Edited: 2013/11/19

(A/N: Warning. A very short fic. The Disclaimer is found at the author's profile)

Mr. Kousei Minamoto was washing his new car. It was his pride and joy, as he worked very hard earning it.

As he was finished with the the first side, of course he went to the other. But he stopped when he saw his eldest son, Kouichi, doing something. He went closer to the four year old to inspect what he was doing.

What he saw angered him, his son was scratching his new car with a rock he found on the ground. At the fit of rage, he hit his son's hand, unknowingly, a wrench he blindly picked up from the ground. Kouichi cried but Mr. Minamoto didn't stop until he felt something warm, a liquid touched his hands. Blood.

The man was now sitting at the lobby of the hospital, the waiting area. He was greeted by his wife and the younger twin, Kouji. His wife comforted him saying that it wasn't his fault, that he didn't meant it to happen.

He went to his son's room. The boy smiled at his visitor. He then asked, "Hi Daddy, umm...when do you think my fingers will grow back?". The boy smiled again sweetly at his father.

His father didn't reply instead he got out of the room and ran to his 'pride and joy'. He gave it a kick, to let out his frustration at it. He then noticed the scratch Kouichi made. He read it and pound the metal in frustration. It read, "I love you Daddy".