Sonic Speedsters

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Sonic Heroes... on one hand, I absolutely love the game. On the other hand, I hate it. Thankfully, my love for the game is much stronger than my hate, which is good because the hate comes from that stupid Canyon level. Yeesh. Anyway, I know I have way to many fanfics as it is, but I just wanted to do this since I keep thinking of writing this every time I go to Dunkin' Donuts... right, now you think I'll have an entire set of chapters based around jelly filled donuts. Don't give me that bizarre, concerned look, mister.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Sonic The Hedgehog was speeding down the beautiful, tropical Seaside Hill, rushing right past the tropical jungle foliage as he sprinted on the bright sand, heading westward. Drifting right alongside the shallow wet coast, Sonic jumped back onto the grassy terrain, running all the way to the top of one of Seaside Hills' many peaks, looking all around him as he noted the huge mountains to the north, the rest of Seaside Hill to the west, the Ocean Palace to the east, andfinally, the big beautiful ocean with several smaller islands to the south. Sonic grinned as he looked up at the clear blue sky, knowing that today was going to be fantastic.

"Heh heh, oh yeah, let's rock and roll!" Sonic proclaimed to himself as he dashed off the peak, heading downhill while rolling as he jumped up, getting back into his normal position as he took off like a speeding bullet, being faster than the blink of an eye.

Shadow The Hedgehog was observing the area around him. He was wondering through a dark jungle nearby Seaside Hill. He took out a walkie talkie, turning it on, hearing a voice over it.

"Shadow, have you found the strange substance that's been all over the city?" The strange, deep pitch male voice spoke through.

Shadow looked up, to see the sun's rays shining down brightly on him. "Yeah... it's stemming from Seaside Hill... I'm going to go check it." He placed away his walkie talkie as he dashed forward, jumping into the air as he approached the beach.

Silver The Hedgehog dashed towards the northern path, heading out of the Ocean Palace and straight into Seaside Hill. The albino humanoid hedgehog had plans of his own, having noticed that things haven't been as peaceful as they were. Wanting to get to the bottom of this, Silver hurried as he rushed down the green, seaside hills, seeing the seagulls above him fly high as he stopped by the sandy shoreline.

"I would love to appreciate the scenery, but... I need to save the world, and keep the peace," Silver promised as he shook his left hand, closing his eyes briefly and dashing off towards the northwestern direction, to help bring peace to Seaside Hill.

Espio The Chameleon sighed as he walked alongside the checkerboard mountains of Seaside Hill, seeing the waves rolling onto the sandy shore. He sighed as he paused for a brief moment, remembering why he came here.

"Espio! We need you to go get some cash for us!" Vector The Crocodile demanded, with Charmy Bee charming in agreement.

Espio sighed as he turned to face Vector, asking as he opened his arms, "But Vector, what for? There's practically nothing for me to do..."

"Exactly! That's why you can go find some cash for us!" Vector stated as he pointed at Charmy, "Charmy needs to be kept under watch, and I gotta keep the Pizza Hut running sharply! So go on, Espio! You can do any training if you like!"

Espio sighed as he shook his head, shrugging as he dashed downward, heading towards the beach, planning to do some training on his own merits while he was on the quest for prosperity.

To Be Continued...