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OH! Before you go off and read, I would like to quickly discuss the voices I imagined our characters to have.

Jenny- Mostly Eden Espinosa and some Stephanie J. Block add into it (Wicked.)

Chloe- Amber Riley with some Jemma Rix(Mercedes on Glee) (Jemma is for Wicked)

Addie- a scratchy Miley Cyrus (anywhere with her in it.)

Dana- a pitchy Meaghan Jette Martin (Camp Rock)

Julie- Jenna Leigh Green (Wicked)

Austin- Sebastian Ariel (Dancing through Life or As Long As You're Mine.)

Kathy- Megan Hilty (Wicked)

Micheal- Logan Lipton (Wicked

Most of them you'll find them on YouTube or played in any Wicked performances.

Today was just about like any other day, The Pops were preparing for their performance for the Talent Show and same goes for the Jenny and Chloe. However, not at the moment, Jenny and Chloe were lazily lying down in the courtyard that was recently established. The two was just relaxing in the cool crisp air as they listened to Drew's iPod who he left over last night at Jenny's. (A/N: Thalia Grace-Pinecone Face, I hope you don't mind me using this.) So far, they listened to really girlie songs; one of them was Barbie Girl. Jenny snorted, "Dear Lord, what is wrong with this boy!"

Chloe laughed, "I have no idea but clearly he needs some help."

Jenny picked up the device and fingered it, "What kind of guy listens to Aqua and Hannah Montana?"

The two were silent for a while, letting the music glide into their ears. Chloe shifted uncomfortably by the music, she wasn't a fan of the new Disney's' type of music. In fact, she almost hates them.

"Maybe he's hiding in the closet," Chloe mumbled, looking at her friend questioningly. Jenny stared at her wide eyes as if she was processing the ideal of a gay Drew in her brain.


Chloe grinned, taking the iPod from Jenny's hands to change the song into something more tasteful. Her thumb encircled the round buttons, scanning for a good song for them to play. So far, there was nothing.

"This music sucks…"

Jenny looked up and gave her a look that says "no kidding." Then her eyes flickered to something in the distance and nearly rolled them, "And speaking of 'sucking…'"

Chloe flipped her body over like a golden pancake and saw was the heated glare from Jenny was all about. Walking right over to them was Addie and Dana stomping there way over to the two with scowls on their faces. By the time the two Pops came over, Jenny and Chloe sat up.

"Yes?" Chloe asked after she paused the song.

"You're such a little-" Dana was cut off by Addie before she could finish her sentence.

"What she means is that you're a little skank," she leaned over to Dana with a whisper, "The other word was naughty, my friend."

"Whoa! Who are you calling a skank, you promiscuous tramp! Talk about speaking for yourself! Don't go around and calling people 'skank' if they aren't one!" Chloe growled angrily.

"What does preomesciouish mean?" Dana asked quietly to Addie. Jenny rolled her eyes on how she said the word wrong which wasn't even close to the correct pronunciation.

"I have no idea but I'm sure it isn't good," she replied.

"Really, why?"

"After that huge word is tramp so obviously, it's not good," Addie answered.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Chloe were having a mini conservation of their own.

"Why did you say promiscuous? Isn't that and tramp the same thing?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah, I guess wanted to confuse them."

Jenny grinned, "Well, I believe you succeed," she jammed her thumb over to the Pops whom had puzzled expressions on their faces. Dana and Addie turned to the Chloe and Jenny, ready to continue the combined discussion.

"What are you doing here anyways?" Jenny pointed out, annoyed with the insults that don't even have a reason behind them. She was used of them making fun of them but when you call her and her friends something that they are not, like a tramp. Then there's 'bout to be fire exploding from this area.

"Stay away from my bf, Jen. He's not yours and never will be with someone so ugly like you," Dana sneered threateningly. Jenny utterly had the urge to roll her eyes as Chloe snorted in laughter.

"Ugly? Jen, ugly? She's a natural beauty but I couldn't say that for yourself," Chloe hissed.

"And who said that I was trying to steal Drew away from you? Did you even hear what we said to each other last night? There was screaming and shouts, not the good kind," Jenny said. Just like that, Dana and Addie deflated, defeated. Of course, they both know that Jenny was right and they refused to agree with Chloe. But they honestly had no idea what went on in that house only because they weren't there. They were just burned with jealously and it was not pretty.

"Well, just stay away," Dana scoffed, feeling no so confident.

Jenny held out her hands in mock surrender, "Alright, I'll stay away from your precious 'boyfriend.'"

Needless to say, Dana looked very pleased with it; however, she doesn't know that Jenny had just said that to get rid of them. They turned to leave until something caught Dana's eye.

"Hey! That's my iPod, you thief!" she yelled, pointing a pink finger at Chloe. Jenny looked down and snickered, mumbling to herself on how that made so much more sense.

"So…this isn't Drew's?" Chloe asked, fighting back a smile.

"Of course not, duh! It's pretty and pink!" she paused, "Though, now that I think about it… I think Drewy should have the same color too! He'll love it!"

Jenny rolled her eyes, 'Yeah, I doubt it.'

"Look, I didn't steal it. I thought it was Drew's because he left it over at my house as we worked on the project," Chloe explained. Dana collapsed from her anger.


Jenny huffed, 'Well, not going to say "sorry," huh? Shallow much?'

Without a word, the two Pops turned around and walked away; leaving the two in peace. Chloe rolled her eyes with a heavy sigh, "Well, that was interesting," she said as she got back on her feet. Chloe glanced back down at the brunette singer.

"Should we go to the music room and practice?" Chloe suggested. Jenny nodded and stood up.

When they got to the music room, it was packed and I mean, really packed. Everyone from the talent show was in there, practicing loudly. Not doubt that Jenny and Chloe will never get any practice done correctly if they aren't being disturbed by the most annoying things. Plus, they wanted their performance to be a grand surprise.

Chloe groaned, "Great, now what?"

Jenny thought about their situation for a moment, she had an idea in mind but it needed some thought. School was practically over and there's no more classes so would it be a bad idea to leave? Jenny reached out and yanked Chloe by the arm, dragging her to the main office. Jenny smiled at the elderly lady behind the counter, using a very nice charm to get what she wants.

"Hi there, I'm Jenny McAfee," Jenny greeted as kind as she could.

The woman smiled at her kindness, "Hi there, dearie. What can I do for you?"

"Would it be alright if my friend and I head off to the F.A.C.?" Jenny asked as Chloe raised an eyebrow.

'F.A.C., isn't that where that Wicked crew goes?' Chloe asked herself, feeling a tad suspicious.

"Well, school is technically over…" she paused, looking at Jenny, "What do you need there?"

"A quiet place to practice for the Talent Show; you see, the choir room is awfully noisy and we can't rehearse properly if we'll be interrupted every other five seconds," Jenny explained. The old woman bit her lip, mentally fighting against herself to let Jenny and Chloe go. Of course, Jenny was right. Whenever the Talent Show comes around, the music hall gets very difficult to be around. At least three kids a day comes up and complains about the noise.

"Don't you have to be a member of the F.A.C.? I wouldn't bare if you got in trouble because of the slip up," she said, Jenny waved her off.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I am a member."

Chloe tilt her head to the head, wanting to talk about this…scenario with Jenny later.

"Then that's okay," she said, giving them two passes and let them on their way. Jenny got Chloe by the arm again and called out a "thank you" along their way out.

Chloe turned to Jenny, "F.A.C. member, were you lying?"

"No, I really am one. The owner James and I are actually good friends," Jenny said while they walked down to the bus stop for downtown.

"Really? So…" she stopped for the special dramatic effect, "You know the high school students?"

Jenny grinned, "Yeah. They really are nice, nothing like Addie or the other Pops."

"You're in the musical with them, as well?"

"Yeah, I play Elphaba."

Chloe frowned, the name isn't familiar with her, "Who?"

"The green one," Jenny might've said it plainly but she couldn't help to fight a grin.

"Ah…" Chloe trailed off, feeling extremely lucky that not only Jenny got them a quiet spot for them to practice but Jenny actually knows the high schoolers and the Pops don't. Now, for sure they will be one step before them and without them even knowing it. Chloe place a finger on her chin once they got into their seats, 'I wonder why Jen didn't want anyone to know or never brought it up at lunch?'

Wanting to get an answer, Chloe turned to Jenny and curiously asked, "Why didn't you tell me or anyone that you're in the play?"

Jenny shrugged, "I guess I wanted it to be a surprise."

Chloe nodded, "Cool."

Jenny grinned, facing Chloe, "I can't wait until you meet the group."

"Group, you aren't replacing us, are you?"

Jenny laughed loudly, "No, of course not. They are just the people who I hang out with at the center. I don't really have anyone to talk too since I'm the only one in middle school there. Certainly theirs middle school, elementary, and pre school courses but I'm sort of…" Jenny searched for a better term to use, "Advanced than the others so James boost me up. I don't mind though."

"That's really cool," Chloe giggled, and then she added, "Do you think that this James would accept me into the center and probably boost me up too?"

Jenny shrugged, "I suppose so. You have a really good voice and James loves when someone that can be useful in any performances. Though, if he hears you; he might force you to join and be in the Wicked production. But you might be standby for someone."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind. I would still think it'll be cool," Chloe grinned. The bus pulled into a stop and the girls stepped off. In front of them was a huge theatre center with a lifesize theatre in it. On a large bulletin boards is a large poster of the upcoming musical, Wicked. Chloe squeal in excitement as Jenny laughed and pulled her inside the building.

By the counter was James itself, he was talking with the front desk lady about an understudy had to quit because the mother wanted her daughter to be into cheerleading and not theatre.

"Where am I going to find an understudy on such short notice?" James grumbled touchily to the lady who shrugged.

"How 'bout the girlie who's beside Jenny?" the woman bitterly snapped, not looking up from her computer. James' ears perked at the sound of Jenny McAfee and smiled widely.

James turned around and held out his arms like if he was about to give someone a large hug, "Jenny! What are you doing here?"

"Well, school is almost over and we needed a quiet place to rehearse for the Talent Show so I thought this would be a great spot," Jenny said.

James' focus immediately went to Chloe, "And you are with Jenny?"

Chloe nodded nervously, "Yeah."

"Can you sing?"


James grinned, "Excellent! Are you a member here at the F.A.C.?"

Chloe looked around and sadly shook her head, "No, I've never been here for a lesson. Nevertheless, I went to a lot of your productions."

"That's all I needed to hear," James muttered, grabbing a Sign Up sheet and handing it to her. "Do you want to join? I really need an understudy and you're my only hope."

Chloe blushed, feeling very flattered, "Yeah! My mom and I were looking for a good theatre center, anyways!"

"There's a phone over there for permission," James said, pointing a finger behind him and Chloe raced over to there and called her mother.

A few moments passed and Chloe was all filled out and ready to go. James led them to a huge room used for practice; inside of it was the entire cast.

"Everyone," James said that brought everybody's attention, "As some of you had heard, Stacy had to quit." Some boos erupted in the crowd and James quickly shushed them. "No need to worry, guys! We have a new understudy, Chloe Samson!"

When cheers of appreciation and relief came from the crowd again, Chloe grinned. She knew that she wasn't going to regret this at all. Chloe turned to James, "Who am I might be playing anyways?"

"Elphaba Thropp and if you aren't needed, you'll be a part of the ensemble," James said with a smile and then went off to attend some other cast member. Chloe squealed.


Just as Chloe started to retain her excitement, Jenny's friends came over. Kathy smiled at Chloe, "Hi, I'm Kathy, I take on the role of Galinda."

Chloe frowned, "Who?"

"Glinda, you know, the Good Witch of the North?" Jenny told her. Chloe made her mouth like an 'o' in understanding.

Julie smiled welcomingly, "Hi, I'm Julie and I play Nessarose."

Before Chloe could ask, Jenny said, "The Wicked Witch of the East; my sister."

Micheal nodded, "Sup, I'm Micheal and I play Boq or the Tin Man."

"And lastly, I'm Austin and I play Fiyero who is the Scarecrow," Austin grinned.

"Hey, I'm Chloe," Chloe greeted.

After the introductions, the group practiced all of Act 1 and was working on Act 2 of Scene 1. Also, Chloe and Jenny got to practice their song for the Talent Show and James fanned himself when he heard Chloe.

"God, I made the right decision."

By the end of the day, they learnt the entire song and knew it mostly by heart. Now, they were perfecting it into their own style, Jenny likes to do riffs and belt out the lyrics that pleases the crowd automatically and Chloe figured out that she likes to belt out high notes.

The crew was fixing to leave until James stopped him and Chloe noted that the cast clearly respects James for who he is. It's something that you clearly do not see everyday, it was like they treated James as if he was their father. In fact, he sort of was. He gave out great advice whenever it was needed, he protects everyone in the room, and he pushes them towards their absolute best. He really was a father. The Father of Music and Fine Arts.

"I told you guys that we're doing What Is This Feeling, One Short Day, and Born This Way, right?" James asked and the team nodded. James sighed, "Well, I'm afraid that Joyce Kilmer can't do a quick scene change like our theater can. So we'll have to stick with the Shiz set."

The crew shrugged, a little bummed that they couldn't do the Emerald City too but other than that, it was fine.

"So instead of One Short Day, we'll be doing Dancing Through Life so everyone can be in it," James said and they all grinned.

It was true actually, in One Short Day; Fiyero, Boq, and Nessa aren't in it. It'll be better on the whole crew, including the lighting and scene directors who don't have to deal with it too much. Not to mention that it relaxes the pressure a lot since they didn't try to do One Short Day yet and it'll be easier on them all. Plus, the audience might find it confusing.

Chloe and Jenny headed home after rehearsal, too tired to practice anything else. The two apart from each other and went to relaxed in their own houses, collapsing their bodies onto their beds.

"I am so tired," Jenny sang in a high pitch range, going a little higher and has a small riff on 'tired.' Jenny moaned from exhaustion, rolling over on her back. "So tired…" she sung a little more in the same high pitch range, the same tone she used on 'tired.' She frowned and she continued to sing, "Why am I singing everything I say?"

Jenny shrugged, knowing that there was no real answer to her whole random singing bit. A sigh exited from her musical lips as she thought of Austin; oh dear Unnamed God (A/N: Message me if you don't get it.) he was everything a girl could ever want. His good looks can survive a wildfire and those eyes could melt the North Pole. That smile can make the brightest thing into suicidal. And that body, with all that dance lessons and he must play some type of sport with a brilliant built of his. Jenny closed her eyes, my, the way he sings is outstanding; a whole package if you know what I mean. No girl could resist the charm he has and he practically does even know on how much Jenny is falling in love with him.

Jenny opened her eyes with an irritated groan, "I need help."

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