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Chapter 45


I snuggled a bit closer to Edward and instinctively he held me even tighter. That had brought the biggest smile to my face. As close as were already, skin to skin, probably not even a millimeter between us as it was, it still didn't feel like enough. I still wanted to be closer. Of course, my protruding belly made that a bit difficult, but heck if it didn't stop me from trying.

Our poor baby was probably squashed in its womb right about then.

It was only because I had missed Edward beside me in bed so much. I relished the feeling of being so close, being in his arms, and inhaling the scent of him.

Speaking of inhaling his scent, that was making me wet again. I wanted him again. Apparently, I had turned into some sex-starved maniac. As much as we had already made love last night and I was already feeling the soreness, that all still didn't matter. I was still horny for Edward. I still hadn't had enough yet.

Well, it wasn't as if that was anything new. We had created a baby after all, because of how much we gave into our lust for another.

I did notice I was particularly salacious though. I didn't exactly know if that was due to the pregnancy hormones; it's been said that women had particular potent sex drives while pregnant. I think it was safe to say mine was probably in overdrive. Or it could've been the fact that I hadn't had any action in months. Pregnant or not, I was still a woman with needs. Needs that hadn't been met and only was met previously by Edward. It was most likely a combination of both which made me this uber-horny, sex-crazed maniac whom I hardly recognized. Not that I was complaining. Naturally, we had a lot of lost time to make up for.

I looked up at him, deep in sleep. He looked as beautiful as ever, so peaceful in his slumber. I know I had probably worn the poor guy out. Here he was, still in recovery from his injuries. I really should have taken it easy on him. But, damn if I didn't quickly become addicted to the orgasms he had given me. Orgasms that I had done without for so long. I was being greedy and wanting more.

Not that Edward seemed to have minded at all, nor had his previous injuries seemed to have affected his abilities in bed or stamina any. He gladly gave into my whims the countless times I'd already prodded him for sex. There were still a number of ways he had yet to fuck me and my body didn't want to wait.

I'd almost forgotten how amazing in bed we were together. It was great to rediscover that. Jacob and Leah thought that they had great sex, but I don't believe they had anything on Edward and me.

I hoped these hotel walls were thick; otherwise, the whole floor might've heard my cries of satisfaction.

It was Edward's doing that I had become this sex-crazed maniac. He was the one that started it. He initiated the kissing which led to clothes coming off and then the sexy times. I really had no expectations of this happening at all, even after we'd shared that first passionate kiss as we entered the room. Naturally, I'd worried about his reaction to the news about his impending fatherhood.

After I told him we were having a baby, the initial look of shock on his face was a Kodak moment. It quickly morphed into confusion. Once I explained, and apologized profusely for my part in being irresponsible leading to the conception of the baby in the first place, his face turned to understanding and then elation. I had been very scared to tell him that we were now both unexpectedly going to be parents, but Edward surprised me by being genuinely happy for us.

"You're not mad? Upset?" I had questioned once I broke the news and gaged his reaction.

"Mad?" He questioned back chuckling. "I'd say surprised, shocked, definitely. But, mad? Certainly not. Why would I have reason to be upset? You're giving me one of the greatest gifts in life. You're giving me a child. I'm ecstatic. I'm beyond over the moon with happiness right now."

"But, it's unexpected. I'm sure this was the last thing you'd expect."

"Yeah, well, I won't lie. It isn't exactly how I would've planned my impending fatherhood, but sometimes in life you'll have to accept that plans that always work out, just adapt to change, and make the most of it. Unexpected or not, it still doesn't change the way I feel. Besides, I own my part in getting you pregnant. I played a hand in this, too. I was just as irresponsible, if not even more so. Admittedly, back then, I wasn't thinking at all about us practicing safe sex; otherwise, I would've insisted on wearing a condom each time, which as you know, didn't happen. I have to accept the consequences of my actions, and if that means fatherhood, I'm good with that. There are worst consequences, in my opinion, for our irresponsibility than creating a life. I couldn't be happier that we're going to be parents. I couldn't be more grateful that one, you even decided to tell me and want to include me in this baby's life, and two, that you decided to even keep the baby at all. I know that other women in your position might make different choices."

I interjected, "There was simply no other choices in my mind."

Edward then wrapped his arms around me and told me, "That's why I couldn't have asked for a better mother for my child."

"You mean it?"

"Bella, if I hadn't made it clear yet, I love you. I've known that ever since. If I could, I would've gladly changed our fates previously, so that we would've been together already. But, that all doesn't matter now. What does, is that we're together now. Sure, in reality we've only clearly just met and there's still much we have yet to know about one another. That still doesn't change the fact that I'd fallen head-over-heels in love with you, and if anything, my feelings for you have only grown stronger knowing that we're going to have this baby."

"Oh, Edward, I love you too. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that you want me and want this baby, too. It's all I've ever been wishing for since I'd found out," I declared and pulled him in even tighter. Unbidden, tears of happiness began to fall.

"There's no other choices for me, either. I'll have you know, I plan to make all yours and our baby's wishes come true," Edward declared.

"Thank you, and the same for me too," I muttered into his shoulder.

We stayed embracing for a time before Edward suddenly parted us, exclaiming, "The baby, is it alright? It occurred to me that you must've already been pregnant when that monster and his accomplice took you."

"I had no idea back then, Edward. Therefore, Jake and Leah had no idea either. I only found out I was pregnant after I was rescued, during my obligatory hospital stay. In looking back, the sickness I experienced made sense. Initially, I thought it might have just been from the drugs and the situation in general. If I had known earlier, I would've done more to have protected us."

"Nothing is your fault. You didn't know. It's a miracle that you didn't even miscarry right away. But, they tortured you and there were some drugs involved."

"I know," my tears of joy had turned into tears of sadness. "If I had only known, I would've told them and maybe they wouldn't have done any of that stuff to me. I can't imagine that either of them would hurt an innocent such as a baby, a fetus. I would've said something and have dealt with the fallout of the news. In any case, if I had only known, I wouldn't have let them near me with any of that stuff. I wouldn't have idly stood by and would've fought harder. I would've killed them then and there before they could touch me and do anything that would hurt the baby."

"I know, Bella. There isn't any need for justifications. Pregnant or not, all they did to you was inexcusable, regardless."

"I really am sorry," I had to apologize again.

So, the baby?" He asked again.

"As far as the doc and I know, the baby is doing alright for now. Everything is normal at the moment and he or she is growing and developing just fine. So far, miraculously, what happened to me doesn't seem to have had any effect on it."

Edward's face lit up. "Then, that's great news."

"We're not out of the woods yet," I cautioned. "The baby could still be affected. It might just be too early to tell. We may not even know the effects until after the baby is born. Just because the scans don't show anything yet, it doesn't mean something still can't happen. In any case, my pregnancy is still delicate and considered an at-risk pregnancy. There's still a chance I could still lose the baby. There's still a possibility that the baby could be born with a whole wealth of problems. However, I'm doing everything I can at the moment to keep the both of us healthy and prevent any complications."

"Now, I'm here and we'll be doing this together," Edward proclaimed, whilst comforting me.

"Oh God, Edward, what if there's something wrong with the baby?"

"Then we'll handle it and deal with it when the time comes, if the time comes. Regardless, it doesn't matter to me. I'm never gonna think about walking away from you or the baby. I have a responsibility to the both of you now. I love you. It's my child, I love it already. No matter what, I want it, will love it, and help you take care of him or her. No matter what, our kid will always be perfect to me, even if there are complications."

"You mean it?" I questioned again.

"I've never lied to you," he answered, which was true. Edward had yet to say anything to me that he didn't mean. I realized that.

"I swear, though, if anything happens to our baby, I am personally going to see to it that more charges are brought to those bastards for the baby's sake. The baby needs justice too," Edward declared and I nodded, agreeing with him.

"Can you feel the baby yet? Is it already moving?" Edward asked, as he switched gears and began rubbing my belly.

I shook my head. "I think I'm not that far along yet where we can actually feel the baby's kicks. It's been mostly little flutters for now, as if butterflies are flying in there. I suppose that is our little one. "

"Do we know yet what we're having?" He asked, suddenly completely fascinated with my baby bump.

"Nope, not yet. I actually didn't want to know yet, and especially not until I told you about being the father. I figured that's something parents-to-be decide and do together. I, uh, didn't even know if you'd want the baby, let alone want to know it's gender. I suppose we can find out now, if that's what you want."

"It's up to you. I'll respect whatever your decision you make on the matter. If you want to know, so we can plan accordingly, great. If you want it to be a surprise, that's fine too."

My tears had long since dried up and a huge smile was on my face. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I had prayed for this to happen, but I just didn't know what would happen. There was no way of predicting.

Edward wanted me. He wanted the baby. He wanted us. He wanted us as a family. We were now going to go through this together and he certainly not only pledged his love, but also his financial support.

"I love you so much," I couldn't help but blurt out.

"I love you too," he said in return. "And I love our little one." He spoke directly to my belly. It was then that he lifted up my clothing, exposing my bare baby bump, to which he started furnishing with kisses. In between the kisses, he was talking to my belly, like he was introducing himself to the baby. It made my heart swell.

That's where our all night sex romp began. After he was done with my baby bump, he then started to furnish kisses to other parts of my body, in reverence and in gratitude, and once he reached my lips and kissed it with such a passion I had never seen before or felt, we were both goners.

Clothing was torn off within seconds and in no time, I was flat on my back with him ready to enter me. There was no need to worry about safe sex now. He did pause for a moment, asking for permission,worried that he might hurt the baby, worse yet, worried that he could hurt me in any way, considering my condition; however, when I told him that it was all okay and that my obstetrician had even said that sex was fine during pregnancy, well, there was no stopping us then.

I was already quite wet, having been turned on by all the love that Edward had declared for me and the baby. I couldn't have fallen in love with a better man and asked for a better father for my baby. I knew that this was the start of something wonderful. I knew the that Edward and I were going to try and make things work. We were going to be together, go through this pregnancy together, go to New York and fulfill all my plans and I would support him with his as well, and we were going start to build a life together.

After that, I'd honestly lost all coherent thought because Edward was letting me fall into the pleasure abyss, on my way to my first orgasm.

After a few thrusts inside of me, he had pulled out and began working downstairs with his talented tongue and fingers. Instinctively, my body began to move in a rhythm in time with his mouth, and I don't think I'd ever felt my clit that stimulated, not even during the times that Edward had gone down on me before. It might have something to do with being pregnant. I didn't know and I certainly didn't care. All I cared about was I was enjoying myself.

Shit, that first orgasm was damn powerful.

Before I could even come down from the high of that one, Edward's cock was immediately back inside of me and pushing me to the edge all over again. Fuck, if the shock waves of pleasure didn't stop coming after that. Edward had me screaming in ecstasy. I didn't...couldn't hold back. Edward was just too damn good in pleasuring me. He hadn't lost his touch with me at all. He still knew how to play me like a fine tuned instrument, eliciting music. If you could call my grunts, moans, and screams of pleasure, music.

Edward was ready to come. He pulled out and proceeded to step off the bed, dragging me along to the edge. At first, he kind of confused me, but I quickly caught on to what he wanted to do. With my ass practically hanging off the bed, he spread my legs out wide, holding it in place with his arms against his hips, then he entered me again, proceeding to give me the ride of my life. He thrusted hard and deep. We both cursed in unison as orgasms transpired and we came hard together.

Edward collapsed onto me and I held him there for a time, until we both caught our breaths. We then both crawled under the covers and cuddled, basking in the afterglow of our great sex. I spent a long time looking up at him with a big smile on my face. Just the same, he was staring back at me with his goofy grin.

I wondered if he had that goofy grin above anything else because he just scored.

Like I said, Edward would go on to score several more times during the evening. I always loved that he needed minimal recovery time before his cock was ready again. With the way I felt about him and how I wanted him, I was glad that little time was wasted having to wait. Just as my body was quite responsive to him, his was equally as responsive to me.

Our second go-round had me on top with Edward sitting up so he could ravage my larger, fuller chest. I think he quite enjoyed my newfound bigger breasts. As with my baby bump, I would say he was just as fascinated with my boobs . Edward played, kissed, suckled, and nipped at both my breasts to the point it was almost painful, but damn I'd be lying if I didn't say it felt so good.

As tired as I was, I really couldn't get to sleep. My mind was reeling and my body seemed to want to make up for lost time with Edward all in one night. I wasn't so cruel, though, as to not let him get a few, short naps in between, but really, he wasn't getting much sleep.

I'd briefly thought about how Edward was probably gonna look like crap when he finally goes to meet with my father for brunch and how that might look to Charlie. I decided that I didn't quite care. Having brunch with Charlie was only a formality. Charlie did need to get to know the father of his grandchild and the man who'd won my heart. He also needed to learn how Edward was unlike Jacob in any way and what an actual loving and mutually beneficial relationship looked like between two people. However, no matter the impression my father got, it wasn't going to change anything between Edward and I. As much as I wanted Charlie to like Edward and give his blessing to our relationship, I wanted a life with Edward more.

That was the plan, for the two of us to build a life together and raise our baby together.

I had faith in Edward, though, that he was going to win my father over. Edward had that quality about him where he could charm anyone. As intimidating and a hard-ass my father is, he knows a good guy when he sees him.

Well, except for Jake, but no one saw that coming.

Edward had already won some points after the airport. He only needed to build on that. My father would never hold his tragic near-death experience against him, or the subsequent amnesia. What mattered most was that he recovered his memory, he remembered his feelings for me, that he still loved me, and he was here now.

I couldn't have imagined a better outcome. I had prayed that when I finally saw Edward and had revealed everything to him that he would want to be in the baby's life, or at least help me financially support it, especially while I finished school. Certainly, I wanted Edward back as well, but I didn't want to hope or ask for too much.

Now, we were going to fulfill our plans for New York. Yes, it was months later than expected, but better late than never. Edward pledged to help support me and the baby while I attended school, which was going to make relocating to New York a whole lot easier, especially while pregnant. He already said that his brother, Emmett, already had possible living space for us. Again, that was going to make the move for me and my friends much easier. Huge weights were now lifted off my shoulders. None of us would need to struggle after the move, as Alice, Rosalie, and I initially thought.

I was going to have no qualms about accepting Edward's help. He wants to help and the baby and I are certainly going to need it. I had to come to terms with the fact that Edward has money and lives a privileged life. Accepting him into my life means accepting all of him, including his wealth. Not that I was planning to take full advantage of it. I still planned to work and earn my keep, and if anything, I was going to pay for my own schooling. I could rest easy knowing that the baby's needs will be well taken care of.

The fact that Edward still wanted me and to have a life with me, in spite of everything, that was an added bonus. When I was being held hostage in the cabin, a lot of what kept me sane was thinking about Edward and fantasizing about what life would be like with the two of us together. I didn't need to fantasize anymore. It was going to happen.

Admittedly, the fact that Edward was responsible enough to accept his impending fatherhood was a big turn on for me. Let's face it, he could've decided to walk away and want nothing to do with the baby or me. It isn't like that hasn't happened before with other men. Consider me very glad that Edward wasn't going to be one of those guys.

Even more of a turn on was the fact that we were actually going to carry on the relationship we were meant to have months back. I would get to have Edward in my bed whenever I wanted. I really liked the idea of waking up to him every morning. I had enjoyed it back then also, when we were in our cozy hotel room at the Hideaway.

And having all the sex with him.

As I played with the smattering of hair on Edward's chest, continuing to watch him sleep, the urge to have him again was increasing by the minute. The sun was getting higher in the sky, with more and more sunlight leaking into the room through the curtains. I felt that I'd let Edward sleep long enough. After all, this time around, I'd let him snooze for what must've been a good two hours already.

It was breakfast time and I was hungry; however, not for food. I wanted a mouthful of Edward's cock, which I knew would lead to my having another amazing orgasm courtesy of Edward. I couldn't think of a better way to start my day.

I know I was being selfish, Edward needed his rest, but at that moment I really didn't care. He would have plenty of time to rest some other day, as I think I was through with the sex marathon for a while.

Let me clarify that I wasn't through with sex with Edward and being the recipient of amazing orgasms. Not by any means. Just that, I could probably do with one, maybe two, or maybe three, sex romps a day. I won't be keeping him up all night to satisfy me for quite some time.

It was all Edward's fault anyway. He only had himself to blame. If he wasn't so damn good in bed, I wouldn't be craving him all the time. It's his own fault that I am even addicted to the pleasure he has been giving me.

I remembered that I'd felt this same way back then also, when we'd first met, and quickly began our sexual relationship. I was powerless to resist him. I wanted him all the time back then, too. I couldn't quite understand why exactly, besides the fact that Edward had mad sex skills. Actually, I was embarrassed about how much I wanted Edward sexually and continually lusted after him. I realize now that feeling that way had nothing to do at all with the fact that I'd had no action previously, which I had initially chalked up my salacious sexual appetite for Edward.

Edward is intoxicating. That much was very true. But, not only that, I realized that when you loved someone and had true chemistry and compatibility, it was natural to want them in the exact way I wanted Edward, and often. It was actually healthy to continue to be sexually attracted to your significant other and something that should last throughout the relationship. I know that all too often, that doesn't happen, attraction sort of fades, and sexual appetites wane. I hoped that never happens between Edward and I.

From the way it looked now though, I think Edward and I had nothing to worry about.

Thinking about mine and Edward's future sex life made me giggle and giggling did weird things to my pussy. I was really wet, practically soaking. I couldn't stand to wait anymore. I pledged that one more roll in the sheets would be good for me, then I would finally get some sleep while Edward had brunch with my dad. I'd check in with Rosalie, Alice, and the rest of the crew later after some rest and probably a bath to soothe my aching muscles and soreness of my female bits.

I peeked under the sheets and deviously giggled at the sight of Edward's prominent morning wood. His cock was already calling to me. After a kiss to the scar on his chest and sending up a silent prayer of thanks that Edward was alive and was mine, I scampered down to his cock level and had him in my mouth in no time.

It wasn't very long before I elicited moans and groans from Edward, who then opened his eyes to me and looked down. In turn, I looked up at him suggestively, still with a mouthful of his cock.

"Arghhh...," Edward grumbled along with a whole string of gibberish I didn't quite understand, as I continued to work his cock into a frenzy.

"Shit baby, again?" He asked, coherent finally. "More?"

I innocently looked up at him and nodded profusely. He groaned and moaned some more. I could tell that he was ready to come after the blow job I'd given him, judging by the way his bottom half was starting to squirm; however, I didn't want him to come yet. That would mean some more waiting for me to get my orgasm and I wasn't about to wait any longer. Although, I knew that this time around was probably going to be a quickie, considering how ready Edward was to orgasm himself, as long as I got mine first, I was going to be happy.

"Ughh...fuck me," Edward groaned, mostly to himself I'm sure.

I used that opportunity to quickly mount him and have him inside of me. As wet as I was, his cock easily slipped inside.

"Don't mind if I do."

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-Chapter 46 Teaser (A rather long one for you guys):

"Fuck, Emmett, you scared me," I said, nearly jumping out of my skin, as I opened the door to find him standing there.

"Sorry, bro. Didn't mean to startle you. I was just about to knock."

"So, what do you want?" I asked, already mildly irritated, with really no reason to be. It must've been due to the lack of sleep.

"I see you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which is surprising, considering..." Emmett responded, then trailed off, chuckling a bit to himself.

"I had a long, rough night, okay."

Emmett continued chuckling. "Uh huh...I bet." There seemed to be a joke I was missing.

"So what is it you want again?"

Emmett contained his chuckles. "Well, the rest of us know that you've got a date with good ole Chief Swan, but we were wondering if Bella would like to join the rest of us for brunch. It'll give Jasper, Tanya, and I a chance to get to know her better and vice-versa. Her friends are coming. They hit it off well with Tanya."

"Glad you all are getting along."

"Not as much as you and Bella, obviously," Emmett muttered, mostly to himself I think, but was still loud enough for me to hear. He then chuckled some more.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing. So, Bella?"

"Oh, uh, thanks for the invite, but I think Bella's gonna have to pass. She's still sleeping. It's probably best not to disturb her. You guys are just going to have to check in with her later. There'll be plenty of other opportunities to get to know her better."

"Finally asleep, huh," Emmett muttered, then chuckled again. "Alright, no big deal. It's what we thought anyway. I'm sure she had a long, rough night as well." Emmett continued his laughter as he began to walk away.

"Yeah, well, we had a lot to talk about, you know."

"Of course," he answered, as he began to walk away, continuing to chuckle. "I'm glad that things seem to be working out for you two."

I then barely heard him utter, "Talking wasn't all you guys were doing," was what I thought I heard him say.

As much as it pained me, I jogged to catch up to him. "Can I ask you something?" I asked, walking alongside.

"And what would that be?"

"What's so damn funny this morning?"

"Oh, nothing," he remarked, trying to act all innocent.

Something was definitely up with him and I aimed to find out what. I was in no mood to be playing games like he obviously was.