This is a giftfic for rubyprism, written to reward her for posting to the mana-khemia-fic livejournal group. The Evil Plot to Get People to Write Me More Mana Khemia fic continues! She wanted Sulpher fic and I thought a drabble for a drabble.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mana Khemia or any other property appearing in this fic: Gust and the other rightful owners do.

"You know, you really should stop ditching class," Anna lectured.

Sulpher just rolled over in his sunny spot as Nikki went to curl up against his side. His mana jumped up onto the table, letting Roxis pet his cute little head. "At least he attends the exams." Unlike Flay. "His grades don't suffer for it." How could they, when he'd never missed a test question?

"Roxis, you need to stop encouraging him. And you! You shouldn't do all the work for him."

Sulpher's adorable widdle silver kitten mana looked woebegone and the beastman's black-furred tail lashed, irritated. "Leave Vayne alone."