Okay, so this is my first attempt at making a series of any sort so bear with me. I've only done oneshots before but this idea had been coming to me for a while and I had to write. It is an Oz/OC pairing, but don't diss it. Oz and Willow were great in their time, but they've each evolved. They aren't right for each other anymore. So anyway, here it is. Please read and review.

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Chapter 1:

Past Meets Present

Oz was walking down a dark alley when his watch beeped, announcing midnight. It was late October and the chilly air seeped past his brown coat, assaulting his bones. He was in New York for the time being. Had been for three months already, which was a long time. Since breaking up with Willow, he'd become nomadic, only staying in one place long enough to learn a new technique, see a new club. He hadn't settled. He couldn't. Last he'd checked, Willow had moved on. She was building a new relationship with that Tara girl. And he envied her. He wished he could have moved on just as well. But their break up had left him scared to try and commit himself, therein laying the origin of his constant moving.

He was nearing in on his apartment when he heard feet pounding on the pavement behind him.

"Please! Somebody! Help!"

Oz turned in time to see a teenage girl speeding around the corner, her platinum blonde hair whisking out behind her. She was about the same height as Oz himself but looked twice as frail – which was saying something because Oz wasn't exactly the picture of strength. She was panting heavily, blood-red lips parted as she hobbled frantically towards Oz.

"Please, you've got to help me," she gasped.

"Whoa, slow down," Oz said, placing a hand on her arm reassuringly. She looked up at him and he was shocked to see that her irises were pink and her eyelashes white.

"No time," she protested between breaths. "It's too fast!"

"It?" Oz asked, his mind immediately coming up with images of demons and beasts and most of all…

"A vampire," she cried. "Please, you have to believe me."

But Oz didn't have time to tell her that he did because the aforementioned vampire came running around the same corner the girl had.

"Leave me alone," the girl shouted at the vampire.

"Not until you're dead, Slayer," the vampire retorted. Oz's mind suddenly went numb. The Slayer? If this girl was the Slayer, what had happened to Buffy?

"Look, I already told you, I'm not the Slayer, okay. I don't slay you, you don't slay me. I thought we had come to an agreement!"

"I'm not passing up the opportunity to kill a Slayer kid. The fact that you aren't dealing blows just makes it that much easier," the vampire chuckled, clearly certain that he would make the kill.

"Kennedy, they went around the corner," someone yelled. Oz thought the voice sounded familiar, but he didn't dare believe his ears.

"I'm on it," yelled another voice, this one not familiar at all, probably belonging to Kennedy.

And there was Kennedy now, in theory at least. Oz saw a strong brunette woman in her early twenties take the corner with ease, reminding him of the way Buffy used to run. She even had the same determined look in her eye.

"Hey sunshine," Kennedy called. The vampire turned quickly to take her in.

"Damn, there's a second Slayer," the vamp exclaimed.

"You bet your kickable ass," Kennedy said, smiling as she twirled a stake in her hand. Two slayers? Had Faith died as well?

"Is Bianca safe?" asked the familiar voice, coming closer with every word.

"She's here with some guy," Kennedy yelled back. Oz assumed that Bianca was the name of the girl standing next to him.

Kennedy then briefly turned to Bianca and addressed her firmly. "Help me out here, Newby."

"I told you freaks, I'm not being the Slayer," Bianca returned with as much resolution as Kennedy had. "You've already got a couple thousand. What do you need me for? Why can't I just live my life like a normal teen?"

"I thought Fangs over here was doing a good job at explaining," Kennedy retorted. "You're chosen Bianca. You're strong. Stop being so goddamn weak."

During Kennedy's speech, the vampire managed to turn the tables. He knocked Kennedy's knees out from under her and as she tried to right herself, he hit her in the stomach. Kennedy doubled over.

"Kennedy," shrieked an exasperated young woman as she sped into the alley, stake poised in her capable hands. Her shoulder length red hair blew in the breeze and her eyes gleamed with power.

"Exsisto conicio absentis," the redhead said. The air rippled around her and the vampire was thrown back into a nearby wall. "That'll teach you to mess with my girlfriend," she growled as she plunged the stake into his heart, the dust framing her like a halo.

She had aged; she was in her late twenties now. But, so was he. She was still redhead and – apparently – still gay. She was still practicing and she was still strong. She may have new scares, new powers and new responsibilities, but she was still that same girl he'd left almost five years ago.

"You okay baby?" she asked, helping Kennedy to her feet.

"I'm fine, don't worry," Kennedy replied, slowly pulling a lock of hair out of the other woman's face. "Though I can't say the same about our bystander," Kennedy continued, turning towards Oz before continuing. "He looks like he's in shock."

"Oz?" she asked aloud, bewildered that she had run into the traveler, here of all places. Was it really him?