Chapter 2;

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Bella glared at Alice "what do you mean we are going to a forest in the rocky mountains!" she said in a deathly quiet voice

"if you think I'm gonna let my girl stay here ALONE!with no protection except the wolves and Charlie you are seriously mistaken!" alice sighed bella you and Edward need a bit of space. She is as big as a 17 year old. She is up at the stage where she just wants time with her boyfriend!" alice explained. Just then jake and Renesmee walked in laughing and kissing. They stopped very quickly once they relised they weren't alone. "um….hi mom" she said blushing. And they ran out side laughing. "see what I mean argued alice "even ask Edward he has been giving her more freedom so that she doesn't feel suffocated. Hasn't he told you this. "um….." bella didn't want to admit that he HAD given her a talk about that.

Alice tried again" we'll be in a mansion with 10 master bedrooms! You can do what ever you like with Edward for as LONG as you like….." she said enticingly finally bella gave in. "fine, but only because I'm sick of deer and I want to try some more mountain lion!" than she waltzed out to complain to Edward.

Rose POV

Rose was on the plane on the way to the rocky mountains she had just got back into the bed after going to the bathroom." I hate flying long distance" rose grumbled " the bathrooms are shit!"

Dimitri chuckled and pulled her closer to his chest "stop moving Roza" he complained" you are the only good part about sleeping on plane beds" rose straddled him and gave him a very deep and sensual kiss . "wake up " we'll be there in 20 minutes and I can't wait to share a master bedroom with you" she said suggestively. He groaned "Roza only you could make me wake up like that" and he stood up to go to the bathroom.

"Edward if we get lost one more time in this stupid forest I am going to give alice the lecture of a lifetime" grumbled bella. "I'm sick to death of running in circles after my crazy sister.!"

Edward chuckled don't worry bella alice is posisitve about the route now.

"we're here "yelled alice. "finally now lets get to that master bedroom" and Edward laughed as she pulled him after her.