VA meets the Cullen's which vampire is which? Chapter 1

This is my first Vampire Academy story so if you think the writing style is wrong than I'm sorry. This is when rose and dimirti are together and he has been transformed back from strigoi. Rose, lissa, christen, Adrian , eddie and mia are all taking teaching posts at a academy after their holiday which is why lissa insisted they travel as a family instead of moroi and guardians. Christen and lissa are married and eddie and mia are getting married next yr. rose and dimitri are getting married after the holiday.

**I may not put capitals on all the names by accident.*sorry*

Rose pov:

"….wake up rose , c'mon today's the day!" rose groaned and tried to cover her head with the pillow , only to find it had been taken off her. " Lissa.." she begged" just 2 more hours"

Lissa took a deep breath and yelled "YOU GET OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW ROSE! YOU PROMISED TO BE A GOOD GUARDIAN SO GET UP AND GUARD!" Rose opened her eyes to see a very pissed off lissa glaring at her. " what day is it?"she asked lissa s jaw dropped" you don't know?" she asked completely shocked" it's the first day of our vacation!" she squealed," so get up" rose fell out of bed " wait a sec. I thought that was tomorrow so I didn't pack" she explained wellc'mon I'll help and lissa pulled out 2 suitcases and started filling them with roses clothes. She set out a nice pair of factory ripped denim 3-quarter pants and a black t-shirt with fake diamonds sewn around the neckline along with a sleek black pair of running shoes and a small amount of gold jewwlery rose looked cool and comfortable. When lissa had finished throwing things into the suitcases she passed them to rose and they went down stairs." Hey comrade" she said to dimitri "why'd you leave? It was lonely in bed" he chuckled" I'm sorry, I had to help cook." At that rose perked up and sniffed the air eggs?" she guessed dimitri laughed and led her into the kitchen where he served her a large pklate of eggs an bacon.

This is more of an intro than a chapter an I'm sorry if my chapters are a little short.

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