-wait, what? McAfee! I told you to not destory school property!" she snapped.

I groaned, "why me! Why God, oh why do you hate me so much?" I cried.

Dana's POV

I looked at Jenny and the new hot kid next to her, I glared deeply. What did that ugly Jenny had that I didn't? Addie stared at the new kid hungrily, I could tell that she liked him; or what she saw. The teacher was in the bathroom, so I got up and made my way over to the angry brunette and hottie. "Hey," I purred sexily as I could. He glanced up and smiled cutely. I wished I could have just kissed him on the lips, right then are there.

"Hey what's up?" he greeted.

"Since you are new and all, I was wandering if you would want to eat lunch with me and my friends?" I asked, begging to God that he would say yes. He looked like he was thinking about it.

"Actually, I would love to have lunch with a pretty girl like you," he started, I giggled cutely, "but I actually wanted to hang out with my friends."

I felt like my heart dropped, I've never been replaced before, "o-oh, w-well maybe t-they can s-sit with us?" I tried to compromise. He grinned cutely, and nodded.

"Sounds like a plan to me," he eventually agreed, before taking out his phone and began texting. I stood there awkwardly, I've never of even thought about texting in class. I guess he is cooler than me.. "You text?"

His sapphire blue orbs glanced up from the phone screen and to me, "yeah?"

I swifted uncomfortably and I bet my face is red from embarrassament, "so do you wanna swap numbers?" Taking out my cell phone as well, he put his phone away. I felt so horrible, like he didn't like me.

"Dana!" the English teacher snapped, "care to explain why you are out of your seat and have your phone out?"


The class snickered, mostly that loudmouth named Chloe and Jenny.