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Chapter 11


Buffy, Willow and the Slayers followed Wolf Oz to a clearing on an old back road. Off to the side of the road was a battered old car, the roof smashed in, the windshield shattered and the hood soaked in blood. Oz whined.

"Bianca," Buffy called. There was no answer. There was no sign of life at all until a figure came flying through the air and crashed onto the roof of the car. Although saying that said figure contributed to a sign of life would be a stretch.

"Vampire," Willow shrieked.

"Who the hell's waling on him?" Kennedy asked. "Not one of our girls; they're all here."

The vampire scrambled to his feet. He noticed the new arrivals and swore. Kennedy stepped forward, stake poised. The other Slayers followed suit. Wolf Oz ran around and cut them off mid stride.

"What the hell, Oz?" Kennedy snapped. Oz growled and made some wolfy sort of head gesture towards where the vampire was being headed off by a quite frightening Albino.

"Bianca," Buffy whispered, surprised. "Bianca," she called, louder this time, but Bianca didn't respond.

The vampire lunged toward the young Slayer. In a blur, Bianca slipped effortlessly behind him. The vampire turned on his heels and swung at her. Almost before he took the swing, Bianca was already dodging the other way, as though she could foretell his movements. Their little sparing match continued much the same way; the vampire would swing and Bianca would sidestep. She didn't even try to land a blow of her own.

One of her movements led her to lock eyes with Buffy and the head Slayer gasped and backpedaled. Not many things shocked her nowadays but looking into Bianca's vacant, yellow eyes set her hairs on end.

If Bianca's goal was to wear the vamp down, they'd be going at it for a very long while. He exhibited stamina similar to that of a Slayer, though with none of the grace. He was clumsy with his motions, leaving himself unguarded several times too many. Any other Slayer would have staked him within the first few minutes of the fight. But Bianca didn't seem interested in staking him. She wasn't in it for the kill; it was more for survival's sake.

Suddenly, out of the shadows stepped a second vampire, this one a female with long blonde hair. Bianca was so absorbed in her fight that she didn't seem to notice the blonde narrowing in on her. Wolf Oz growled and lunged towards the vamp. He pounced and pinned her down, taking her neck in his jaws and ripping her throat out, leaving a pile of dust to be soaked up by the damp earth. Bianca held her vampire steadfastly as her glowing eyes watched the dust fall. Wolf Oz held her gaze and she nodded. She quickly and efficiently took the vampire head in her hand in with one quick jerk tore the head off his shoulders.

Dust pooled at her feet and her eyes began to glow bright yellow. The glowing faded slowly and she blinked several times. Her knees buckled as she grew limp. Wolf Oz ran towards her, shifting back to human mid stride, catching her when as she slowly lost consciousness.


Bianca's eyes felt heavy and scratchy, like sandpaper. She tried to open them, but decided that it hurt too much. Her throat burned and she wanted to call out for a glass of water but her lips were so dry they were stuck together. She ached all over, her ribs and forearms especially tender. She began to panic. Where was she? How had she gotten there? The last thing she remembered was Tyler trying to pull his usual crap. Oh God, what had he done to her? She tried so hard to remember; her brain felt like it was on fire from all the effort. She felt like she was about to start hyperventilating when a familiar voice instantly calmed her down.

"How long have you been here?" Willow asked.

"I dunno, how long since we brought her in?" Oz wondered.

"So a long time then," Willow sighed. "Mind if I sit a while?"

"Go ahead," Oz replied.

"Oz, we need to talk about Bianca… and you."

"That's not very professional," Oz scoffed.

"Being a watcher doesn't exactly qualify as a profession," Willow pointed out. "I'm not gonna lecture you on Watcher/Slayer relationships or else I'd be kind of a hypocrite wouldn't I? But it's not just me and Kennedy, there's Robin and Faith too. And then there's Dawn and Andrew but I don't know what you'd qualify that as."

"So if you're not here to lecture me, what are you here for?" Oz wondered.

"No, I'm still here to lecture you, just not on the fact that she's a Slayer," Willow answered. "Bianca is part of a community now, an international community of Slayers, all willing to look out for one another at any cost. Should you hurt her, ever, you will be hunted down and eaten as a gourmet meal."

"Werewolf stew, understood," Oz chuckled. "You know I'd never hurt her," he added, more solemnly.

"I knew you'd never hurt me too," Willow countered. "But that's not my point. I know you wouldn't hurt Bianca purposely. Same way I'd never intentionally hurt Kennedy. It doesn't happen that way, not unless you're a sadistic freak. All I want is for you to talk to her some about your past, let her know the kind of mistakes you're prone to make so you don't blindside her."

"So you've talked to Kennedy about your switching sexuality disorder?" Oz joked.

"I don't have a… oh, that was a joke." Willow blushed fervently.

"I'm not mad at you, you know," Oz assured her. "Some things you just can't help."

"Is this your way of justifying the affair?" Willow quipped.

"Which one, mine or yours?" Oz joked back. "If you ask me, they cancel each other out."

"I'm down with that," Willow chuckled.

"So how are things with you and Kennedy?" Oz wondered. "We may not be dating anymore but I'd like to think we still mean something to each other. I'd like it if we could talk and stuff."

"Yeah, that'd be good," Willow agreed. "Things with Kennedy are nice. I don't know, I don't want to sound ungrateful to have her, I love her very much, but it wasn't the same instant connection like I had with…" Willow trailed off.

"With Tara," Oz finished. "I read about what happened. How are you holding up? I know it was a while ago but sometimes I still miss you and you didn't actually, you know, die."

"Well, aside from trying to destroy the world and flaying someone alive, I grieved like a normal person. I still miss her sometimes too. Even though I love Kennedy very much, I still feel like if Tara were to walk through that door right now, I'd leave everything and everyone behind just to be with her again. You never really stop loving someone, but it's so much harder to move on when that person's really gone, because there's no hope at all. I won't see her some day at the grocery store, won't run into her at the park. We'll never be together again. It was like that with you too," Willow explained. "I always thought we'd be together again. After a while, I stopped picturing us together as a couple and we were just friends, but I always wanted you somewhere in my life someday. When Tara died, I didn't just loose a lover, I lost a friend, a presence in my life. That's what made it so hard."

Willow's voice cracked and Bianca could hear Oz shift in his seat, probably to put an arm around his former girlfriend in comfort.

"I wish I'd have found you sooner," Oz sighed. "I was selfish to just leave without keeping in touch."

"At least whatever it was you were doing seemed to work," Willow argued. "That Change was amazing Oz. I was really proud of you. It makes it all okay, seeing what you've accomplished. That one Change absolved your entire past, your absence. Not to get all mushy on you, but you're a better man. You did it; you did what you said you were going to, for real this time."

"I just needed to get to her, you know?" Oz sighed. "Maybe you don't."

"Flayed someone alive, remember?" Willow countered.

"Then I suppose you do," Oz chuckled. "To be honest, I don't know what happened with my Change. I've been able to stop the wolf from doing anything rash for a while, but I've never had that level of control before. It was like…"

"Love conquers all?" Willow supplied.

"As cheesy as that sounds," Oz agreed. Bianca heard him get up and shortly after felt a warm hand on her forehead, fingers running through her hair.

"Has she shown signs of pulling out?" Willow asked. Pulling out?

"No," Oz whispered, his voice hoarse.

"You know, comas are tricky things, Oz," Willow sighed. "She could be out anywhere from a few more hours to a few more months. You should get some sleep. It's been almost 38 hours since you slept last."

"Another hour or so, then I'll pull up a cot, I promise," Oz replied.

"No, you'll go to the guest bedroom and get a proper sleep," Willow argued.

"Are you telling me that if this were Kennedy you'd be able to just leave and get a proper sleep?" Oz challenged.

There was a brief silence before Willow said, "I'll bring you some blankets and a pillow."

"Thank you," Oz said.

Bianca heard the door creek open and shut. She felt her bed dip as Oz sat next to her and held her hand. Bianca wanted to tell him that this was ridiculous, that she wasn't in a coma, she could hear him perfectly fine, but her body wouldn't move. Her lips weren't just dry, they were numb and unusable.

Oh God, she really was in a coma and there was nothing she could do. She couldn't even tell Oz she could feel him, she wanted so badly to tell him. She wanted to let him know that she was so grateful he was there. She wanted to hold his hand too, not to have it just be deadweight.

Bianca heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," Oz said, slipping of her bed and returning to his chair.

"Willow sent me with blankets," Buffy said as the door creaked open.

"She sent you or you intercepted her so you could ask me about Bianca?" Oz asked.

"Look, I'm not being insensitive but I really need to know what that was. If you know something, anything at all, tell me. Maybe it'll help."

"It's the Sight," Oz said suddenly.

"I'm sorry?"

"She has the Sight. I suspected as much when she started channeling a conversation you were having with Giles one night. But last night confirmed my suspicions. That's what the wolf kept calling her, the one with the Sight. And the way she was dodging all those blows before they even happened, don't tell me that wasn't her seeing the future, or reading his mind, or I don't know what. But it wasn't a Slayer thing."

"The Sight drove Drusilla crazy," Buffy realized. "Granted, it had help from Angelus, but it did some real damage."

"That's because Drusilla was human, before getting vamped that is," Oz argued. "I think that's why Bianca was Chosen. She's not exactly a regular human anymore; maybe she can handle the Sight now, without going crazy or having her head blow up."

"Angel mentioned that Cordelia had to become a half-demon to deal with the Sight; her brain was deteriorating from the visions," Buffy said.

"So here's hoping I'm right about the Slayer thing," Oz sighed.

"You don't think the Sight has anything to do with the coma, do you?" Buffy wondered.

"God, I hope not," Oz groaned, his head resting on Bianca's bed.

"She'll pull out soon, Oz," Buffy assured him. "Us Slayers heal fast."

Oz said nothing.

"I'll leave you two alone," Buffy sighed. "Try to get some sleep."

The door creaked again, leaving them alone with the beeping medical equipment.

Oz took her hand and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "I love you Bianca. Please be alright."

He kissed her forehead again and then her nose. Bianca could feel his breath against her lips. He was backing away slowly however. Bianca felt like crying.

Kiss me you idiot! Bianca screamed mentally. She heard a beep as her heart rate spiked. Oz froze before leaning forward again. He delicately placed his lips on hers.

And she kissed back.

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