I thought I should finally write the epilogue for this story. It's been awhile hasnt it. I want to say thank you for the support, review, favorites and story alerts it really means a lot. It's sad thats it's over, but oh well, I dont know if any of you will like the ending, but I like how it came out.

My time in Pallet town has recently been more exciting than I've ever had it in my entire life. The reason for that would have to be Paul staying at my house, rent-free by the way. How did this happen, you might ask, well to make a long story short Paul won a bet, and the prize happened to be the spare bedroom in my house. Lucky me, no really, I'm being serious when I say it, ever since Paul came to live with us it's been nice. We eat breakfast together, we have decent conversations, the type of conversations that you forget about in the morning, but you don't regret having them because it was a good way to pass the time.

It was kind of like….dating.

No, not like, we are dating.

How long has it been, six months since he last moved? Yeah, that's about right, and ever since then Paul has been nothing but kind. Well, kinder then before I guess, Paul will always have his little quirks. In actuality I find them a little bit endearing.

He is doing better though; he started up his own breeding business here and has made Pallet town his official home. In his short time here he has made quite a name for himself. He has problems, what breeder doesn't but tries his best to better himself and that's all that should matter. Paul also allows me to help around, usually in the newborn Pokémon department. (For a breeder he's not really good with babies.)

Paul hasn't been the only one who has made Pallet town their permanent residence either. Gary has recently moved back home, mostly to take care of professor Oak who's health has been declining in recent years. It's sad, but at least this way Gary's is with friends and family and he's still able to continue his research.

My mom and I try to invite him over as much as possible along with professor Oak but Paul always seems to be uneasy when he's around which is ironic since he said he didn't have any competition. He should start listening to himself more often he really has nothing to worry about.

I've found that my time with Paul has been the best years of my life, pretty corny. I probably sound a bit like a lovesick woman, but I can't help it. He's just so, so, I can't think of a word that doesn't make me sound even more so like a woman.

Sweet, there I said it and loveable, cool, cute, hot, and I'm shutting up now because I'm not embarrassing myself more then I already have.

The point I'm trying to make is that I love Paul.

Now this affection just didn't just spontaneously appear, it started coming gradually over time, but it never really hit me until that day Paul and I went to take a walk in the forest. The very forest Paul explained to me what was going on six months ago. (The bet if none of you remember.) We were walking down the path the autumn air blowing softly. The leaves falling lazily down on the ground the bright reds, yellows, and oranges adding color to the now dead grass.

It was pleasant, we were just talking about the first festival that Pallet town was hosting. Dawn, Zoey, even May were coming to visit and possible help with the preparations. It was at that moment that it hit me.

I've never talked to anyone like I talk to Paul. It's weird; when I talk to any of my friends I never seem to have any depth in our conversations. I'm able to share my opinions with them true but they never really consider them the way I do. Paul does, and my heart beats a little faster knowing he cares about what I think. From their I started to see all the little things that made Paul such a unique person, he frowns when he's working, not because he doesn't like his work but more from a force of habit. He crosses his arms when he knows he's wrong but doesn't want to admit it. He covers his mouth when tries to stifle his laughter. All these little things and more I couldn't help not loving.

I tried to see if I ever had a relationship that was similar to the one with Paul and I felt myself drawing a blank. Misty, she's' nice but I never feel like I'm able to express my feeling without getting head bashed, not that she's a bad friend but she can be a bit stubborn. Paul at least can be persuaded to change his mind given a good reason.

Brock…just no, he's good friend, a great one, but that's all I never tried to really begin to understand him beyond that.

Then there's Gary. I have to say it did give me a pause when I thought of Gary, he was similar to Paul in many ways they were both my rivals that's one. They're both Pokémon geniuses when it comes to battling and Pokémon in general, but the way they treat me is extremely different.

I find Gary's form of affection suffocating. He pushes and prods and asks if I'm alright all the time and I dislike it. He's more of a mother hen then a friend if you ask me. Paul on the other hand doesn't, he treats me like an equal. He never assumes anything of me like Gary does and if he doesn't know he asks. This is the quality that I adore the most and made me to say three little words in the middle of our conversation through the woods.

I love you.

It's embarrassing and to think that all started with festivals.

The end, on another note, the pikachu story might be added later here or in a separte story, who knows I don;t know if I'll still write it.