Here is chapter 3.

Danny awoke a few hours later to low voices in the back round.

"He is alive sir..."

"I did not ask you if he was alive I asked you if he was a..."

"But sir the tests show..."

"How can the test say he is..."

Even though Danny could not hear all of the words he was starting to worry about where he was. After falling back to sleep Danny woke just shortly after the main doctors and the higher ups left.

"Ugh! Where am I?"

"Relax young man your safe. You are at the Hellsing manor in its medical center."

Just hearing the word medical was enough to throw him out of the bed only to find himself in front of a full body mirror and only wearing only his boxers. It was in that moment that Danny got to see just the Door way had done to him. He had aged to some where close to 20, his body had streamlined it self, and his hair was now longer and pulled back into a pony tail. It was during this inventory that Danny failed to see the doctor leave and some one els enter. It was Seras and she had i very good spot to see almost everything, but she had her orders.


The sudden sound brought Danny out of his stupor and whip around to see who it was only to have his ice blue eyes stare right into another pair of blue eyes. The blush that had appeared on them both had come in a flash.

"Sorry for spooking you. My name is Seras Victoria."

"Danny, Danny Fenton and had i known you were coming I would have dressed for the occasion."

"That seems like it would be very hard since the only be of clothing you have you are wearing right now."

Danny thought he saw some thing hidden in her smile but dimissed it. That only left his current problem.


"Yeah the clothing you were wearing was burned and ripped also it look to small for your body. I got some clothes from some guys in the squad."


"No problem just once you are dressed i will take you to get something to eat."


Danny waited for Seras to leave but that was quickly crushed.

"Well we dont have all day and you are to change every thing."

Danny`s only thought in his head as he picked up the boxers that were laid before him was repeating over and over.

"What did i do to her for this kind of embarrassing moment."

Danny sat uncomfortably in the manor`s dinning hall. He just could not believe it she had stayed the whole time and even commented on the birth mark on his lower backside.

"Really what did i do, that was something Sam might have done."

He was told that once he was done eating that some one would come to collect him. It was right after he had finished his burger when a older looking gentlemen with a monical came in asking for him.

"You are Danny yes?"

"I am may i ask who you are?"

"I am Walter C. Dornez, butler."

"OK, do you know what is going to happen to me?'

"Well that is up to you and Sir Integra. We are to wait for her in her office."

"Where is she at now?"

"A Roundtable conference."

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