Wayward Son

Chapter One

(Amity Park)

All was quite in the Ghost Zone, all but one place. In a ghostly bar was all of Danny Phantom`s foes sat drinking ectohol.

"Gah! Curse the whelp. This old suit sucks."

"What the dipstick do now?"

"Tell us what the punk did. Maybe it will be against the rules."

"The whelp, thanks to his friends, escaped me, not only that they put my new upgraded suit in a car crusher."

"That punk is just too strong for any one of us to take on."

"If you are thinking of a team up, tried and failed, he somehow beat me and Youngblood."


"Well Ember I was thinking bigger."

"So Walker, what do you have planned for the little badger?"

"Ah Vlad! Well I was thinking we all go at him at one time here in the ghost zone."

"Then what Walker?"

"Putting him in the Blood Moon Door."

"The what?"

"Skulker you should tell you know it better."

"Ok. You see the door can only open during the blood moon or the hunters moon. Which is tomorrow."

"And the being that goes in there?"

"No one knows, none have ever come back from there."

"Well good luck, but I will not be helping this time for I still want the little badger as my son."

And with Vlad's last remark he disappears into a pink mist leaving the other ghost to plot and plan as a sleeping Phantom feels unnerved.

(London, England AU Hellsing HQ)

In a dark room three figures sit and wait for the final person to show. At the darkest spot of the room the last person walks in though the wall.

"Ah, Alucard right on time. Do tell us what this meeting is about that you called."

"Yes Master. Is Walter and the police girl here as well?"

"We are here Alucard."

"It has been a long time since the last blood moon has been in the sky during me being awake. Normal y I would have been sleeping and my powers would not have affected the moon, but this time will be different. My powers and the blood moon will cause a doorway to open letting ghosts enter our world. These ghost are evil and will try to take over and cause chaos. They will have to be removed quickly so there power will not grow."

"Master how powerful are these ghosts?"

"For some reason the travel between worlds weakens them greatly but most are weaker then a ghoul."

"So an old dog like me could take care of them."

"No. They have powers unknown and can only be destroyed by vampiric or ghostly powers."

"Then this matter will be dealt by you alone."

"Thank you my Master."

As Alucard heads back toward his room he feels a shift in power in the air.

"Hmm? Seems I was wrong this time. He should be fun."

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