Harry was still fuming by dinner time, endlessly pissed off that not only had Draco avoided him like the plague all damn day,but that he was missing Quidditch practice for the fucking detention he had now. He alternated between glaring daggers across the at the now empty seat next to Pansy Parkinson and ignoring Ginny next to him as she talked his ear off and poked his shoulder.

"Seriously Harry, you cause so much trouble for the team it's a wonder you're even the captain still, much less still on the team." Ginny mused, her tone dripping with sarcasm as she idly admired the Seekers glove she was wearing. Harry bristled with irritation as Ginny continued to sigh and mutter under her breath, watching her titter and glaring when she snatched the spoon he was bending out of his hands.

"You're wondering how I'm still captain, go ask the millions of Quidditch cups I've won for us." Harry shot back, grabbing his spoon back.

"I played half those games!" Ginny snapped back angrily. "Speaking of losing games and not playing well, where's Ron." Ginny scowled and crunched on a carrot stick, glaring around the hall. Harry blinked and followed her gaze, realizing she was right. He hasn't seen either of them since breakfast that morning. They weren't even at lunch that day. "Harry?"

Harry shook his head and looked up, meeting Ginny's expectant look and he shrugged. "I dunno."

Ginny growled and smacked Harry's head. "You're hopeless." She groaned, whacking Harry's hands as he tried to block her.

"Oi! What the fuck Gin?" Harry squawked indignantly as he dodged her hands. Around her flying red hair he saw Ron and Hermione hurrying towards them, both of their arms full of books and Hermione's hair flying. "They're right there you psychopath!" Harry said, catching the strap on her glove and swinging her hand away. Ginny spun around, smacking Harry in the face with her hair and earning another squawk from Harry as she leapt up from her seat and ran towards then, tearing the books from Ron's arms and shoving them at Hermione's before snatching Ron's sleeve and all but dragging him from the hall, throwing a wave and a cheeky grin at Harry over her shoulder.

Harry stood quickly, hurrying to Hermione's aid, smiling slightly as she shot an indignant glare at Ginny's retreating form.

"Honestly, sometimes that girl." Hermione scowled as she jet Harry pile books into his own arms.

"Where've you been all day?" Harry asked once they've managed to haul half the library back to where he had been sitting and Hermione had sunk down into Ginny's vacated seat. "More light reading?"

"Sort of." Hermione answered, shoving her frazzled hair out of her face. "Ron told me he found an interesting article in an old archive the other day, an it gave us a new lead to follow."

Harry blinked at Hermione, trying and failing to hide the tiny bubble of hope that was beginning to rise in his throat. "Are you saying-"

"I'm not saying we found answers," Hermione cut him off. "I'm saying we found, something that might help us, give us more time and an added advantage until we do find answers, and we need it." Hermione bit her lip. "Draco fell asleep in advanced astrology today, it was awful, it took Blaise five minutes and an Enervate to wake him up so he'd stop screaming. They sent him to the hospital." She shook her head and shot a look over to the Slytherin table. "Its getting bad Harry, people are going to start talking, and you know Draco, he doesnt do well with stuff like that."

Harry wasnt listening, he was lost, just the image of Draco going through another episode alone and that it was getting worse to the point where he didnt wake up on his own anymore, he was running out of time.

And to top it all off, Draco wouldnt speak to him, Harry felt so fucking helpless he could feel the panic coming back up and he sighed, dropping his head into his hands and letting Hermione idly pat the back of his neck. He felt awful like he had some how let Draco down, he hadn't spoken to him in one day and he'd already gone and tried to die again and he'd not found out until four hours later, and he;d found out from Hermione of all people, meaning everyone already knew. The urge to find Draco was overwhelming, to find him and hold him, shelter him and find him away from the world and the curse and himself and just-

You cant save everyone Potter.

"How is Draco today? Didnt he tell you about it?" Hermione asked.

Harry snorted darkly. "Hot long have you been holed up in the library? Havent you heard about the savage beating i gave him this morning"

"Harry Potter." Hermione gasped. "You most certainly didnt."

"Of course not,: Harry rolled his eyes. "The dramatic little brat didnt want to talk to me for some reason." Harry meant to further explain when he was distracted by what felt like paper whacking him on the back of his head. He reached back and grasped a small winged envelope that was fluttering around him and sighed explosively when he caught sight of the monogram on it.

"Speaking of, I have detention." Harry grumbled, pushing himself up and slinging his bag over his arm. "Wanna tell me what this idea of yours is?"

"Later." Hermione waved him off. "Find Draco, say sorry and i'll find you after detention."

Two hours later found a still mildly pissed off Harry storming his way from the head mistress office where he had last seen Draco that morning. Detention hadn't gone well, McGonagall still liked him enough not to be openly hostile and he had spent the last tow hours re organizing her book case while she lectured him on keeping his temper (Honestly Potter you're an adult now.) Far from reducing the anger Harry still harbored the menial talk only served to further piss Harry off. He stormed his way up to the tower, completely forgetting Hermione's words to find Draco until he climbed the last staircase up to the North Tower.

That sneaky little brat, conniving little sneak, sinking down to that low a level just to avoid me like a little bitch. why is he being so confusing, snogging me one minute then screaming and acting all stupid, little-

Harry's thought rand was cut short as he reached the top of the tall winding staircase and spotted the object of his frustrations curled up on a windowsill, his head down on his knees that were pulled up to his chest. He didnt look up as Harry watched hm and Harry slowly crept closer.

He was less then a few paces away from the sleeping blonde when his trainer caught on the floor and squeaked harshly, startling Draco and his head snapped up, his wide grey eyes focusing on Harry and his face twisted into a snarl, his mouth opening to throw what was probably more swears when the anger building up in Harry finally boiled over and he snapped.

"What the fuck was that this morning?" Harry nearly screamed, cutting off Draco and causing the blondes mouth to fall open. "You spend all of last night-" Harry broke off, the memory of last night making him blush furiously. "And them you pull the bitchiest stunt on earth just to avoid me?"

"Go away Potter." Draco finally spoke, unfolding his long limbs from the window sill and standing, his hands balling into fists and his face taking on a pinkish tint. "I'm done, just leave me alone."

"What th fuck is this?" Harry snarled, taking a step closer to Draco and noting Draco take a hasty step back, the submission in Draco's stance and the way his eyes clouded over with fear making Harry even angrier and he reached out and grabbed Draco's wrist, wincing at how thin and fragile the bones beneath his skin felt in his hand and unceremoniously dragged Draco down the hallway.

"Let the fuck go of me Potter, let go you barbaric moronic buffoon, fucking shit headed fuck let the fuck go!" Draco spat out as he proceeded to throw the biggest fit and dragged his feet into the unyielding marble floor and stumbled behind Harry. Harry didnt give two fucks however and continued to drag Draco into an empty chamber across the hall and all but throwing Draco into it, slamming the door and spinning to see Draco looking flustered, terrified but extremely pissed off as his chest heaved and he glared at Harry for all he was worth.

"Talk." Harry demanded through gritted teeth.

"Fuck you." Draco spat back.

"Why are you being like this? did i do something wrong?" Harry pleaded, stepping closer to Draco where he huddled in the strip of moonlight coming from the window.

"Stop it." Draco spat out with another snarl.

"Are you just stopping now? was it me?"

"Fucking stop it Potter."



"Then what is it?" Harry demanded, opening his arms and almost begging.

"I like you okay?" Draco finally screamed, looking lost and frustrated and clutching his too long hair and turning around, facing away from Harry.

Harry froze. What?

"What? You like me so you're acting like a dick?" He demanded, reaching for the bony shoulder and snatching has hand away when Draco spun back around with a burning and manic gleam in his eyes and his teeth bared.

"No." He grit out, not meeting Harry's eyes.

"Then what?"

"I-" Draco looked around and looked like he was going to cry. "I, can't let you go down with me."

Harry was lost, and it must have shown on his face as Draco sighed and rolled his eyes. " I can't let you care about me and then i just go and die, it's not-" He broke off and shook his head.

Harry stared at Draco, still completely lost until it finally clicked in his head and he opened his mouth.



"Shut up." Draco snapped petulantly, still not meeting Harry's gaze.

"Draco, no seriously." Harry said, grabbing Draco's arm. Draco immediately struggled, trying to yank his arm away until Harry pulled him to him and wrapped his arms around his thin frame, effectively trapping him against his chest even as the blonde struggled to free himself. "Draco-"

"Let go." Draco snarled again, no longer struggling but finally meeting Harry's gaze with narrowed eyes. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine!" Harry said, making Draco look up at him with confusion. "Dont talk about it! But don't avoid me like I've done something wrong, and don't avoid me in general! You dont want to leave me if you die then let me help you so that doesn't happen you idiot!"

Harry finally stopped, breathing heavily from his rant and his face inches from Draco as the blonde stared up at him with wide eyes. Draco blinked, licking his lips and casting his gaze down to focus on Harry's collarbone. "You can't fix this." He muttered, his face still shuttered but Harry could feel his body marginally relax into him.

"Then stop making it difficult to try." Harry answered softly, relaxing his tight hold on Draco and turning it into a sort of embrace rather than a prison. "Let me at least try so there can be a chance we can, and if it doesn't then hey, we've wanted each other dead since we met, right?" Harry joked, leaning his head down to try and catch Draco's eyes and grinning when the corner of his mouth tugged up in what wanted to be a smile.

"You're a dick." Draco answered, the tension leaving his body and Harry felt torn between elation that Draco wasnt fighting him anymore and the fear that Draco wasnt fighting him because he was simply too exhausted to even stand on his own. Either way, Harry would take a tired and pliable Draco over a crabby and violent one any day and he smiled, letting Draco lean into him fully and bury his pointy face in his throat. They stood like that for a few minutes, Harry simply letting Draco lean on him before clearing his throat, shifting his arms and earning a petulant sound from the body against his.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly, making Draco stiffen in his arms and he knew Draco knew exactly what he was asking about.

"I don't want to talk about it." Came the muffled response and Harry knew he wasnt getting any further on the subject. He sighed making a mental note to bug him about that later before shaking him gently and earning a tiny bite on his neck.

"Wha?" Draco mumbled through his mouthful of skin.

"I came to find you because Hermione thinks she found something."

"What?" Draco asked flatly, watching Hermione like she had grown a second head.

"I know it's un orthodox," Hermione said, looking nervous and wringing her hands from where she paced in front of Harry's bed where Harry sat, his back against his headboard next to Ron. Draco was curled up on himself on the foot, watching Hermione wear a hole in the floor. Harry wanted desperately to scoot to the end of the bed and be near Draco, but though Hermione and Ron had accepted him enough to help him Harry hadn't exactly told them the extent of his relationship with Draco, and he didnt think now was the time.

"It's fucking illegal that's what it is." Draco said. "And what are the chances it'll even work and not just get someone sent to jail?"

"You're mark is cursed with a combination of the Protean Charm and the Imperious Curse!" Hermione burst out, finally frustrated with Draco's objections. "Who's to say another Imperious Curse wont be the answer? You?"

"And what the fuck makes you so sure it will?" Draco's face had lost all color by this point, he and Hermione had been arguing this point for the past twenty minutes and he didnt look any closer to being convinced she was right. "What if it doesnt react well and it makes my arm explode and you lot get sent to jail? Have you forgotten the security wards on the fucking castle?"

"Look!" Hermione shouted, looking close to tears and red in the face. "I'm not saying it will work and im not saying it wont im saying we should try! If you would just have a little faith and let yourself accept that I somewhat know what im talking about and just listen for once in your life!"

"Mione!" Ron cut her off, standing up and taking her shoulders to get her to stop yelling. Hermione closed her eyes, breathing deeply through her nose and shaking her head to cool it as Draco turned to Harry, panic beginning to show in his grey eyes and he looked pleading at him. Harry felt his heart break, in all honesty he was terrified, had been since he had heard Hermione's crazy idea in the first place. He could sense Draco's discomfort, could see it in his body that he was ready to bolt, but Harry wasnt about to let him get away that easily.

"Draco." Harry said softly. Draco turned away, focusing his tired grey eyes on the opposite wall. "Please."

Draco sat silently for what seemed like an eternity, Harry could feel the tension as Ron watched Draco and Draco watched the wall and Hermione watched Harry, until finally the blonde head nodded almost imperceptibly, and relief flooded Harry instantly.

Hermione seemed to relax, both her and Draco deflating as Ron began to fidget nervously. "So who's going to do this?" He asked, looking from Harry to Hermione.

Harry opened his mouth to ask Hermione to do it, to argue that she was far more talented in this particular area, but the words had barely formed on his tongue before Hermione answered with a short, "Harry will."

"What?" Harry asked, swiveling around to stare at her, "Why me?"

"You have to really mean it." Hermione answered cryptically, watching him with an expression that made Harry uncomfortable, but Draco was already settling on Ron's bed that he offered and he didnt want to ask Hermione while Draco was awake.

"Fine." Harry answered softly, standing and passing his friends as he approached Draco, who was sitting cross-legged on Ron's bed with his hands clasped and fear in his eyes, watching Harry with a clenched jaw and watery eyes but nodded at him nonetheless when Harry raised his wand, keeping his eyes firmly on Harry's even as Harry lowered the wand to point directly between the grey orbs.

Harry stared deep into those eyes and felt his heart rise into his throat as a wave of emotion rose in him, choking him for the slightest of seconds and he suddenly wished Ron and Hermione werent in the room so he could kiss Draco. He let the emotion fill him however, letting the affection and fondness he had for him and focusing on it as he whispered "Imperio."

At once the tingle and lovely feeling the familiar curse spread up Harry's arm as Draco's face went completely blank and he smiled softly, knowing it had made its connection and he spoke softly. "Draco, can you hear me?"

Draco nodded, his vacant eyes fixed on a spot above Harry's left ear.

"I want you to sleep, not dream, and not attempt to kill yourself, just sleep, can you do that?" He asked, keeping his voice as soft but as firm as he could and Draco nodded again, his eyes fluttering closed and his body collapsed on himself, falling sideways onto Ron's bed as he fell into a deep and what looked like a peaceful sleep.

Even as Harry lowered his wand he could feel the buzzing connection still vibrating through his arm and he realized his heart was still pounding from the surprisingly intimate experience that was and he blinked, watching Draco sleep for a few seconds before he heard Hermione speak up timidly from behind him.

"So how long has this thing between you two been going on Harry?"

so holy shit im sorry about the errors i had in this, i typed it on my iphone and didnt even catch half of them:P