This has been written for the lovely mod of HPFF Forum, Marissa (delete-the-girl) for being the only mod who likes my favorite couple – Draco/Ginny – and for just being awesome. This has also been written for siriusmarauderfan :) Happy Birthday Marissa and siriusmarauderfan and may you continue to ship D/G forever =D

You look at him and hope, wish, pray that he won't believe her - Astoria Greengrass. Because if he does, you would lose the only part of him you could ever have; his friendship. So you stand there, refusing to give any explanations or clarifications - Why should you when you have done nothing wrong - waiting for his judgment to come for the accusations Astoria has put on you.

You know that you have slim chances next to her because she is, after all his girlfriend and he does like her more than he likes you, yet your heart refuses to let go of the hope. Your hear Astoria shout at you and you feel like strangling her for doing this but before you could do it, he intervenes. He tells her coldly to leave his premises because if she doesn't then he will personally strangle her, and you stand there s-h-o-c-k-e-d.

Does this mean he has trusted you over her? You aren't sure, you can never be sure – because this is Draco Malfoy we are talking about and he is anything but predictable. So you wait – wait for his outburst, wait for the explosion, wait for your friendship to break into several little pieces. But to your utter shock and bewildered, he doesn't say anything – nothing. He just places himself down on his ancient armchair and raises his eyebrows at you for standing there, staring at him like a fool. When you still refuse to move, to come out of your shock, he gets up and stands in front of you, moving your shoulder lightly.

"Are you alright Weasley?" he asks you.

"Aren't you gonna shout at me? Aren't you gonna accuse me?"

"No – why would I do?" he looks confused.

You don't say anything, just stand there, staring at him. Understanding dawns on him and he smirks – his old trademark smirk – for you being just an idiot.

"Merlin Weasley, you expected me to believe her?"

"I still do,"

"Silly, Silly, Silly Ginvera. I know you wouldn't do anything like that – you maybe a cunning, sly little thing, but you ain't a Slytherin. When you're guilty, it's written all over you face always. I don't need a stupid Astoria Greengrass to tell me things about you. I know you well enough myself, my stupid best friend and I believe you."

He trusts you. He believes. He believes you over the girl you always thought he liked. You try to restrain yourself – you know he hates hugs, but you can't. You run towards him – even though he is just standing like inches apart – and enclose your arms around his neck. You hug him tightly and your heart swells with happiness, with joy, with love - because even if you ain't his girlfriend, you are much, much, more than that.