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The room was dark and cold along with the cage. A chestnut hair boy, he also had a ponytail as well. He was wearing his favorite outfit. Dark brown jacket, black shirt, along with his pine pants and belt. He was also wearing his brown boots. He woke up in the cage and he was freaked out. He went to the bars, grabbed them, shook them, and yelled, "Hey, what's going on? Hey!" He then saw his father coming out of the shadows with a grim look on his face. He then asked, "Dad, what's going on?" His father then said, "It's time." His son made a confused face and then felt his heart hurting. He yelled in pain and he clunged his shirt as he fell to the ground. A cyborg then put his hand on his son and said, "Son, it's what he was born with…curse or blessing he will have to accept it." The boy's voice was becoming disoriented and was roaring as he grabbed onto the bars.

Chapter 1

A redhead named Ariel was brushing her hair and trying to look good enough. She was wearing her school uniform and finally got her hair done. "Ok, got my homework, cell, and my music sheet." She said as she put the stuff in her bag. Her father, Triton, was the richest man in Montressor. He owned almost every part of town except for a piece of land that was the forest. The forest belonged to a family but no one knows the family name. Ariel went downstairs to have breakfast and her father was already eating. "Now, Ariel I'll be working late tonight and you need to come home after school." Ariel bit her bottom lip and said nervously, "Well, daddy I'll be singing for the school's talent show and I need to stay behind to rehearse." Her father sighed and said, "Very well. I'll see you when you come home." He left the table and went to his work. Ariel sat down had toast and eggs, then went to her school.

Her school, Montressor High, all of the teens were doing their things from hanging out to holding hands couples. Ariel was looking for her two best friends, Tiana and Charlotte; she then saw them under the tree where they would hang out. Tiana had her hair in a bun and Charlotte had her hair in curls. "Hey, girl you tell your daddy about the talent show?" asked Tiana with a sly smile. Ariel answered with a smile, "Of course he did." Charlotte had four tickets in hand and jumping up and down with a huge grin. "I got four tickets to the big dance, they are holding here at the school gym. I got two tickets for Tiana and Naveen. The other two are for me and Kuzco." She looked at the redhead and said with sad look, "Sorry, Ari, you know I get the tickets for you, if Er…" Tiana stopped her from saying Ariel's ex-boyfriend's name.

It had been a year since Ariel found Eric cheated on her with Vanessa. Ariel confronted him about him going out with her. Eric told Ariel that he didn't need her anymore that he was better with Vanessa then Ariel. Ariel broke in tears and ran home on that day.

Ariel shrugged and said with a sad smile, "its ok, Tiana. I just knew he was not the one for me." She left her friends to their thoughts and she went into the bathroom to wipe her tears. It was still painful for her to talk about Eric. She just wished that he would tell the truth in the first place.

After school, she went into the school's gym and sung her song she was working on. She thought she had enough practice for today and locked the gym up. She walked home and she saw her sheet music slipped out of her bag blowing away. "No! Wait!" She went chasing after the sheet that went into the forest and she wasn't aware that she went into the forest. She tried to catch the sheet but it would always be slipped away from hands. Finally, the sheet landed on the ground and the redhead smiled as she picked it up.

She then looked around to found herself to be in the forest that no one ever thought to go in. She looked up to find that the sun was gone and thought, 'this is not good.' She noticed that the fog was building up. She then heard a voice, "Hey, you!" She turned around to find a boy with chestnut hair with a ponytail and an earring. He wore a beige shirt with sleeves rolled to his elbows, with pine pants, with dark brown boots. He then said with a serious face, "It's not safe here." Ariel then asked, "What?" He then yelled, "Get out. Now!" Ariel then took his advice and ran. She then tripped and she got up to find a wolf with black and white fur. This wolf growled with a lust grin on its face. Ariel couldn't move she was too frightened of the wolf and wolf got closer to the redhead with a lust growl. Ariel then heard a roar and saw a brown lion tackled the wolf.

She just watched the wolf and lion go at it. The wolf bit the lion on its neck and the lion roared in pain. Ariel then picked up a rock and threw it at the wolf. The wolf looked at the redhead with angry look and Ariel dropped the rock in fear. The wolf charged at her but the lion got to the wolf first and crippled its hind leg. The wolf limped away and the lion roar to know whose area this was. The lion looked at the redhead, rolled its eyes, and ran off. Ariel saw the entrance of the forest and ran towards it. She looked back to see the boy she just met looking at her with a serious look on his face. She then shook her head and thought, 'It couldn't be…'

The boy went home and went into his home with a sigh. He came inside and cleaned up his home. His mother asked, "Jim, where were you?" Jim then answered with an innocent smile, "I was just making my rounds." His father came down the stairs and said as he came down, "Well, from what I heard outside we had a visitor during your rounds." Jim looked up to find his father with a smirk on his face. His brother heard this as he drank his coffee and said; "The last time we had a visitor was about three years ago." Jim looked at his brother and said annoyed, "Milo, mind your business and stay out of this." His sister heard this as well and asked an angry voice, "Well, did you finish her off?" Jim then answered to his sister, "No, I didn't." His sister got angry and stormed off to her room. His mother yelled after, "Kayley!" His father, looked at his son and said with a concern tone, "Don't worry she'll get over it. So, tell us about the redhead you saved." Jim scoffed and said, "I didn't save her. I told that mongrel that this was our territory and he should leave." His father smirked and said, "Not the way I saw it." Jim then went to the kitchen with the dirty dishes and said, "Whatever."

His mother looked at her husband and said with a concern tone, "Sinbad, do you think that…?" He looked at his wife and said as he pulled her into his arms, "Sarah, he will open his heart and I think that the girl maybe able to save him from that darkness." He then pulled her face up to look at her. "Just the way you saved me." Sarah then smiled hopefully at him and thought, 'I hope you're right…'

Jim was on the rooftop listening what his parents said and thought of the redhead girl. She looked so afraid and yet she helped him from that cur. He remembered the smell that she had on her. Her scent was unbelievable; it was smell of the sea breeze with lavender. She was beautiful and knew that he did not have a chance. For who could ever care about a monster like him? He would have to talk to his grandfather about this and he was not looking forward to it.

Ariel got back to her home and was fast asleep. She kept seeing that boy in her mind and woke up every time he tried to kiss her. She then decided that she had to meet this boy again and what was a lion doing in the forest. She went back to sleep and dreamed about the boy again this time it was more vivid.

She was in the forest again running from the wolf that attacked her. She kept running then she tripped and fell. She looked up to see the wolf in his place was Eric. The lion tackled him and when the lion looked at her and was transformed to the boy she met.

She woke with a start and looked at the moon and thought, 'I wander what his name is…'

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