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The birds were singing the breeze blew across the fields of Pallet Town. Everything seemed to be normal in the town of Pallet, all except the fact that not only Gary had come to visit but so did Paul. Ash never figured out what compelled them to come to his house as well as eat dinner with him and his mom. He really didn't expect to see both of them in well, a while. After all he had just recently come back from his trip to the Johto region at least two weeks ago.

Gary, for example, came over today, which isn't really a surprise since we are childhood friends, if you would call the constant fighting a form of friendship. He gave the excuse that he was coming over to get some information from professor Oak that could help in his research. Normally the fact that he came over didn't bother me, the fact that thirty to forty minutes later Paul showed up on my front step did. How did he even know where my house was, I even asked him this. His only reply was that there was a certain type of Pokémon his brother had to breed and that he had made arrangements to get the said Pokémon from Gary. He said this so, indifferently that I had to let him in. After all it was common for Gary to lend certain types of Pokémon to Breeder's, still; I had to admit this was all pretty suspicious.

The fact that Paul had to come…. And what he did…It was just so embarrassing! As if being under Paul's care for the duration of not only my vacation, but his too he had to come over to my house. Paul didn't really say much about it nor did he show any indication of any normal emotions, he just walked in ignoring the uncomfortable silence that was obviously between us.

When Paul entered the house, their seemed to be this awkward tension, but it seemed I was the only one to notice because Gary and Paul greeted each other, shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Well as pleasant as they both could act anyway.

And that's how I ended up eating dinner with not only one rival, but two of them. My mom was acting the same, happy-go-lucky person as always, and Mr. Mime was doing his regular duties. She seemed to be oblivious to the entire tension and just kept asking questions.

"So Paul, I heard you were a great Pokémon Trainer when you were little, I remember Ash would always talk about you endlessly. Every single time we talked over the phone he would tell me about the battles he had with you."


Paul was giving a small smirk, but I just looked away, both at him and the entire table in general, I could feel my face heating up.

"What? Did I say something wrong Ash?"

"Oh, don't worry about it Ashy-boy, you were just a kid right, it doesn't mean anything now. We're all grown up." Gary said in his most charming voice, but it didn't make me feel better. Since it was that very sentence that made the entire dinner period uncomfortable, the atmosphere was just so tense, I swear I could hardly breathe in there, I don't know how mom could just sit there without a care in the world and not notice it.

"So, Gary, how has your research been going? From what I hear you revived a live areodactyl , you sure are doing wonders in the science field just like your grandfather,"

I remember that, it was on the news if I remember correctly. Gary sure has been busy since he gave up his old dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer. I myself never really made that dream come true, as of now I help other trainers try to fulfill their own dreams at the pre-gym that I made when I came back to Pallet.

"Yes, but unfortunately he still needs the help of me and my brother to open up aerodactyls true potential." Paul interjected coolly, taking a sip of water out of his glass.

I could feel the tension increasing even more.

"Oh that's right Paul, you help your brother with breeding isn't that right, that's a very hard job."

He shrugged, putting down his glass. "My job is only to make the Pokémon stronger."

"It's only natural that you wouldn't have the full reign over other people's Pokémon

After all you're not a real a breeder yet." Gary added taking a bite of his chicken grinning like an idiot.

What's wrong with these guy's I can't handle this tension anymore. "Um, I'm going upstairs, I'm kind of tired. " Before my mom could comment I left the table, rushing upstairs and locking the door. Pikachu, who was sleeping soundly, had woken up from the loud noise the door made. "Sorry buddy, I wok you up didn't I." He yawned and stretched his body out. I moved to my bed laying down, petting Pikachu's fur slowly. He was looking at me expectantly, waiting for whatever I had to say.

"Man, do you know what's up with those guy's Pikachu?" Pikachu blinked, his eyelids drooping slightly, but he listened intently."I have no idea what's going on in their heads." Pikachu moved his head to the side in a gesture to say he didn't understand. "Oh, right, Paul and Gary are here."

Pikachu nodded his head, then all of a sudden his eyes widened. "(Pi?)" The little mouse said standing up on the bed next to Ash. Pikachu started to act anxious all of a sudden, he tried to hide it, but he failed miserably.

"What's wrong Pikachu? "

The small mouse, only smiled awkwardly, patting my back as if to say everything was all right. That probably would have helped if Pikachu didn't seem as confused as I was.

"All right, whatever, they're going to be gone in the morning." I said, getting ready for bed, allowing Pikachu to get situated where he wanted on the bed.

I laid in bed, thinking that everything was going to be back to normal. Gary would go to Professor Oak and get the information he needed, Paul would get whatever Pokémon he needed from Gary and they would be gone soon.

Of course it was obvious that wasn't going to happen, it never does.

HAHA, writing about Ash's mom was fun, she was always interesting whenever I saw her in the show. Now, I have a vague idea where this is going to go. Oh and thank you for all the kind reviews in A getaway, you guy's are the best! Hope I do better in this story.

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