A/N: Hello, all! This is my first Rizzoli & Isles fic...posted. *Evar* Yes, I am a little nervous...Heh. But, that's alright! Because I know you are all amazing people. =D Also, I think it's best I point out: I DO NOT SHIP MAURA/JANE - I am but a simple FRIENDshipper, and I like 'em just like that. :) ...Either I just lost half my readers, or the few Friendshippers out there who are reading this are nodding their heads and going: "FINALLY!"

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A/N2: This is a drabble-but-not-quite kinda thingy. wordcounttool .com tells me its 97 words. For future reference, none of these drabbles will be the traditional 100 word count.

Dedicated to: margret2u (AKA the Jane to my Maura. ;) )

French Braids and Rhetorical Questions -

"Ow, ow, ow! Maura!" Jane yelped, desperately trying to regain control over her dark mane of hair.

"Sit still!" Maura chastised as her fingers deftly worked through the other woman's locks.

"Remind me again how you talked me into allowing you to give me a goddamn French braid?"

"Well," Maura began, oblivious to her friend's sarcasm. "I started to tell you about the history and art of hair braiding, and how it was practiced most prominently in early African, European, and Native American cultur-"


"Yes, Jane?"


"That was a rhetorical question, wasn't it?"

Jane Rizzoli sighed.

Shipper or not, I want your feedback to know how I'm doing. I really hope I got the characters' voices down. So, please, criticize me if you think Maura and/or Jane should have said something else!