I just new to this story writing and I hope that you will R&R it.

Jake was lying down on a sundeck chair with an umbrella covering him at a beach in Cosmo land, he was quite unhappy since no girl CO's liked him and he was in the verge onto giving up. He saw Rachel swimming and having fun until 5 Black Hole followed by a flew in and surrounded her while the battle copter kept the other CO's at bay, Jake was shocked as he saw Adder tying up Rachel and shoving her into the and then flew away, Jake got angry, looked around, saw a Stealth fighter and asked someone if he can borrow it and Jake flew after the helicopters

Jake followed the helicopters to Omega Land and reached the spiral garden, a spiral which is a pipeline for piperunners. Jake landed somewhere close as he saw Rachel taken into a lab. Jake went to the entrance of the spiral garden and formed some troops, his Megatanks started moving towards the lab and started shooting and obliterating the defences, as soon the coast was clear, Jake snuck in and heard two familiar voices, Adder and Kindle!