The Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts worlds will collide in my first fan fiction! Sora is an ordinary, fourteen-year-old boy who lives with his friends Riku and Kairi on Destiny Islands. Ash is also a fourteen-year-old boy who is on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master. He is currently heading with Brock, May, Max, and Pikachu to Terracotta Town. There, May and Max will leave the group for home. One fate fateful night, their worlds get consumed by darkness. Now Sora, Ash, and even Pikachu must join together with Donald and Goofy to find their friends, save the worlds, and hopefully return home.

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~ Chapter 1 part 1 - Dive to the Heart ~


That was all that was surrounding him.

A certain brown, spiky-haired boy was alone in the darkness.

He was falling.

Plunging into the depths below.

There was a sudden flash of light and the boy was standing on solid ground.

The boy opened his eyes, his blue whirlpool eyes. He was wearing a red zippered shirt and a black jacket and hood with white cuffs that came up to his elbows. He had red shorts that came down to his knees that had a loose blue belt and chain on it. He also had some white, fingerless gloves with a black stripe around the trim and a blue stripe that crossed through a circular pattern in his gloves. He was also wearing rather large yellow shoes, not quite big enough to be a clown's, but not normal-sized. It was probably because of the kind of shoe. Around his neck was also a crown necklace. He also wore a curious expression on his face.

The second the boy touched the ground, grey doves flew of the platform he was on, revealed an image of a black-haired girl surrounded by seven dwarfs and animals.

A mysterious voice spoke to him out from nowhere.

"So much to do,"

"So little time…"

"Take your time."

"Don't be afraid."

"The door is still shut."

The voice then asked the boy to step forward in which he did.

Suddenly, to the voice's words, white pedestals appeared with weapons floating slightly above them, being showered in soft, glowing light.

"Power sleeps within you."

"If you give it form…"

"It will give you strength."

"Choose well."

The boy looked at the weapons; a sword, a staff, and a shield. After a few moments of thought, the boy slowly walked up to the sword. The voice spoke again.

"The power of the warrior."

"Invincible courage."

"A sword of terrible destruction."

"Is this the power you seek?"

The boy thought for a moment then nodded.

"Your path is set."

"Now, what shall you give up in exchange?"

The boy walked over to the staff.

"The power of the mystic."

"Inner strength."

"A staff of wonder and ruin."

"You give up this power?"

The boy glanced at the shield and nodded.

"You have chosen the power of the warrior. You've given up the power of the mystic. Is this the form you chose?"

The boy nodded for the third time.

The pedestals suddenly sunk into the ground, and the platform shattered. The boy fell.



Falling, into the darkness below. Stained-glass shards falling around him, as he once again fell in the dark abyss.

He then gently landed feet first on a platform with an image of a girl in a ball gown, standing on a large, white staircase.

The sword suddenly appeared in his right hand.

"You've gained the power to fight."

"Use this power to protect yourself and others."

"There will be times you have to fight."

"Keep your light burning strong."

As the mysterious voice said this, black shadow creatures with claws, antennae, and yellow eyes, came to life and began to attack him. They jumped into the air, and the boy did the same, giving them a horizontal slash. He then followed up by a diagonal slash downwards to the left, easily defeating them. The rest of the creatures disappeared. One appeared right behind him and was about to lunge at the boy when the voice shouted,

"Behind you!"

The boy locked on to the creature and landed combos on it and other that appeared. Thus, defeating them again. The creatures then sunk into darkness, which spread across the whole platform. The boy began to sink into the black and purple darkness, disappearing.

The boy tossed and turned, trying to get air. He then suddenly opened his eyes and gasped for air. He got up and found himself on a red platform with the outline of a girl colored blue, and had a moon and sun on it. A bronze, silver, and gold door then suddenly appeared on the opposite side of the platform. He walked over to it, to find it transparent, and it wouldn't open.

A chest appeared and the boy walked to it and tapped on it. The chest released a green liquid, which he pocketed.

The door then flashed, and became solid.

It slowly opened, and a bright, warm light came from it. The boy cringed a little, but kept his eyes open. He then slowly walked through the door.

"Hold on. The door won't open yet."

"First, tell me about yourself."

You kind of have to admit that's creepy. Just imagine being in his large shoes. Some voice is talking to him, but he doesn't see a person talking, asking who he is. That is just plain creepy.

After talking a little, the voice said,

"Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end."

"The day you will open the door is both far off and very near."

The boy then reappeared on another platform, or station. This one had an image of a golden-haired female who was surrounded by thorns.

Suddenly, more heartless surrounded him. The boy groaned in annoyance, and quickly defeated them.

A spotlight then went from him, to the opposite side of the platform. This caused about thirty floating, stained-glass steps to appear, leading him to yet another platform. He began to walk up them. He noticed that at about every few steps, a part of the staircase would disappear. As soon as he got to the top and stepped on the platform, the rest disappeared.

The voice then said to him,

"The closer you are to the light, the greater your shadow becomes."

Behind him, his shadow began to have a will of its own and began to rise. The brown-haired boy turned his head to see his shadow look-alike and stepped back, into the light! His shadow began to grow and kept growing into a crooked and more twisted version of its self. It had glowing, yellow eyes, its face was covered by its long "hair," large hands and feet (that were crooked), it was very muscular, and there was a heart-shaped hole in its chest.

"But don't be afraid."

The shadow grew into a giant and took a step towards the boy.

"And don't forget…"

The boy then ran from the shadow, and nearly fell of the edge of the platform. He was trapped!

The shadow toward over the boy and began to attack. The boy ran to his right as the shadow's left hand began to glow and was thrust to where the boy used to be standing. The platform trembled as the attack hit the ground, causing the purple and black darkness to seep out. The black creatures from earlier began to form and go after the boy. He then blocked a few of the attacks while ignoring the others as he attacked the giant shadow's hand. This had affected it a little, but not by too much. The creature then attacked again. This time, a dark sphere came out of the hole in its chest and released many smaller spheres that targeted the boy. With quick thinking, the boy bounced the spheres back at the shadow with his sword. After a few minutes, the boy was getting exhausted, and started to worry. "This thing isn't going down," he thought, "How can I defeat him?" The shadow's hand started to glow again, and the boy got an idea. He ran up the arm when it hit the ground and struck at its face. This made the creature take much more damage, and it began to stagger.

The boy's sword then disappeared and the shadow punched at him. He just narrowly escaped the blow. The creature punched at the ground by his other had. Darkness began to surround the boy, holding him in its icy grip.

"-but don't be afraid."

The darkness surrounded his legs and the boy began to disappear.

"You hold the mightiest weapon of all."

The boy's hand then got consumed.

"So don't forget:"

The boy turned, and his head disappeared too, leaving no trace of him at all.

"You are the one who will open the door."

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