The Lost Experiment

This takes place after Fang leaves the flock. And it takes place were ever for Kagome. Fang decided to go to Japan, and meets some unexpected people. Kagome feels she is weighing the gang down, so she wishes she was stronger. Who knew she would get the wish? And in a completely different and unexpected way she imagined she would? Couples: InuxKag, FangxMax. Main char: Kagome. Main points of views: Kagome and Fang. Other points of views: Inuyasha and Max. Big secret inside- later on in the story- but still there!

Chap. 1: I Wish...

"Inuyasha!" I called out as one Naroku's- actually, just yet another demon puppet of Naroku- tentacles shot out at me.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha dove towards me, grabbing me up bridle style and jumped to safety. "Are you okay?" He said in a worried voice.

Now I felt kinda bad. I had to keep getting rescued because even with my powers, I'm still only human. 'Maybe that's way we can never beat Naroku. I always get in the way. I'm never powerful enough. I always have to get saved by everyone, and most of the time by our strongest companion. I wish I were stronger. If I had it my way, I would have liked to be a half dog-demon as well, so Inuyasha wasn't left out and I'd be able to help out a lot more...'

I realized I hadn't answered Inuyasha's question and now he was shaking me frantically.

"Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking-"

"At a time like this? If your okay, then say so! If not, we'd better get out of here." Inuyasha had a serious look on his face. I really did worry him. Weather he would admit it or not, I worried him a lot. I couldn't help but wonder if Inuyasha had any love for me. And deep down- though it didn't seem at all deep at the same time- I loved him. It was why I get so worked up over the fact that he would chase after Kykio.

"I'm fine. You can keep on, if you feel like it. I'll find another area to shoot from."

Inuyasha looked at me sternly, then got up, bringing me up with him, having been squatting down, still holding me in a some what bridle style. He set me on me feet and looked me over again. Then, he seemed to shake himself out of something, and darted off to the fight.


We won the battle but gained nothing from it. No jewel, no clue-in on where or how to get to Naroku's new hide-out. Nothing.

So we headed back to Inuyasha's forest and then Kyada's village. As always, little children would run up and circle around us, primarily Inuyasha. When Inuyasha got annoyed with the attention, he'd either yell for them to please go, or bop one on the head. Either one would lead to a good old, "Sit boy!" and the children would swarm around him and try to touch his soft, white, dog ears. I blushed when I remembered myself doing that while he was still bound to the sacred tree and unconscious, and a couple time's when he was just sleeping.

"Gerrr... Get off me! Common! I can't breath!" Inuyasha growled at the horde around him.

"Humhumhum..." Kyada walked up from behind, a grandmother's smile on her face, "Kagome, your not abusing your power over Inuyasha, are you?"

"Of course I'm not!" I said defensively.

"Liar! You abuse me all the time!" Inuyasha said as he tried to prey the surprisingly strong children off of him.

"Okay, so maybe I stretch the power a bit. But I only do it when I mean to do something for the good of others."

"Oh, really? What about that time when I didn't comment on the food you made for us. Then I went looking for roman. You got all mad and made a me shaped crater in the ground. And then there was the time when you brought the incident up again, and you asked what I like in the food. And I said it was those pickled radishes, and not your egg omelet. You did the same th-"

"Sit boy!"

"AH!" Inuyasha screamed, then realized he didn't plummet to the ground. "What? I.. Am I free? I'm free!" Inuyasha started to dance around happily. I looked at him, very amused at it, wishing I had a video camera right then. I let him dance his happy dance for another minute, then...

"I didn't say 'sit'..."

Inuyasha plummeted to the ground.

"Wha? I... I'm not free? But... you did said it! We all herd it..." Inuyasha sulked on the ground.

"That would be the little girl over there, talking to her dog. Since when do I have a little girl's voice?" I looked at Inuyasha sternly, daring him to say something.

Inuyasha took one look and decided it'd better to stay quiet.

"Good boy." I patted him on the head. He gave pouting face.

"Hey can I go home?" I said, "I need a bath. Not counting the hot springs, I haven't had a bath in two weeks."

Inuyasha got up and rubbed his shoulder and moved it in circles to get it to pop. "Do I really have a choice? You'll just 'sit' me again. Fine, but I'm coming."

"You make it sound like I don't like you to come to my world."

"Keh..." was all he said before walking back to the forest. He looked at me over his shoulder, "You comin' or what?"

"Yeah..." When Inuyasha turned back to continue on his way, I blushed, holding back laughter. One of the children had somehow made a hole in his back end.

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