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March 1972

Well. There's really not much else to say anymore. I'm almost full on this notebook and my hand writing it pretty small. I've looked back in this notebook over and over again and it still brings back so many memories that I just want to cut out. Katherine is never coming back. I've come to terms with it, I guess. I still cry when I see her picture on the workbench, holding her teddy bear. I got so angry one night I broke the frame with my fist. With the shock that followed, I actually glued the glass back together. Now it just looks all disfigured and Katherine is still there, smiling behind that broken glass. I've done a lot in just a matter of years. I was married. I had a child. I fulfilled my darkest desires and now I feel that after this last one, I'll be able to find peace. I'm at nineteen children, my children, in this little room, in that boiler. Their skulls still sit in the back, dusted with carbon and ash. Sometimes I can hear them giggling in the other room when I try to sleep. It's my own personal lullaby. The house finally got taken over since I decided not to pay on it anymore. They sent me countless letters about back pay and what not. I just either ripped them or put them in the boiler. All of my posessions at the house were reposessed. Everything. I don't care anymore. I don't feel at all remorseful for killing those little munchkins. I feel justified. They took away my own light in this place that everyone calls 'heaven on earth'. It's more of a dark hallway, full of sharp spikes and when I'm pushed out of the way, I feel the sharp sting of the spike penetrate me. When I go to the grocery store, I steer away from people on the sidewalk. I feel if they even bump me, I'll be pushed into those spikes, I don't want to feel them. I don't want pain anymore. I've known it since I was a child. My mother inflicted on me when she refused me, saying I was not a child of God. I hate to say it but she was right. When I went to live with Underwood and had to deal with the abuse both sexually and physically, I lost my whole existence. Any light that was in me when I was a child was forced out of me with every blow, every kick. I thought that once that Underwood was out of the way, I could feel that maybe I still have a second chance. Maybe there's still a light at the end of the tunnel. What I came to realize it was a mirage of what I wanted; not what was really there. I saw light when in fact it was just a longer and darker tunnel, full of screams, laughing and jeering. That little rant that kids sung to me when I was in school still plays in my ear like a record on repeat. I can't stand it. Finally after school the singing stopped, relatively. Then I met Loretta, that sweet song bird, she kept me sane for what only seemed a waiting period before the whole thing came crashing down. The screaming; the fights; the fear that lingered in her eyes when she came close to me. I did it all. I wanted it so bad that I still made it known that I created that fear. The thoughts of being scared that populated through her mind, I fed off of it. I was addicted to fear. I am still addicted to fear. It keeps me going. It keeps my world still turning. For fear is the only way to instill the memory of what I do or what I've done. I still crave it. It's almost a tangible thing when you see that same dark doom that looms in the pupils of those children. I smelled it on their skin; I tasted it when their blood sprayed on my face and into my mouth. Then…for a brief moment in my existence, it stopped. Katherine smiled at me when I held her in the hospital. It all came clear to me that I can stop what I'm doing and become the man that Loretta wants me to be; what my mother wanted me to be. She was my angel that my own mother sent to me for me to be the protector rather than the predator.

It didn't last long. With every child I saw walking the streets, I saw their parent's eyes looking at me and singing that damn song: Son of a hundred maniacs. Son of a hundred maniacs. It played louder and louder. Not only was the damn song playing, the voices kept creeping back to me. They told me to do things, act them out and then finally they went away when there were satisfied. Now…the voices are yelling at me to continue after I've said that I will stop; no more kiddies in the furnace. They yell at me, scream, curse me saying that I'm weak. Even one of them sounds like Underwood, just toying with me so that I can get that anger out of me and put onto that child that shivers in the corner, with tears streaming down their faces. I have no choices anymore. I can't keep running away from what I've done. I need to finish this once and for all. Just one more child, then I should be on the path of vice and then be able to live a life without the constant urges burning inside. It will be done soon.

May 1972

Ok. I've had enough. I'm taking over now. That pathetic little pip-squeak. All these words he writes on this paper in this binding, I know that there's something more that we can do to make him fulfill the upmost task. Everyone is getting to him. When he was told that Katherine was gone and never coming back, a part of him died right there. The part that he was striving for to have a so called "normal life". He's always crying, wailing to the concrete walls of this stagnant basement. I'm very close to letting the cage of animal run rapid. This time though, he will not stop, he will continue until every single child is burned and left in little ashes in that boiler. All of us want him to continue and it's a struggle to get his lazy ass to even walk the streets during the day time. Fucking little child. That's all he is. He's nothing more than a pathetic little runt that just wastes time. He's not going to anymore. That last entry was the last of any man that resides in Fred Krueger. I'll kill him myself if he doesn't take control. I'm not sitting here watching things happen anymore. I'll make him finally see the true side to everything in life. Just watch and see….

He'll come around, you'll see. With everything takes time. If we just keep doing what we are doing, he'll snap and finally realize.


i'm tired with patience. im wanting to get going on the fucking ball. i'm tried of trying to test him, get him over the edge.

Patience. Without it, he wouldn't be where he is today.

he would have been a little faggot, carrying around groceries, waiting on hand and foot for that bitch

Don't even bring that whore's name up.

Well it's true. We need to work faster.

Patience. That's all you need.


July 1972

No more games. No more little tidings of staying in the dark. No more crying. I'm done with it. The meaningless, petty strolls at night. I'm making this happen now. Fred Krueger is not a baby or a man anymore. He's a God and I've made it clear to many people in this town or even the world that I decide when a child deserves to die. I decide whether those assholes who screamed at me, threw rocks at me or my house if they should be punished. They all deserved to be punished. I'm strong enough now to continue, and I'm not stopping now.

No. More. Games. They all deserve to be punished.

No more wondering at night with stories of my past, remembering what I had.

All of that now is gone.

I'm not Fred anymore, I'm Freddy.

I'm the Springwood Slasher.

I take kids and hide them in my room full of steel, heat and hissing pipes.

I play with them before and after they are dead.

I burn bodies to wipe away the evidence.

I will not be caught.

I will not be stopped.

I. am. Forever.

September 1972.

I got her. Jessica, the measly 8 year old that screamed when I came to the grocery store the other night. She called me a bad man. A monster. She has no idea what to make of me when she really sees what a monster can do. Her medicine is brewing in my head as I sit here writing and sharpening the blades. I'm watching the sparks ricocheting off of the steel and it only makes my eyes grow wider with excitement. I see her now, sitting in the corner in her blue overalls and striped shirt. Her hair is so pretty, straight, blonde and forms really well to her face. Too bad that I won't get to play with it for long. It's time to finally get her. Who knows when I'll be back to doing what I'm so good at doing. I may continue or just sit and keep my head high and say "Yes. Fred Krueger has killed 20 little piggies and it's only just the beginning." They will all pay for what they did to me as a child. The songs will end soon. The badgering in my head will stop and finally I'll be a true God with no way of stopping me. There's enough fear in the world that would only keep me sedated for a short period of time. I will create more. I will show fear. I'm living proof that monsters are real. The boogey-man is me! Ah, the wonders of fright. I am everything this kids will know as they grow up and carry on my legacy to their children. I'll find them too. I'll make them apart of my collection. I'll carry their school pictures ripped from yearbooks. I'll be their last prom date, their play buddy, their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, teacher, advisor, principal. I'm everything to these kids now. As they know that I'm around, the fear still takes over them and I'll feed until there's nothing left. I'm the ending to their pretty fairy tale. I'm not the price, I'm not the troll. I am something worse. I am darkness. I am the way to Hell. I am Hell. I've fought the Devil and he now bows before me. I have absolute power! I'm the way to nothing but the silence.

Oh, she's crying now. Ugly little shit, she is, crying and seeing the snot drip from her nose in big clear globs. She's coughing, the crying is making her tired and I see her eyes, red and puffy are starting to fall. She'll stop when the bleeding slows. Her breathing is hardly audible. She's almost there. I feel her heartbeat slowing, her breathing erratic. I smell her on my fingers, my clothes. I can't get enough.

Her cries are softer now. Crawl into the darkness, Jessica and you will know what power I do posess. Drift further and further and you will never come back. YOu will never see your mommy or daddy. Bubby or sissy. Your yapping little poodle or the playground at school. I will say you will see your friends, but they will never want to find comfort for they will be dead on the inside. They won't care what happens to them. When I call upon them they will do everything I tell them to do. I have them.

My children.

Wait! I see lights outisde the windows.

They are cars...

Doors slamming?


The parents. They found me. This is going to be so much fun.

THey threw a gas can! it's leaking fuel.

They think they are going to have Krueger Barbeque.

They won't kill me.

Gotta go; I've got a lot to take care of.

September 1972

Springwood Slasher dies in Fire Fight.

by: Joe McCarter

The Springwood Slasher is now dead. Police were called to a explosion that occured around 11:30 Thursday night at the Steel Factory, south of Springwood. Skeletal remains were found at the scene. There were to be of a young child, possibly between the ages of six and nine. No confirmation has been made as to who the skeletal remains belong to. Police possibly believe that they remains belong to 8 year old, Jessica Stephens who went missing not only 2 days prior to the accident. Steel gloves were found at the scene, possibly belonging to none other than Fred Krueger. Fred Krueger was the main person who killed 15 children last year when police invaded his home. Evidence found of steel knives, fitted to leather gloves were found, along with pieces of flesh and blood stains in his basement. An old ice cream truck that was painted over was also found in the back alley behind Krueger's home. After finding substantial evidence against Krueger, he was let off of all charges due to a lack of a signature on the search warrant when police raided his home.

When the fires were put out, there was no sign of Krueger or any other adult skeletons in the rubble. Police are still continuing to search for Krueger as it is becoming a state-wide search for the child murderer. No leads have been found as to the capture of Krueger. There was other skeletons in the ashes that were around the steel boiler. The forensics team found other skeletal remains. Dr. James Gunther stumbed upon skulls and other bones in the rubble.

"We do not know the extint of how many remains are in the rubble. We are still continuing the investigation," Gunther stated at the scene. When contacted at his office, we did not get a reply back regarding the on-going case. The Springwood Police have not commented on the situation as it is still being investigated. There has been no leading trail for other missing children in the town including 15 year-old Jamie Sweighart who went missing 6 months prior. The investigating team is keep their mouths shut at this time since no evidence has been confirmed.

Police are requesting if anyone has any information to the capture of Fred Kruger to contact the Springwood Police at 555-2986. A reward has been posted.

This story will be updated as is progresses.

he he he he he he he he he he he he he he

OCTOber 1983

Has IT REALLY beeN THat long? AlmOST 10 YEARS.



the parent put me in the fucking back trunk of a oldsmobiLE


i want it all...


NOW I'VE GOT A NEW PLAYGROUND FULL OF KIDS. those younger ones that took the chance a burning me alive and throWING ME away


This time, no ONE CAN HIDE FROM ME.



i said it beFORE.

and...i'll say it again...







Well would you look at that? There you have it! The last installment- well the beginning of who we know as Freddy. It is a little short, yes but that's how I planned it. I didn't want to go into much thought since we have covered so much from the previous chapters. He's back and he's staying around for good this time. Thank you to everyone who stood by me while I wrote this whole thing. It took me well over a few months to conclude this story. Again, thanks for everyone for the comments, review, favorting...well even reading this damn story, lol. thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is the end...or is it?